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"Hit the Targets" is the first episode of Book One: Chaos of Avatar: The Metal Force and the first episode of the series.






My Mom used to tell me and my brother stories about the previous Avatars. She told us how they saved the world from bad guys and wars. She told us how our Kingdom has transformed into the United Federal Earth Kingdom. But wars haven't come to an end. Terrorists, warlords and gangs are provoking wars and chaos everywhere. Only the Avatar can master all four elements and bring balance and peace to the world. Only the Avatar can stop these wars. Humans all around the world wish the for Avatar's return to save the world from chaos.


A chopper landed on a huge building in Zaofu. Three White Lotus members left the chopper that left the building. While they were walking away from the building, their leader, Hong, video called them. "Did you reached the area?" Hong asked.

"Yes, sir," the member replied.

"Great. The boy lives in a big house in cabbages street. His father's name is Tai," said Hong.

"Okay, sir," the member replied.

A boy named Elyan lived in a big house on Cabbages Street. Elyan was sleeping. His sister, Lily, started knocking his door to wake her brother up. She tried to open the door, but it was locked. So she metalbent the lock to open it and entered the room. "Come on, Elyan, wake up. We are having breakfast," she said, waking him up.

"Okay, I'am awake, now just go away, Lily," he replied. She looked at a coin on his desk, smiling, She took it and threw it at him. But he suddenly raised his hand, and the coin stopped in the air.

"I said, I'm awake," he shouted while catching the coin. Lily laughed.

Their mother opened the door and said, "Come on, kids, we are having breakfast."

The White Lotus members rang the doorbell. Tai opened the door, he looked at them with stunned eyes.

One of them asked, "Mr. Tai?"

"Yes , it's me," answered Tai.

"We are members of the White Lotus, and we have good news for you. But first , can you let us in?" Tai let the visitors in.

Tai's wife saw the visitors sitting on the chairs in front of Tai. "Who are they?" she asked while astonishment is drawn on her face.

"ًWe are members of the White Lotus who are responsible to find the Avatar," the White Lotus member said.

"Avatar?!" she said that while she is shocked.

"Mom, what's wrong... who are those? what's going on?" Elyan said that while he and Lily were coming.

"We are here to deliver you a message," the member said.

"Deliver me a message? What kind of messages?" Elyan asked.

The White Lotus member started a video call with Hong. "Sir. We found the boy. He is here," the White Lotus members said. He turned the camera towards Elyan.

Hong said, "Hmm, it's great to see you again in another lifetime. After all these years of wars and terror, we finally found the cure of all this madness. Finally, we found you, Avatar, Avatar Elyan."

2 years later...

Elyan was doing push-ups in his room. His sister knocked the door and called him. "Hey bro, what are you doing? We should go." She opened the door, stood near him and said, "Don't strain yourself, we have a strong test today."

"Yes, especially since we are meeting Mr. Hong," he said that and stopped training. Lily took his hand to help him get up. "Okay, baby, let's go," Elyan said. Elyan and Lily left their house. Their father was waiting them, they entered the car.

"You are late," Tai's said, running his car.

"My brother was warming up," Lily replied.

"You are blaming me? You are the one who took 15 minutes to do your hair," Elyan replied.

Tai started driving to the training center. "I'm not only proud to be the father of the Avatar. I'm proud to be your earthbending master, both of you."

A woman was meditating in a secret hide. A spy spirit of her assistant's appeared near her. "Mrs. Kira, the Avatar is moving to the training center. Do you want the agents to follow him?" the spy spirit said.

"Hmmmmm, great, no, don't follow him now. We should attack him when he has no guards. Tell me when he goes walking or something," Kira replied.

"Okay, Mrs. Kira."

Elyan and Lily were in the training center ready for the test. "Hit the targets," the coach said. Elyan and Lily pulled their pistols and started shooting the targets. Hong and Tai were watching them outside the room. "Change the guns," the coach shouted. They left the pistols and took shotguns.

"Your children's skills have developed a lot since the last meeting," Hong said.

"Of course, sir. They are the best kids in the world. I'm proud to be their father and their master," Tai said. Elyan and Lily finished their shooting test and moved to the fighting test. Elyan and Lily beat their rivals.

"Good skills, kids, but I didn't see any firebending," Hong said.

"Ammm, but I'm an earthbender you know," Lily said.

"I'm talking about your brother," Hong said, scowling.

"Sir. Actually, I try to firebend each time... I just can't do it. No one of the masters you sent could help me," Elyan said.

"What do you mean? You spent two years learning Earthbending and Metalbending with so many techniques and fighting styles and now you can't learn firebending?" Hong shouted.

"This is not a reason for shouting, sir. Each Avatar has problems with an element, Korra with air, Aang with earth. And I have a problem with fire. I thought you knew about Avatars' history," Elyan replied.

"Are you trying to trick me with those words?! It's your problem, and you have to fix it. The world is full of wars and chaos, and you are doing nothing but playing and finding arguments," Hong said.

"Playing? I'm a student. I have school and so many other subject to be learning. It's not my fault if the masters you sent are unable to teach me," Elyan said.

"You are blaming us for this, kid, but maybe the problem is not with the masters. Maybe the problem is that you can't help yourself in the first place. I don't know how you'll be able to help the world," Hong said.

"Oh, so I'm the helpless one here? If you think that I'm learning and doing everything wrong, what do you think about you being my firebending master?" Elyan said.

"What? I'm not a teacher," Hong replied.

"But you teach your nephew, and you are responsible of helping me develop my Avatar skills," Elyan replied.

"How did you know that I'm teaching my nephew?" Hong said.

"We got our own ways," Lily said that smiling.

"Okay, maybe I can teach you, but first, you should prove to me that you deserve to be taught by me," Hong said.

