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By Hiroakira Fengxian Part of the Fushichō: Saga of the Five Gods continuity.

Hiroakira Fengxian
鳳仙, 寛明
Hiroakira Fengxian
Biographical information

Fire Nation


15 (estimation)
Birth date unknown
August 89 (found) AG - Present

Physical description


Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Twin Katanas
Various body parts

Fighting style(s)

ambidextrous swordsmanship


Zuko, Azula, Ozai, Mai, Ty Lee Colonel Shinu, Haruka Rong Yan


Team Avatar, Zuko, General Fong Bao Tai (deceased), Tao Shui Wang more...

Chronological and political information
  • Captain Hiroakia Fengxian - The Little White Dragon
  • High Class Fire Nation Citizen (Duke)
  • The Devil of the West (Earth Kingdom nickname)
  • The Butcher of Bloody Road
  • Pole Weapon Master
  • Twin Sword Master
  • Former student of Piandao
  • Sole Heir to the Fengxian Duchy
  • Imperial Knight Guardian
  • General of the Interior and Guardian of Caldera

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Hiroakira Fengxian, often referred to as Hiro, is the main character of the fanfiction Fushichō: Saga of the Five Gods. Hiro is a young but immensely powerful Firebender, an experienced warrior, and is (surprisingly) an Airbender as well. As an orphan with no memory of his life before he was found half-dead on a beach at the age of 5, Hiro spent his early years in the Fire Nation Capital as the adopted son of the now-late Duke Yuan Fengxian, and became close friends with both Prince Zuko, and in particular, Princess Azula, the girl who discovered him on the beach. He is currently the captain of Fubai Dushi's 9th district Colonial Domestic Force Squad, a position he's held from ages 10-15, and is the youngest person to ever hold the title of captain in the Fire Nation Military. He is a seasoned (if unorthodox) fighter who has survived repeated brushes with death, both from enemy forces, criminals, and by the covert schemes of his current legal guardian, Fubai Dushi's Governor Tao Shui Wang.

Hiro lives for the thrill of battle, and he is known in the Fire Nation as the Little White Dragon, but to the rest of the world, he is known as the Devil of the West for the sheer amount of death and destruction (often unintentional) that he brings to any conflict he get involved in.

Although battle-hungry and highly destructive, Hiro is a kind, sympathetic, and easy-going person at heart, and highly values the few real friends he has, although he's highly independent and firmly believes in letting others fight their own battles as a matter of courtesy. He also tried unsuccessfully to adopt Haruka Rong Yan, although they still share a close big brother-little sister relationship.


Hiro is slightly taller than Zuko despite being younger, lean, broad shouldered and powerfully built. Considered handsome by most standards, he is recognized easily by his twin messenger-hawk tail feather headpiece, long unruly ponytail, and the thin diagonal scars on either cheek. His eyes are a bit "rounder" than Fire Nation norm, and his eye color is also exotically unusual: a mix of jade and emerald green and silver-grey. His body is also covered in numerous battle scars, a result of both the frequent violence that plagues his life and his reckless disregard for his own safety. As Fubai Dushi's 9th District Captain, he wears a modified version of a Colonial Force Captain's uniform, with the torso, shoulder armor of a Domestic Force officer, open sleeves covering his arms, and a long red-orange haori jacket. After becoming Azula's knight, she "insisted" that since he was representing her now, his wardrobe should reflect this. After much quarrel, a compromise was reached: his new uniform is something more akin to Royal Procession armor, although he still wears a haori jacket similar to his old one, and doesn't wear the helmet or face mask. The feathers on his Headpiece are now much longer, now trailing down to the small of Hiro's back.


Hiroakira is not your average Fire Nation officer, and despite his fearsome reputation, he's laid back, free-spirited, strong-willed and tends to follow the beat of his own drum, and although he is normally content to let others do what they want, he craves a challenging opponent. Unlike most of his countrymen, Hiro doesn't buy into the Fire Nation's propaganda about superiority and divine conquest, likely as a result of both his upbringing around the royal family (whom he saw first-hand were human and not semi-divine as the lower classes see them), and the disillusionment from living in Fubai Dushi (where "The Authorities" are attempting to kill him). Likely as a result of his poor (actually rather hostile) relationship with his current legal guardian, Governor Tao Shui Wang, Hiro is rather lax in his duties as captain (lazy some would argue), often giving duties to his lieutenants Ayako and Yori. In fact, Hiro usually has to be nagged into doing anything productive, but will leap into action if something catches his interest, such as the possibility of a good fight. Hiro is often bluntly honest, often saying things out loud without thinking of the potential consequences, and frequently gives annoying nicknames to people.

