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Katara frees Aang
History of Kataang
Chapter information

Kataang Marriage



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Release date

May 21, 2013

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Engagement of Kataang

"Good morning, everybody!"

"Hi, Aang... Come for breakfast!"

"Morning, sunshine!"

"Hello, honey!"

"Oh my goodness. It's disgusting! I just trained my students and you came up like this!"

"What? It's a nickname if someone is in love! Deep one!"

"A deep one? You sure will break up with her, Aang."

"No, I won't! Won't we, Katara?"

"I guess not.."


"Alright guys... I will go out for a date with Suki. Now you guys think about your history together... Alright? Now stop disturbing!"

"I will buy some roasted chicken. Toph, come."

"Alright Zuko. Please, do your private date."


"So, Aang.. Remember when we met for the first time?"

"Yeah... If you weren't in the iceberg, you might be with someone else."

"I know.. Look at that fireworks!"

"It's beautiful. How can we make it more beautiful?"

"Hold my hands. Use your waterbending to make it colder. I will use my airbending so the breeze will be in our hands..."


"Look at that beautiful colorful fireworks!"

"I love you, Avatar Aang."

"I love you, Master Katara."

Aang and Katara kissed passionately in the fireworks event.

"Aang.. I want to tell you the story of how we met.."

Team Avatar meeting

Team Avatar first meeting.

"Go for it.."

"One day when me and Sokka were fishing in the sea. I caught a fish using my bending. Sokka didn't believe it. And suddenly in front of us there are floating chunk of ices. Our boat is destroyed making me and Sokka arguing.. I accidentally destroyed an ice thingy and an iceberg appears. And it's you.

"So that's why! And a large beam of light right?"

"Yes.. You destroyed it in an accident.. That's cute.."

"He he he.. Sokka at first didn't want to help you while you are in the iceberg. But I took Sokka's club and destroyed it. And the first date you ask me is to go penguin sledding.. That's romantic.."

Penguin sledding

Kataang's first date.

"Yeah and we accidentally activate the trap! That's not romantic!"

"Sorry, Katara.."

"That's okay.. We spent many adventures."


"You talk too much, Aang.."

Katara kisses Aang...

"Wow.. Wow.. Wow... Your lips are wet, right?"


"Oh, hey, Toph.."

"Wow.. Sugarqueen and Twinkle toes are going to marry? How sweet!"

"No.. We.. are no.."

"No.... We aren't going to..."


"Oh my..."

"Yes.. Yes we are going to marry.."

"Now that's the spirit.

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