"How?!" Elyan said.

"By fighting me," Hong said.

"Oh, okay. This is strange, but if I have to ..." Elyan replied. Hong jumped from the place he was watching and landed by bending fire flames under himself. "Lily, I think you have to leave the place," Elyan said.

Elyan wore his helmet and stood by for fight. Hong threw a fireball and Elyan made an earth shield to protect himself, then he tried to hit Hong with an earth line. Hong avoided the shot and shot Elyan with three fire blades. But suddenly Elyan disappeared, and the shots didn't hit him. Suddenly Hong felt there was something moving in the ground, it was Elyan digging under the ground. He went out of the ground and pushed Hong. Hong tried to push himself to the other side using his firebending, but Elyan caught Hong's leg with metal whips and tried to throw him out of the ring. Hong cut the metal whips with his fire and pushed Elyan forcefully with his fire two steps out of the ring. Elyan didn't notice that he went out of the ring. He bent two huge boulders, wanting to throw them at Hong. Hong raised his hand.

"Ah ah, you are out of the ring," Hong said coldly.

"Wha..What?" Elyan said.

"You can notice every move of mine, but you didn't notice that a little impalpable move from me can knock you out of the ring. What if it wasn't a ring, but a building edge for example. What will you do?" Hong said.

Elyan responded with nothing but silence. Hong left the arena with no word while Elyan threw his helmet away angrily. Few hours later, Elyan was in his room in his house, lying on his bed. his sister started knocking the door.

"Get in," Elyan said.

Lily entered the room. "Come on, bro, you are not gonna keep your day in this room," she said.

"Hong just made me feel useless. I'm now dejected," Elyan said.

"I know how to break this dejection," Lily said.

"How?" Elyan asked.

"Let's take Zhong for a walk in the city....and then to the mall," Lily said.

"Isn't there anywhere else to go? Okay, I'll do," Elyan said.

Elyan and Lily reached the mall while riding on their Oxhorse Zhong. A man with a black suit and a black hat was looking at them. While they were walking in there, a girl selling flowers got close to them and said, "Flowers for lovers?"

"Actually, she is my sister," Elyan said.

"Oh why not buy a flower for your little sister," the girl said.

"How did you know that I'm younger?" Lily asked.

"Amm, you just look younger than him. Are you gonna buy or not?" the girl replied.

"Why are you selling flowers in here?" Elyan asked.

"Amm, actually, I'm not from this country. I'm from the air temples. I love travelling and adventure, but I was out of money, so I came here to sell some flowers," the girl said.

"Okay, we'll buy some," Elyan said.

A man was in a room on the top of a nearby building. Many security men were lying down on the floor of the room unconsciously. He was targeting his sniper on Elyan's leg.

"The target is ready, hit the targets," a man said, talking to the sniper by an earphone.

Suddenly a man pushed Elyan, Lily, and the girl, saving them from the sniper's shot. The man shouted, "Elyan, you are a target."

The sniper was stunned. Suddenly someone broke into the room. He was a waterbender while the sniper was a firebender. A fight started between them. In the mall, a group of men started shooting at them with their guns. Lily and Elyan made an earth shield. They hit the group with earth lines. Elyan scanned the area and felt that someone from behind was trying to shot them. He made another shield from the other side. The men who were fighting in the room broke the window of the room and fell in a pool. The waterbender froze the sniper. The cops caught the sniper and chained him. However, in the mall, the fight was not over. The firebender (the man who saved Elyan), Elyan, Lily, and the metalbending cops were fighting the group. Three firebenders threw huge fireballs at Elyan. Elyan made an earth shield, but the shield wasn't strong enough to absorb the power of the three huge fireballs. They pushed Elyan and made him fall of the building. Suddenly the girl who was selling flowers flew and protected Elyan from hitting the ground using her airbending.

"You are an airbender?" Elyan asked.

"Why are you surprised? I'm from the air temples. I told you. My name is Ayame, by the way," Hua said.

"The problem is that my metal gloves are not with me," Elyan said.

Elyan launched himself in the air using an earth column. He reached the building again and hit the attackers with earth lines. Then he caught them.

"No one pushes me from a building and gets away," Elyan said.

The others felt that the wouldn't win the fight. They tried to escape, but Elyan followed them and caught them using a makeshift prison. The waterbender and the firebender walked close to Elyan.

"I'm Jian, and that's one of our youngest agents, Kaede. We are agents sent by Mr. Hong to keep you safe from the attackers," Jian, the firebender, said.

"Why are they attacking me? And who are they?" Elyan asked.

"Don't know. The cops will take them and discover who are they, everything that happened today should be a secret. And Mr. Hong wants to see you," Kaede said.

"Oh, a second meeting today. Okay, let's go," Elyan said.

Elyan and Lily visited Hong in the training center again.

"So you are gonna tell me that my life is getting in danger, wars are growing, and I'm very bad at firebending? Am I right?" Elyan said.

"Please, Mr. Hong, Elyan is one of the best guys in the world. He is clever and strong. If you helped him learn firebending, he could be the best firebender in the world. Just encourage him to do this," Lily said.

"The attack at the mall today is a big problem for you. That means that there is someone who knows the truth. That you are the new Avatar. Which means that you should learn all the elements as fast as you can. The fight between me and you was a small test to know how skilled are you, but I didn't mean that losing against me means that you don't deserve being taught by me. You were very skilled and strong. And I think that I'll teach you," Hong said.

"Oh yeah.... I mean, it's an honor to be taught by you, Sir," Elyan said.

In small a hideout, Kira was meditating. The spy spirit appeared.

"Mrs. Kira, the mission has failed, and the men were caught," the spy spirit said.

"Hmmmm, then we should start using plan B," Kira said.

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