Hiro is neither malicious nor prejudiced, and treats even fierce enemies as if they were old friends, and old friends like close family. It takes a great deal to get on Hiro's bad side, as he doesn't anger easily and rarely holds a serious grudge. This unbiased attitude makes itself apparent in Squad 9, which consists of regular soldiers, but former criminals, people from the lower class, and even former Earth Kingdom soldiers, several of whom are secretly Earthbenders. Nearly all of them are loyal to Hiro for one reason or another. Hiro is even friendly to supposed enemies, often giving a friendly greeting and attempting small talk with people whom he may have tried to kill in the past (or have tried to kill him). This shows itself most in his relationship to both Aang and Zuko, who despite hunting both at some point in the story (and in the former's case, trying to fight to the death), he always greets and talks with both as if they are still close friends.

Hiro, having most of his opportunities for military advancement barred from him by Governor Tao's scheming, does his job almost exclusively for the thrill of battle, and loves few things more than a good fight. Believing that fighting someone is the best way to truly learn about them, he enters battle with unabashed confidence and enthusiastic zeal, along with almost no regard for either his own life or the safety of those around him. Although he's a pitifully inexperienced large-scale strategist and his Firebending is considered unusual and sloppy, Hiro is a master fighter with his weapons and his fists, but will often hold back on weaker opponents to prolong the fight. Although somewhat bloodthirsty, Hiro has his own code of honor and ethics that are quite different from those of the Fire Nation. He tries not to involve civilians and bystanders if he can help it, he tries to keep fights fair and honest, he won't bother with a fight if the odds are stacked too heavily in his favor, and thinks it to be cheap to attack an opponent that has given up or can't defend themselves. Hiro has been using his Firebending in battle less and less as time goes on, often egging weaker opponents to "make him use it". When in larger-scale battles, Hiro will often disregard orders and bend the rules to fight opponents he considers challenging, and most of his superiors consider him a loose cannon. Although he tends to shy away from fighting those whose hearts aren't into it, if he feels that said person would provide a serious challenge, than he'll relentlessly hound them until they oblige, such as the case of his unusual friend/fore relationship with Aang. Reckless and impulsive, not only is he a hazard to ally and adversary alike, he also uses Agni Kai as a way to win arguments, and few of his peers will challenge him as a result.

Although he would seem like a dumb belligerent brute, Hiro is actually quite intelligent for his age, being an avid reader. In fact, aside from fighting, reading and landscaping are Hiro's favorite pastimes, and he keeps a nice collection of books in his room. Hiro has a logical mind and a natural understanding of physics and mechanics, and can figure out how a machine works though observation. This means that he is also Squad 9's spare mechanic, and helps maintain and repair the Squad's few decrepit tanks. He is also has surprisingly great calligraphy skills, and his handwriting is considered beautiful by many.

Hiro doesn't consider himself brave, but rather fearless, as "one needs to be afraid of something first in order to be brave". However, Hiro will never back down from a challenge, and will always try to help a friend in need, but only if he feels that they can't handle a problem alone. Hiro has a soft spot for children, and seems to relate to young children better than people his own age. Hiro has trouble socializing with most "normal" people due to his odd habits and his lack of focus in conversations (which often result in him going on long tangents), and is often lonely and thinking about his old friends back home. In spite of this, Hiro can be very perceptive at times, and can notice traits in people that others would miss. This shows itself most in his relationship with his old buddy Zuko, and often voices his confidence (loudly) that the exiled prince will find the Avatar despite the impossible odds and the lack of faith everyone else has, and whenever they meet he often encourages Zuko with dramatic and over-the-top flair and bravado. Hiro has been ridiculed by other in the Military for his seemingly baseless faith in the exiled prince, but Hiro couldn't care less.

Although he usually won't interfere with other people's disputes, preferring to let them work it out themselves, he'll often stick his neck out to protect people he cares about. He shows admiration for those who fight with genuine courage and honor, and will sometimes stick up for the underdog, especially if it means he'll get to fight as a result.

