Hitori Chronicles
"Our mission is to protect anyone who is in need. And right now, everyone is!"
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It's been a long time since we saw the Avatar. The feeling of losing are protector is... weird. Well, I wasn't born yet. Though, my father was. At least for a couple of years. My dad was a great man; that's why he became the Fire Lord of the Fire Nation. Hehe, that's not exactly right. He's a descendant of the Royal Family. Isn't that cool? I think it is.

When my father met my mother, they instantly fell in love. They.. um, well, I won't you tell you. They soon had children of their own, me and my brother Blaze. We live in a GIANT palace! It's so cozy and warm for when the winters are freezing the outside.

Some people say my father's cruel and evil, but I don't believe it! My father's a great man, I just know it. He's the one who makes the bad people learn a lesson! He's like that hero guy.. what was his name? Batboy? I-I don't know exactly, but you should know who I'm talking about. Right? Right?..


I was wrong, my father isn't.. that good. I.. saw him... hurting someone. I saw him... scaring them. I knew it wasn't my place to be, but, it was just wrong! A little girl was right there, watching her father be beaten in pain. She became an orphan, which made me kinda question my father. He said that he would protect everyone in the Fire Nation, he said he was going to protect the world. But, I feel like all of this were lies.

I recently found out something. Something that could change me and my father's relationship. I'm... I'm his enemy. I must stop him from destroying anyone else's life. That way, we can live in peace. With, or without the Avatar.


New Team Avatar

  • An - A young teenager who discovers powers beyond a normal bender. She is the daughter of the Fire Lord looking for world peace.
  • Taoko - A young waterbending teen from the Water Tribe. He and his friend, Zoe, help An in the series.
  • Shinji - A young earthbender from the Earth Kingdom. He is a traveler, looking for a great possession.
  • Kousuke (also known as Kou) - Another treasure hunter. He doesn't know it yet, but he posses a special ability.
  • Zoe - A friend of Kori. It's hinted that she's a hunter as well. Onlyl that she's not hunting for treasure but something "special".
  • Mei - A member of the Shinobi Clan. At first, she was an enemy, but later on she begins to join the group.




Fire Nation

  • Lord Jù - The main antagonist of the story. Lord Jù is looking for power to control the world. Once he obtains it, "he'll be unstoppable".
  • Forge - An ally to Lord Jù. He admires the King and despise anyone who opposes him.



Other Characters




Book 1: Light (光) Summary

Chapter One: The Beginning After the long wait, the Fire Festival Event begins! People get the opportunity to see lights flare in the Starry Sky. Children will be playing games, food will be roasting, oooh, it's just so good! Some will be able to relax and have fun, while others like King Jù will be planning the next War.
Chapter Two: The Truth Hitori has been having visions of a random person standing in the light. She questions who it is. It's gender is unidentified. When she was brought to the library, she finds out information that will change her life. The life as a Princess, and soon to be Queen.
Chapter Three: Identity Revealed The Princess doesn't know how to say it. Her father may not like the news. But, there's no way she can know if she doesn't try. This is a life changing sentence. What could happen?


  • Shinji and Kousuke are currently the only ones to have Japanese names.
    • Zoe is the only one currently to have neither a Japanese, nor an Chinese name.

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