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The Warped Unknown


Book 1: Bugs



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Siege Of The Northern Air Temple Part 2

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Speaking: Bristaljos General, Bristaljos Captain

Captain: "Sir, we found two survivors in the wreckage of the temple, what shall we do with them?"

General: "Put them in stasis combs."

Captain: "Yes sir."

The prisoners are dragged into the halls of the temple, which have been turned into a hive. The captain drags them to two of the many liquid-filled combs in the now growing hive.

Prisoner 1: "Please, don't do this!"

Captain: "I have my orders."

Prisoner 2 (Teo): "NO!"

The captain throws Teo and the other prisoner into their respective green gel combs. Once tossed inside, Teo and his friend fall asleep immediately. The captain smiles as a green bubble closes off the comb, and seals their fate.

Speaking: Sokka, Toph, Zuko

Sokka: "Get them to the back room NOW!"

Toph: "I'm moving as fast as I can!"


Zuko: "Sokka, calm down."

Toph: "Yeah snoodles, chill out."

Sokka: "How am I supposed to "chill out" WHEN MY SISTER IS SEVERELY INJURED!"

Toph: "I think Aang's dead too."

Sokka: (Grinds teeth) "Not helping!"

Toph: "So they're in bed. Now what?"

Sokka: "We need a doctor."

Zuko: "I know a healer not too far from here. I'll go get him."

Sokka: "Good. Toph, you guard them while I go make soup."

Toph: "You sure you can handle it? Because last time I checked, you're not exactly the master cook."

Sokka: (Goody Gumdrops Face) "Gee Toph! Let's let the blind girl cook! Swell idea!"

Toph: "Put a sock in it."

Speaking: Bristaljos General, Bristaljos Captain

Captain: "Sir, the hive is almost complete."

General: "Excellent. Once complete, I will plunge this world into its darkest days from this hive."

Captain: "Also sir, the scientists have requested to use part of the hive for genetic science."

General: "Perfect. Accept their request and give them everything necessary for success. My genetic weapons project must not fail."

Captain: "Yes sir. Would you like us to take the prisoners to scientists for testing?"

General: "Absolutely."

Speaking: Sokka, Toph, Zuko, Healer

Zuko: "I'm back with the healer!"

Sokka: "Great, get back here ASAP!"

Healer: "Oh my..."

Sokka: "What is it? How are they?"

Healer: "Katara appears to have six broken ribs, and will be in a coma for several weeks."

Sokka: "No... No..."

Healer: "As for the Avatar, he has a serious puncture wound, and I am not even sure if he is alive."

Toph: "Aang's... dead?"

Healer: "I do not know, but assume the worst."

Zuko: "You're a healer, can you help our friend with the broken ribs?"

Healer: "I'll try, but I can't promise anything."

Speaking: Bristaljos General, Bristaljos Captain, Bristaljos Lord

Captain: "Sir, the lord wants to see you."

General: "Boot the hologram, then leave us."

Captain: "Yes sir."

The captain boots the hologram, and the Bristaljos Lord is standing in his robes.

General: "My lord, it is an honor as always."

Lord: "Dispense with the pleasantries general, I want a status report."

General: "The people at the temple put up a fight. They were crushed miserably. The boy and his girlfriend attempted to interfere again. I killed the boy and mauled the girl. We now have turned the temple into a new hive, and we await your arrival for inspection."

Lord: "Excellent. You have done well general, now go rest. You have earned it."

General: "Thank you, my lord."

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