Due to his lack of fear and his ability to shrug off insults, Hiroakira is incredibly difficult (if not impossible) to manipulate or control through intimidation, something which irritates the hell out of Azula

Being an orphan and raised mostly by the Fengxian Clan's servants and vassals, Hiro's greatest, most desperate desire is to one day have a real family of his own. As a result, he is very sympathetic to fellow orphans, and is secretly jealous of his friends that do have relatives, despite their apparent family issues.


In Late Summer of 89 A.S.C., a mysterious typhoon hit Ember Island while Prince Ozai and his family were staying there. After weathering the storm, Ozai's daughter Azula found a half-dead boy washed up on the beach as well as a half-dead dragon. Accounts differ, but apparently the boy, who Azula named Hiroakira, was the one who finally killed the beast. When later interrogated, "Hiro" claimed to have no knowledge of who he was, where he was, who his parents were, or anything else about his prior life. Ozai, taking the boy under his "protective custody", brought him before Firelord Azulon. Details about what occurred during this time are sketchy, but Hiro was briefly examined by the Fire Sages, and Ozai attempted to adopt the boy, something Azulon outright refused: Only Azulon would decide who joined the family, and he was suspicious of Ozai's motives. Nevertheless, Hiro was bestowed with the title of "Little White Dragon".

Hiroakira was eventually adopted by Duke Yuan Fengxian, a retired military officer, arms merchant, and old friend of both Prince Ozai and Prince Iroh, as well the sole remaining heir to one of the wealthiest noble families in the Fire Nation. Still, Ozai would continue to keep a close eye on young Hiro, and the boy's career. At the Princess's insistence, Hiro was often allowed to the Palace to visit her, and after a somewhat rocky start he became best friends with Prince Zuko as well. Eventually the two enrolled in the Royal Fire Academy together, where Hiro made a name for himself in causing property damage during classes and injury to other classmates due to his playful roughhousing and his inability to control his strength.

In 90 A.S.C., Yuan went to Shu Jing to conduct business, and decided to bring Hiro along. While there, they ran into an old acquaintance of Yuan's, the swordsmaster Piandao. Wanting to help his stepson learn restraint, Yuan requested Piandao to take Hiro as a student. Although the sword master refused the first several times, he eventually relented, and Hiro became Piandao's on-and-off student, alongside Prince Zuko. Hiro soon become one of the most skilled and gifted swordsmen that Piandao had trained, and developed a two-sword style of his own. The discipline he learned allowed Hiro to better excel at his martial classes back home, where he showed particular talent with the spear.

Hiro eventually developed skills for reading, writing, and landscaping. He became a regular around the Royal Palace, with much of the royal family becoming something of a surrogate family to him. Hiro and Zuko became as close as brothers, and the two both looked up to Zuko's cousin Lu Ten. But Hiro shared a particular bond with Azula. As far as Hiro can remember, Azula was the first person he ever met, and the one who'd given him his name. The princess considered Hiro as her find, her discovery (and possibly even her property), and was often jealous of the time he spent with her brother.

Tragedy struck when Hiro was around 9. Yuan Fengxian, who had long been fighting a painful lung disease, finally died, leaving Hiro the sole heir to the Fengxian estate. At the age of 9, Hiro was still far too young to inherit this wealth, and by law was to live with a guardian until he came of age. Again, Prince Ozai tried to adopt the boy, and again Azulon refused, still suspicious of his son's so-called "charitable offer". The Firelord decreed that Hiro was to live with Yuan's closest blood relative, Governor Tao Shui Wang of Fubai Dushi, until he turned 16. Torn away from his friends and the only life he had ever known, Hiro was shipped off to the mainland.

Life In Hell

Hiroakira was not welcomed with open arms by his new guardian, and despite his noble title Hiro spent the first few weeks in Tao's household working like a common servant, often taking verbal and sometimes physical abuse with little provocation. After a while of this demeaning labor, Tao insisted that the boy learn to "serve the State", and had Hiro placed in the City's Colonial Force, under the brutal 9th District's captain, Bao Tai.

Bao Tai was a merciless bully, and was unnecessarily harsh on the new recruit. Hiro spent over two months in basic training, still keeping his upbeat demeanor, until a particular incident led him to challenge Bao Tai for the position of Captain. Bao, backed by the Governor, accepted the challenge. During the fight, Bao took an early lead and mercilessly battered the 9-year-old, but became overconfident as Hiro unleashed his enormous latent power, blasting a hole clear through Bao Tai's torso. Thus, at barely 10 years of age, Hiro became the youngest ranked officer in the Military.

