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Guardian to the Avatar Twins

Hiroshima is one of the main protagonist of Avatar: The New Beginning. Hiroshima is 16 years old. He is the Guardian to the Avatar Twins.


Hiroshima was born into a rich and wealthy family. He says that he used to get everything he wanted as a child. This all changed after he became eight years old. He was forced to join his parents as the personal assistants to the Fire Lord and Fire Lady. Hiroshima had a hard time changing from getting everything he wanted to getting everything someone else wanted for them. It's because of this that he left home. Hiroshima escaped by stowing away on a Fire Navy Fleet ship that was on its way to the Southern Water Tribe. After arriving at the pole, the crew became aware of Hiroshima's presence and kicked him out into the icy water. He arrived on land shortly after and was immediately attacked by Kwato for a reason Hiroshima was not aware of. Hiroshima was able to hold off Kwato's attacks for a short time, and Kwato managed to overpower him and freeze Hiroshima's body to the ground. Hiroshima however agreed to help Kwato save his sister if he be released. Kwato agreed and then Kwato directed Hiroshima towards his sister. Hiroshima was able to save her life by releasing some of the flame's heatwaves that were trapped in her eyes. After this Kwato, Kwata (Kwato's sister), and the rest of their village were grateful of Hiroshima's actions and accepted him into their home.

Seven years later Hiroshima now spends most of his time with Kwata. After the twins are discovered to be the Avatar Hiroshima promises to guard them on their journey and eventually teach them Firebending. Kwata however runs away from home and Hiroshima and Kwato go and look for her. They eventually find her in a cave with a large flying monster from the town's legends. Hiroshima and Kwato attempt to fight it off but Kwata stops them and explains the true nature of the beast. The four of them return home and discover that Fire Nation invaders are attacking their village. Hiroshima stays close to Kwata until Firebenders attack them. Hiroshima holds them off until Kwata enters the Avatar State. She sends the invaders back and saves the village. After the twins agree to fulfill their destiny as the Avatar, Hiroshima restates his promise and the three them leave on Tori (The flying beast).


Hiroshima was raised as a spoiled brat by maids and servants because his parents were too busy for their child. It is likely that Hiroshima craves attention from his parents, which might be why he left in the first place. He was also very self-serving, he had plan to escape Kwato after being let go, but after seeing Kwata in pain he comes to her aid. He later learns to be selfless, honest, and trustworthy. He is very protective of Kwato and Kwata going so far as to call them his family.


Hiroshima is a Firebender, born in the Fire Nation. His Firebending was very weak as a child, only being able to adjust heats and temperature controls. Because this is all he could do he utilized this skill to its full extent. This is why he was able to save Kwata by removing the heatwaves from her eyes so easily and naturally, making him possibly the only known Firebender to be able heal someone (apart from Avatars who learn both water and Firebending techniques). Years after that Hiroshima's bending has evolved to where he can now focus heated energy through his body to create fire blasts powerful enough to destroy other sources of Ice, Water, Earth, and even other sources of Fire. It's this technique that makes Hiroshima's bending different then usual styles. Hiroshima's Firebending is very defensive in nature which helps show the character being a very protective soul of others. However Hiroshima does show weakness when having to bend outside sources of fire, so he usually just creates his own fire.


  • Hiroshima is one the few characters of either series (TV show or My comic) to have blonde hair.

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