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This page comprises Hiro's relationships with other characters in the story.

Adopted Relatives

Yuan Fengxian

When Hiroakira was rejected for adoption into the royal family by Firelord Azulon, Ozai desired to continue keeping the boy within reach, so he called on an old friend of the family to intervene. Duke Yuan Fengxian adopted Hiroakira primarily out of a need for an heir, as most of the illustrious Fengxian Clan had been wiped out by that point. Hiro and his stepfather never really bonded, as Yuan was so ill by that point that he left the actual raising of the boy up to his vassals. If there was one emotion that Yuan felt for his ward, it was curiosity in Hiro's potential, and thus took steps to ensure that Hiro would receive a good education, even going so far as to pestering the swordmaster Piandao into taking Hiro on as a student. When Yuan finally died, Hiro was not very shook up over his stepfather's passing. As Yuan stated in his will, he left the entire Fengxian Estate to Hiroakira, including the vast family fortune, the nobility title of Duke, the family's land holdings, and ownership of Fengxian Heavy Industries. Unfortunately, as Hiro was not yet 16, the young heir would have to live with Yuan's closest remaining kin, Governor Tao Shi Wang of Fubai Dushi. As Hiro would quickly learn, being heir to such a wealthy and powerful position was equivalent to painting a target on the young boy's back, and Hiro would spend the next few years fighting for his very survival.

Haruka Rong Yan

Haruka and Hiro have been close for years, and although they haven't managed to get the adoption papers through, they share something similar to a brother-sister relationship. Hiro tends to look out for Haruka's well-being, either personally or assigning one of his officers to look after her. However, Hiro has proven to be less than a good model, especially where discipline is concerned, and he often more-or-less lets her do whatever the hell she wants, and rarely tells her off. Even worse, Hiro actually encourages some of her mischief, such as her frequent raids on the Governor's mansion. Hiro is confident enough in Haruka's economic and organizing skills to put her in charge of Squad 9's paperwork, a task that she not only excels in, but keeps her out of trouble as well. Haruka is Hiro's devoted follower: she looks up to him as a father/big brother figure, and naively believes much of what he says. She is proud of her Big Brother to the point where she'll attack people that speak ill of him. Haruka always misses Hiro when he's off to battle, and constantly pesters him to do things with her, particularly to take her fishing. She can also be jealous over the other women in Hiro's life: although she warmed up to Azula for halping save Hiro from execution (to the point where she refers to Azula as Big Sister), she has essentially declared war on Ty Lee after Haruka witnessed the acrobat playfully flirt with Hiro (she now calls Ty Lee the "Freak Show Floozy"). Despite this, the two fight just like any siblings, often bickering over pointless things.

Love Intrests

Princess Azula

Hiro and Azula have shared a deep bond ever since they first met as children. It was Azula who found the boy lying half dead on the shore near her father's beach house, and it was Azula who gave Hiroakira his name, based on an engraving she found on a scrap of metal he was holding. Not long afterwards, Hiro saved her from a not-so-dead dragon that she insisted on poking with a stick. Immediately after this incident, her father Prince Ozai quarantined the boy and had him brought to the Firelord. After it turned out that Hiro wasn't what Ozai was hoping he'd be, Hiro was adopted by the Fengxian family. Believing that Hiro was her find, Azula insisted on seeing him again, and the boy was allowed to the palace frequently to play with the princess. Their friendship was marked by Hiro's stubborn refusal to do what Azula demanded of him in an almost teasing manner. Azula seemed to feel a sort of possessiveness over Hiro, and it used to greatly irritate her when bossing the boy around failed. Still, Hiro would often go out of his way to make Azula laugh, often at the expense of their other playmates. Hiro became close friends with both Azula and Zuko throughout their childhood, and until Hiro's stepfather Yuan Fengxian died it was assumed that Princess Azula and Hiro would evenutally be betrothed by their parents. When Hiro was sent to Fubai Dushi to live with Yuan's next-of-kin, the 8-year-old Azula was devastated inside, although she hid her feelings to save face, putting on a cold and indifferent front. It would be over five years before the two would see each other again.

The relationship between these two can be best described as "No Badass To Her Valet". Later on, Azula begins developing Hybristophilia toward her friend's Blood Kinght level of destruction.


Prince Zuko

"ZUKO!!! Hahahaha!! How've you been you little scar-faced goofball?!"

"Let me down you maniac, you're gonna break my ribs again!"

"Aww, I've missed you too buddy!"

~one of Hiro and Zuko's typical reunions.