Although Hiro had become captain of the 9th Division through legal means, both the other captains and the officers of his new squad were very reluctant at first to acknowledge a mere child as a worthy officer. Governor Tao, now absolutely terrified at what Hiro could do, sought more cunning means of dealing with the young upstart. Tao sought to limit Hiro's influence and power by passing a number of ordinances preventing Hiro from gaining a higher rank through Agni Kai. Tao also sought to strangle the 9th Division by reducing their funding down to a mere pittance. Hiro was able to alleviate his financial concerns by recruiting officers from the "outcast" members of society: capable people who were usually denied positions of authority due to ethnic background, people who were grateful to even find a job, those that were rejected by the Fire Nation for being "too soft", and sometimes oddballs, psychos, and outright weirdos that often found themselves on the wrong side of the law. Hiro also began to make deals with local smugglers and crime lords, where Squad 9 would look the other way on the more "soft" crimes being committed in exchange for graft money.

It was not long before men began to come trying to kill the young captain. Randomly, at any hour of the day and night they'd come, sometimes alone, sometimes in groups. None were successful, though the few that managed to escape with their lives often payed for their failure with gruesome injuries and copious amounts of blood. There was little question as to who was behind these hitmen, but there was little that Hiro or his allies could do to prove it. Hiro instead shrugged off the attempts on his life like they were no big deal, and decided to maintain a positive attitude. This optimism would soon be greatly tested during the infamous Rangyi Rebellion.

The Rangyi Rebellion and the Devil of the West

Blood Road and Afterward

Meeting the Avatar (Book One: Water)

An Old Flame and a Road Trip (Book Two: Earth)

Returning Home

Summer of Passion (Book Three: Fire)

Everything Begins Falling Apart (Boiling Rock to Sozin's Comet)

After the War

Harmony Restoration Movement

The Search

The Jiang Shi War

to be continued...



Despite his relatively young age, Hiroakira is considered by many who have seen him fight as one of the most powerful and destructive Firebenders in the world, casually able to create massive balls and jets of fire on par or superior to those of experienced masters, and can do so for long periods without tiring. When he really gets serious, he can conjure such huge amounts of fire that most average Firebenders would need Sozin's Comet to match him. Even as a child Hiro showed unbelievable power, and was rumored to have single-handedly killed a Dragon around the age of 4. In spite of this, Hiro actual skill level and control is rather low. His formal Firebending training, like much of the rest of his education, was put on indefinite hold after his stepfather's death and Hiro's subsequent shipment to Fubai Dushi. Since then, Hiro has mostly had to improvise or copy from others to improve his Firebending, and as a result he has developed a unique, wild, and unorthodox style that appears to have influences of a variety of martial arts, and even some Earthbending stances. Hiro's style utilizes broad attacks, wide arm movements, wide stances, and rapid long range power strikes, taking advantage of his size, his reach, his uncanny agility, and his superhuman strength and power to cover a large area to overpower opponents and pulverize any cover or defense. One of the most dangerous aspects of his fighting style is his huge tolerance for pain: since he has no fear of injury or death, he will charge right into the fray using attacks and moves that no sane person would even consider to get right into an opponent's face, making it extremely difficult for them to predict or counter him.

Hiro also uses firebending to aid in movement, shooting jets of flame behind him to increase his running speed or jumping ability, or for rapid course correction.

Whereas the Firebending of the Fire Nation Military is based on Northern Shaolin, and the Firebending of the Sun Warriors is based on Dragon Style Kung Fu, Hiro's Firebending (and subsequently his Airbending) is based on Southern Shaolin Eagle Claw, most evident in that he tends hold his hands in a clawed "talon" position when fighting.

Hiro's recklessness and loose cannon attitude tends to result in massive casualties and property damage in any battle he gets involved in, and is rumored to have personally killed and/or injured thousands, both Earth Kingdom soldiers and those Fire Nation troops unlucky enough to get caught in the way. Considered more of a weapon of mass destruction than a person, Hiro's Firebending has been described as "the cannon, not the sword".

