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Fire Nation, Azulon

Fire Lady Dowager Hirohitaba, who was better known as Baba, was the widow of late Fire Lord Sozin, the mother of Fire Lord Azulon and the grandmother of Prince Iroh and Prince Ozai. Many years younger than her husband, when he came to pass, her main task became to find a suitable spouse for her son. However, two decades with Sozin did no good to her mind and by 20 AG, she was already noted to be quite eccentric. As she grew older, her mental state further deteriorated, and many people deemed her mad.


Old Sozin

Sozin, Baba's "beloved" husband

Born in 23 BG, Hirohitaba was selected by Sozin as the perfect spouse, as she was both a noblewoman and a skilled Firebender. Sozin had remained unmarried as he had focused all his energies in finding ways to invade the other nations without Avatar Roku noticing, and, when the latter came to die, in preparing his Genocide of the Air Nomads. However, he had heard myths about the might the Great Comet of Power gave to any Firebender born the day of its coming, and so sought a young woman who would carry his child. Baba was betrothed to Sozin when she was 16 ; however, the Fire Lord waited the year when what would later be known as Sozin's Comet would come to wed her. He was 81 ; she was 22.

Sozin's Comet

Baba soon became pregnant with a child. Under Sozin's instructions, at the moment the Comet lit the skies red, Baba was operated and her belly was opened. Azulon was born. Baba, on the other hand, almost died of the loss of blood.

This event deeply traumatized Baba, that and the horrible man that was her husband. Becoming extremely stressed, she would drink tea with more and more frequency, the only thing other than her son's smile which ever calmed her down.

This was worsened when witnessing the harsh educational methods of Sozin. Baba became a tea addict, with some hysterical tendencies. She also developped eccentricity.

When Sozin finally died in 20 AG, Baba's only goal became to find a decent wife for Azulon. However, the main challenge the would-be-wife had to possess was tea fanaticism. Baba's criteria were so high that she only found what she deemed as a good wife fifteen years after the beginning of her quest. In 35 AG, Azulon and Ilah were married.

Ozai's beach house

The Family Mansion, where Baba retired

Feeling she had now accomplished her duty, Baba retired to Ember Island, where she used to come as a little girl, and started to get in the tea-brewing business. As of 54 AG, she had become one of the best and wealthiest tea-brewers in the world. Her wealth also allowed to develop an important network of spies on Ember Island and to buy almost all buildings and commerces in the perimeter, making her, as she herself declared, "the queenpin of the island". Unfortunately, as time went on, senescence came, worsening her eccentricity and turning it into a form of madness. It's around that time that she met Kajaro, Avatar Roku's son, and his wife Seyenra.



After Iroh's birth in 36 AG, both the Crown Prince and his mother chose to live at Baba's house, Azulon always being away at war. For the six years he spent at his grandmother's, the young Iroh developped a love for tea.

After that, the Royal Family continued to visit her every summer, to Baba's delight. However, the visits slowly became less and less frequent, until they stopped altogether in 50 AG. For the next four years, Baba's family would never write to her.

In 54 AG, they finally came back. During two memorable weeks, Baba made them know the hard way what it cost to leave her alone. One of her most memorable deeds was a freak ride with Iroh and his friends. It was during that summer that 77-year old Baba finally found love in the ugly shape of her grandson's tutor, Hayao. However, her feelings weren't reciprocated and Hayao's wife, Chu Baka, was extremely possessive. The tension between the old ladies escalated until Baba challenged Chu Baka to an Agni Kai. After a whole night of awesome fighting however, the match was called a draw. According to law, Hayao belonged to Chu Baka.

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