By Philanahembree Part of the Forces of Nature continuity.
Biographical information

Air Nomad


Southern Air Temple


Southern Air Temple (formerly)
Air Republic

Physical description


Hair color

Dark Brown (typically shaved)

Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Bending style(s)



Xuhon, Linjon, Cuaiua, Order of Wan, Ogomu


Earth Kingdom raiders

Chronological and political information

Air Republic Representative


Airbending master
Air Republic Representative


Order of Wan



Hirrihn is an airbending master and later the Air Republic representative of the Fire Nation. He is a grandson of Otaku, who gained airbending following Harmonic Convergence.


Hirrihn was born and raised at the Southern Air Temple, the son of two airbenders. His mother was the daughter of Otaku, an Air Acolyte who gained airbending abilities following the Harmonic Convergence of 174 AG. He spent his childhood training in airbending, but was not a very attentive student, spending far longer in his lessons than his fellow students, one of them being Xuhon.

Hirrihn was close to mastering airbending when the town of Haiqo was attacked by the Bouchang Pirates led by Braqan. Weeks later, Xuhon came back to the Southern temple, and secretly recruited both Air Acolytes and a number of Airbenders. By this point, Hirrihn had grown tired of his airbending training and decided to join Xuhon. For months he was taught by Linjon in the Jeet Kune Do style of airbending. Hirrihn received his airbending tattoos, and a ceremony was held for his inauguration as an airbending master. Hirrihn spent years defending the overgrowing state created by Linjon from Earth Kingdom raids. The airbenders under Linjon proved themselves a fierce enemy, prompting several airbending masters from the Southern Temple to meet with them. Masters Meelo, Ogomu and Lyo all demanded that the lands taken by Linjon be given back to the Earth Kingdom, or there would be consequences. Linjon refused, reminding Meelo that true Air Nomads do not threaten others. Ogomu noticed Hirrihn among Linjon's, and criticized him for turning from his nomadic teachings. Hirrihn defended Linjon's actions, finding his own way and ended by mentioning the Air Nomad Genocide, and how easy it would have been for the raiders to defeat them had they not been taught a new way of life by Linjon. Meelo ended their discussion, telling them that they were unworthy of the Air Nomad tattoos.

That night, Linjon assured Hirrihn that they were more worthy of their tattoos then the Air Nomads. Hirrihn tried correcting Linjon, but he was adamant that they were no longer Air Nomads, but citizens of the Air Republic.

A few days later, Linjon announced he would begin the Air Republic, a place where true Airbenders would thrive.

Hirrihn remained passive in Air Republic affairs until he was appointed by Linjon as the Air Republic's representative in the Fire Nation.


Hirrihn is an airbending master, with a knowledge in both the Baguazhang and Jeet Kune Do style of fighting. Following his mastery of airbending, Hirrihn was known for his more violent forms of defense, creating fully formed tornadoes to protect himself.

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