White Fire

Hiroakira's signature ability and the one that earned him the title "Little White Dragon" at age 5 is his unique ability to produce flames of white-hot intensity. The first use of Firebending he can remember, he managed to overpower and decapitate a dragon with white fire, although he claims he didn't even realize what he was doing at the time, and it was years before he figured out how to conjure white flames again. Actually the result of both Firebending and Airbending, it requires a great deal of concentration, skill, a colossal amount of chi, and copious amounts of available fresh air. As blindingly bright as the sun and with temperatures in the thousands of degrees F., White Fire is hot enough to begin liquefying rock and iron within a minute, and a direct blast will vaporize any organic matter in seconds. Momentary contact, even just a casual brushing, is more than enough to cause severe 2nd and even 3rd degree burns. Just by proximity white fire is dangerous, as the superheated air will cause any nearby substances with a low combustion point (i.e. dry leaves, paper, oils, etc.) to start smoldering or burst into flames due to flashover, and people standing up to two meters away will have light 1st degree burns, similar to a light sunburn. Any water that comes in contact with the fire will undergo high-temperature electrolysis, causing an explosion from the resulting hydrogen and oxygen. Airbending is needed not only to provide the necessary amount of air that the fire consumes and help contain it (partly visible as a corkscrew air stream spiraling along around the flame jet), but also to keep the temperature around Hiro's hands down as much as possible. Even then, Hiro runs the risk of burning the very skin off his hands with extensive use, which is why he owns several pairs of leather gloves exclusively for this reason. Just looking at white fire's brilliant light is not recommended, since the light is of the same intensity of the sun (or a welding torch). Those directly viewing it without protection will be temporarily blinded and might suffer short-term to long-term eye damage. The technique requires a huge amount of chi to use and control, causing great fatigue to Hiro with every use; although it's speculated that much of this chi is wasted do his lack of focus and discipline. He can only use it is short bursts, and continued use will leave him both very winded and with temporary vision impairment. Unlike most of his other Firebending, which he freely uses with his weapons, Hiro's white fire is stand-alone Firebending only, since the heat of the blaze will damage even the tempered metal of his katanas and his pike's headpiece, and will quickly melt the protective resin coating his pike's shaft and allow the wood to catch fire. Due to the required concentration he needs to maintain it and the powerful recoil of the blast, Hiro can only use white flames while standing still and using both hands, leaving him open to attack from behind. Because it only has a range of 15 ft. and is concentrated, Hiro cannot cover a large area with it, and due to the blinding intensity he has trouble aiming at moving targets. This ability has only been used a handful of times, both because of the physical dangers of simply using it, and because Hiro has encountered very few opponents powerful enough to warrant its use. For those unlucky souls that do, a bright flash like the rising sun is pretty much the last thing they'll ever see in this world.

As a result of his immense power and his desire to prolong battles, Hiro has used his Firebending less and less in battle as time goes on, opting to rely on his weapon and hand-to-hand skills until an opponent proves powerful enough to warrant the use of Firebending. As a result, Hiro hasn't used white Firebending since the Ranyi Rebellion ended.


Although he nor anyone else consciously realized it until his first duel against Aang, Hiro has been Airbending for as long as he's been Firebending, and is in fact one of the reasons that his Firebending is so much more powerful than most others. Hiro instinctively triggers his Airbending ability in conjunction with his Firebending, directing air into any flames he conjures like a bellows in a forge, resulting in much bigger and hotter flames than normal. This is also how he produces White Fire.

Hiro's Airbending also manifests in his uncanny speed and agility, wherein he instinctively decreases air resistance around him and uses wind currents to run, jump, and maneuver with what appears to be superhuman ability. It is also why he is able to swing such heavy weapons like his Huá Ji halberd with such considerable accuracy.

Hiro's attempts at unarmed Airbending resemble a combination of traditional Airbending he's copied from watching and fighting Aang, and the real-life martial arts of Drunken Fist and Snake Style Kung Fu, which seem to reflect Hiro's wild and aggressive nature.

It is currently a mystery as to why or how Hiroakira can Firebend and Airbend, but it may relate to his "little sister" Haruka's ability to Firebend and Earthbend.

Despite only just realizing his latent Airbending talents, Hiroakira has already mastered one or two Airbending attacks, and since he was never taught a thing by the Air Nomads, they are quite deadly.

Ghost Thresher

One of Hiroakira's signature attacks, he had been using the Ghost Thresher in battle since he was 11, and nobody knew it was actually Airbending until Aang recognized it as such. A more powerful version of the Air Swipe and the Air Blade, Hiro conjures a focused, crescent-moon shaped slicing air current that can either deflect and blow away huge objects, or cut right through them. Hiro conjures it mostly with either with his sasumata or his swords, using the narrow profile to create a more focused and precise air movement. Since Hiro is not restrained by the Air Nomad's nonviolent teachings, he has used this ability to far more devastating effect than Aang, showing enough power to slice stone, timber, and thin iron with relative ease and has the range to clear-cut up to two and a half acres of dense bamboo forest in a single stroke. Hundreds of Earth Kingdom soldiers have been killed by this attack, as well as dozens of Fire Nation troops unlucky enough to be standing in the line of fire. Hiro has also caused much property damage with this, having been shown to cleave a two-story building in half. Due to the facts that nobody had witnessed Airbending in nearly a century and the fact that Hiro was known primarily as a Firebender, no one realized that Hiro's Ghost Thresher was really Airbending, not even Hiro himself, who thought it was a "pure manifestation of Chi" that he'd once read about in a wuxia novel.

Although Hiro is now eager to explore the limits of his Airbending potential, he has trouble finding a teacher since Aang, the only surviving Air Nomad, has considerable reservations about instructing Hiro, which is understandable since Hiro has tried to fight him to the death in most of their encounters.


Almost in stark contrast to his rather unrefined bending abilities, Hiroakira is a weapons master forged from both his frequent battles and the almost weekly attempts on his life by hitmen and assassins. Although his skill with most weapons is great, Hiro's greatest talents lie in the sword and the pike.

Twin Swords

Being a former student of Piandao, the greatest swordsman and sword smith in recorded Fire Nation history, Hiroakira is by no means a slouch with a sword in his hand, but he becomes more of a real terror with swords in both hands. Piandao taught Hiro to "discover your own path", and Hiro eventually developed a two-sword style unique to him. Hiro lacked the poise, precision and grace to properly adopt Piandao's style, which utilizes fluid, snakelike stabbing motions, so he leaned more toward wide and lightning-fast slashing and cutting motions that took advantage of his strength, and he took to using curved swords like the katana. Unfortunately this left him with a lower defense, so Hiro began using two swords to compensate, alternating between attack and defense. Hiro instinctively felt more comfortable with two swords than one, and continued to develop it. His current twin sword style uses two katanas, one in each hand, allowing him to fight multiple opponents surrounding him, or quickly overpower and slash apart a single foe in a duel with a barrage of strikes. Using a sword in both hands may increase defense, but it requires greater concentration, coordination, and spatial awareness than normal. Additionally, each sword has less power than otherwise gripping one sword with both hands, although Hiro's immense physical strength still allows him to hack through solid rock one-handed. While still students of Piandao, Hiro showed off his two-sword style to his friend Zuko, who in an attempt to copy him, developed his own dual broadsword style. However, Hiroakira has proven to be the better swordsman, having had to use his swords in far more life-or-death than his royal buddy ever has, giving the young aristocrat a great deal more practical experience. Hiro manages to keep a more calm and level head than Zuko in battle, and due to his greater physical strength Hiro can wield much heavier sword types. Like Zuko, Hiro will sometimes use his swords in conjunction with his Firebending, significantly increasing his threat level, though he tends to resort to this only when facing whom he considers a worthy foe. Hiro will usually switch to his swords only if his sasumata is lost, broken, or otherwise rendered unusable or unsuitable. If unable to use his two katanas, Hiro will opt for the nodachi, which he can wield one-handed with enough force to easily cleave through a Fire Nation battleship hull. Although a very competent fencer with the straight sword, Hiro nonetheless lacks the finesse a swordsman of Piandao's skill possesses.


Although he is highly proficient with the sword and the bow, the one skill that is as much his signature as his destructive firebending powers is his skill with pole weapons. Although having considerable skill with the staff, spear, and halberd, his favored weapon is a two-pronged pike known as a sasumata, and in wielding it he is almost considered a prodigy. During his first few battles as Captain, Hiro found that the standard-issue Fire Nation Infantry Spear usually broke under the stresses he put on it, so after breaking about a dozen or so he began looking for a sturdier replacement. After using a number of different polearms, Hiro decided to commission a custom pike based on a cross between an ancient heirloom he'd once seen in the Royal Palace, and a standard firefighting tool. The sasumata has a bladed U-shaped tempered steel head that ended in two double-pointed prongs with a gap in the middle about the width of a man's torso. The head is attached to a waxwood shaft about 1.5 times the diameter of standard spears and reinforced with steel bindings which ended in a large blunt counterweight. Although a very heavy weapon, the young warrior has no trouble wielding it like a pro. Naming it Huá Ji (Earth-cutting Pronged Lance), it became his signature weapon, and he carried it with him almost everywhere he went. It gained the nickname "Bloodfork" as Hiro slashed and burned his way through battle after battle, and the more superstitious folk began to attribute all sorts of evil and fantastic powers to it in later years.

Hiro prefers using the pike as his primary weapon, since it complements his natural strength and reach, and he finds more versatility with it than any other weapon. Such is his skill and ability with pole weapons that he is known as an unparalleled fighter for his age group. His strength allows him to pierce and cleave through heavy plate armor like paper, shatter boulders like glass, and cut open tanks and steel ship plating like tin cans. Next to his Firebending, Hiro also causes the most collateral damage with Huá Ji, having hacked apart multiple buildings in his more unchecked fights. Like all his weapons, Hiro projects flames along his weapon, and he often uses his signature Ghost Thresher attack in conjunction with his pike. Hiro does, on occasion, uses the unsharpened gap in the center like a forklift, catching an opponent under the arms, lifting them up, and flinging them like a projectile, and he is also skilled at pinning fleeing suspects this way. Ironically enough, it can also serve as a firefighting tool (often on building fires that he causes), helping to disassemble burning buildings, raise rescue ladders, and help pull people out of second-story windows.


Since Hiro doesn't always have access to his usual weapons, he has learned to improvise on many occasions, either using some other available weapon, or even whatever object is within reach. Hiro in one instance managed to repel a would-be assassin by stabbing him through the eye with the handle of a calligraphy brush, and another instance where he beat his attacker's brains in with a large wok pan. Hiro has also proven himself to be a pretty good shot with both a bow and crossbow.

Other Skills

Superior Physical Ability

Even if you strip him of his weapons and his bending, Hiro is still a very dangerous person. Stronger and faster than a full grown man even as a young boy, at age 15 he has the strength to tip a Fire Nation tank on its side, punch through solid rock, and pull a man's arms right out of their sockets. His skills and strength with his halberd make it so he often fights with one hand free, displayed by his ability to fight back his opponent's attacks with a single arm. Hirō has shown to be deceptively fast and agile for his size and build. Thanks to his tremendous raw power, Hirō 's leg strength allows him to move fast enough to instantly close a huge gap of space between him and the opponent, even in full heavy armor, and can keep pace with a komodo rhino at full tilt.

Hiro's endurance is astounding: he never seems to tire even after hours of fighting. He is also incredibly resistant to damage, seemingly able to shrug off injuries severe and painful enough to incapacitate most people, once having fought for three hours with several arrows embedded in him. The only pain that seems to really bother him is when someone pulls on his "antenna" hairs. Thankfully for Hiro, few know of this, and even fewer have actually exploited it, namely Haruka and Hiro's lieutenant Ayako, the latter mostly as a way to get him to do his job. Princess Azula is also aware of this weakness, and used to pull on Hiro's "antennas" whenever he got her angry.

Fighting Skills

Hiro believes that traditional martial arts and Firebending was a little too rigid to be completely effective in the chaotic environment he experienced during the Rangyi Rebellion. To create something he considered more practical for warfare, duels, and fending off assissination attempts, he began experimenting with what he had studied until then, what he saw from others on and off the battlefield, as well as his own innovations he gleened from extensive reading. He began to develop his own Airbending moves once he discovered his talent for it, and has incorporated it with his unique Firebending and weapons techniques to create a one-of-a-kind and difficult to predict style.

Despite his seeming disregard for strategy in his fights and his seeming lack of forethought during battle, Hirō is a very insightful young man, regularly showing more understanding than one would expect. When he actually calms down and takes a fight seriously, he can be a surprisingly keen analyst and tactician. He is very adept at finding and exploiting weaknesses in his opponents' techniques, and knows how to exploit his surroundings if the situation calls for it. His lack of fear of physical injury also allows him to rush opponents in attacks that seem suicidal, giving him a chaotic, unpredictable edge over most of his adversaries.

In a genuine emergency, Hiro isn't afraid to resort to combat pragmatism, attacking the soft targets on an opponent's body (eye gouging, nose breaking, punches to the throat, etc.) or resorting to biting.


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  • The Messenger Hawk feathers in his headpiece aren't just for decoration. They cover up two long wiry white hairs that grow out of Hiro's head. Similar to a cat's whiskers, the are highly sensitive to air currents, and react to even the slightest movement, even when Hiro is asleep. So the feathers are both a way to conceal them and to help deaden the constant stimulation. The feathers are also easily detachable, so in case somebody attempts to exploit his only weak spot, they'd pull off the feather instead of the hair.
  • Hiro gained the idea for the feathers after seein the headress of the 8th Division's Lt. Shikoba.
  • The headpiece Hiro wears is reserved for the current head of the Fengxian Duchy, and was previously worn by Yuan Fengxian. Hiro has a forward topknot to wear the headpiece over. He's also drilled two holes to put his "antenna hairs" through.
  • Hiro's favorite foods include meat dishes (he'll cook and eat anything that moves), anything spicy or crispy, brick chilie, and sweets. He likes spicy foods but dislikes wasabi as being "too bland, like spicy wax". Although he'll try anything once, Hiro dislikes seafood, claims to get painful cramps from eating green vegetables, and he absolutely cannot stand the taste of alcohol.
  • Hiro has shown a talent for amatur cooking, and shows creativity in "doctoring" food with whatever ingredients he has available, especially brick chilie.
  • Although a decent swimmer, Hiro hates getting wet and is very uneasy about traveling over open water, likely stemming from the typhoon that landed him on the beach. He also claims to greatly dislike the feeling of being dripping wet.
  • Hiro allegedly sucks at goldfidh scooping. Hiro is also frequently attacked by fish and other aquatic life though often in a slapstick manner. Hiro is also a very poor Pai Sho player, and he claims to have never won a game in his life.
  • Hiro has a remarkable tolerance for pain, which is good since anesthetics have almost no effect on him. He has also shown a remarkably high tolerance for alcohol, despite his disdain for the stuff.
  • After living in Fubai Dushi and being exposed to some of its more eccentric residents, Hiro is almost completely desensitized to the sleeze, foul language, and personality defects of others. Nothing shocks him anymore.
  • Despite being the heir of very wealthy nobility, Hiro is often comically broke due to both the inheritance laws keeping him from accessing his family's fortune, and the utter lack of concern shown by his guardian Tao Shi Wang, who refuses to give Hiro an allowance and often cuts more of the 9th Division's funds from the city's budget.
  • Hiro is the second bender revealed so far who can wield two elements, the first being Haruka. Both have also displayed greater-than-average strength.
  • It is estimated that Hiro was born during the Year of the Dragon.
  • Hiro gets along much better with children than adults and teenagers, and his fondest wish is to start a family one day.
  • Hiroakia's bending style is mainly based on Southern Eagle Claw, his fighting style incorporates elements of Xingyiquan, Bajiquan, Tai Kwan Do, and Mi Zhong Quan.
  • Hiro has a Facebook page:!/profile.php?id=100002689676005
  • Hiroakira has an alternate universe genderflipped counterpart named Sadako Fengxian. Sadako's eccentricity and bloodlust are even greater than Hiro's, and she has less respect for the personal space of others. Rendered infertile from injuries sustained during the events of Sozin's Comet, she habors a desperate longing to be a mother and a deep affection for children, eventually becoming Avatar Korra's firebending teacher.


  • "Come on, lets get out of here guys, I think I've got internal bleeding."
  • "Whoo-Hoo! Road Trip! I'll drive!" (moments before Hiro's disastrous attempt at driving the tank train)
  • (on Zhao) "Between you and me, that guy's kind of a dick."
  • "Sorry, I'm not the kind of guy that loses faith easily, ya know?"
  • "Don't worry gals! Explosions fix everything!"
  • "And the awkward meter goes up yet another notch!"
  • "If you fall over seven times, then you'll just have to get up eight times."
  • "I'm honest enough already, so why the hell would I need to drink?"
  • "I love it when there's somebody worth facing on the other side!"
  • "Oh look! Steppappy Tao got me another hitman for me to play with!"
  • "♫ Sun, Sun, Mister Golden Sun, Kill my enemies! ♫"
  • "You know what I find funny in a sad sort of way? Seeing the Fengxian logo on crates of stuff I can't afford to buy."

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