Ever since they were little kids, Hiro has always been Zuko's best friend and unswerving supporter. Although Zuko first saw Hiro lying unconscious on the ship ride home from Ember Island, they officially met shortly before Hiro was adopted into the Fengxian clan. Although the relationship between the two got off to an initial rocky start, they built up a strong friendship during the course of Hiro's frequent visits to the Palace, and became classmates when they were enrolled in the Royal Fire Academy. Although he fell behind Hiro in terms of fighting ability and was increasingly considered weak by comparison, the one trait Zuko possessed that Hiro admired most was the prince's relentless determination. It was this never-give-up attitude that greatly impressed the young Dragon, leading to Hiro's firm belief that Zuko was capable of accomplishing the impossible, something he always encouraged in his friend at every given opportunity. The two became students of Piandao at an early age, and would often train together. Both of them developed their own twin-sword styles, and eventually became some of the best swordsmen of their generation. When his stepfather died of consumption, Hiro was to be shipped to Fubai Dushi, a colony on the mainland, despite the boy's unwillingness. It was the encouragement of Zuko and his mother that gave Hiro the courage to face his new future. Three years later, Hiro unexpectedly ran into Zuko during the latter's exile and search for the long lost Avatar. In private, Zuko revealed to his friend that he felt hopelessness in his mission. To this, Hiro decked his friend in the face and (rather roughly) encouraged Zuko to never give up hope. Despite the long odds, Hiro claimed that he was certain that not only would Zuko find the Avatar, he'd kick his ass and "drag him back to the Capital by his scrawny 100-year-old neck!" The only condition Hiro gave in his moral support was that Zuko would let Hiro take a shot at fighting the "Living God" if possible. To this day, Hiroakira is Zuko's loudest and most faithful (and possibly his only genuine) supporter, and will duel anyone who tries to slander the fallen Prince. Zuko on the other hand, although he appreciates Hiro's rather enthusiastic support, has no intention of letting Hiro anywhere near the Avatar. This is not out of a fear that he'll steal Zuko's glory or honor, it's because Zuko needs to bring the Avatar in alive, and he's well aware of Hiro's tendency to go overboard in a fight, and his penchant for reckless mass destruction. Anyone can dress up a corpse and claim it's the long-lost Avatar (indeed, many bounty-seeking con artists have tried in the past), and if "The Devil of the West" has become as powerful as the war stories are claiming these days, Zuko would be lucky just to bring back a well-charred corpse. Whenever the two meet, the occasion is marked by Hiro getting excited as a puppy and immediately tackeling Zuko in an over-enthusiastic bearhug. This is something that really irritates Zuko, and he claims that Hiro nearly broke several of his ribs the last few time he did this. Since his exile, Zuko tends to be irritated by Hiro's whole "frivolous" jolly personally, even more so than his uncle Iroh. Still, Hiro takes his old friend's perpetually sour attitude in stride, and often teases him playfully.


Hiro and Mai are not exactly close. The two have a mutually sarcastic attitude toward one another, and get along about as well as a lemurbat and a messenger hawk. Mai often mocks Hiro's enthusiasm and frequently questions his sanity and intelligence, while Hiro often taunts Mai about her ability to hit someone with her knives, and often goads her to try throwing them at him. Hiro is also put off by Mai's lack of appreciation for her family, considering her an ungrateful brat. Hiro finds himself at a loss in understanding the mutual attraction between Mai and Zuko. 

Ty Lee

"You know, we should really cut down on Ty Lee's sugar intake." ~Hiroakira Fengxian

Ty Lee always had an interest in Hiro, and she used to frequently show off in front of him to try to get his attention.  This attraction is apparently one-sided, as Hiro seems oblivious to Ty Lee's apparent crush. While he does like her as a friend, even Hiro finds her constant perkiness a little annoying. Hiro also has few qualms over giving her psychohallucinagetic substances simply to amuse himself with her subsequent drug-induced antics.  Ty Lee's frequent flirting with Hiro often gets on Azula's nerves, although Ty Lee can't imagine why, since Azula keeps insisting that there is no romantic connection between her or Hiro. Hiro has aknowlaged that she is indeed far more interesting than he six sisters, who's almost exact appearance and personality unnerve him, especially when they talk in unison.

Prince Lu Ten

"Prince Lu Ten was the kind of guy every boy in school wanted to grow up to be: big, strong a great firebender and solider, a war hero, and great at sports. Me and Zuko were lucky enough to know him a a first-name basis! He was a fun guy to be around whenever he was home from the front, and he always made time to play with us kids. He'd always come home with more exciting and heroic war stories, like the one where he'd and his men got surrounded and had to fight their way through a whole earthbender battalion. I realize now that he was probably exaggerating on more than a few details, but Zuko, Azula and I always hung onto every word he said. It's a real shame what happened to Lu Ten at Ba Sing Se. Also a shame that war in real life isn't as glamorous as he'd always described." ~memoirs of Hiroakira Fengxian

As a child, Hiro and Zuko both looked up to Lu Ten as sort of a big brother figure. Hiro always enjoyed listening to Lu Ten's war stories. Hiro had little time to grieve when he heard of Lu Ten's untimely death, as he was too busy fighting for his life, although he was greatly saddened by the news.

Princess Ursa

"I always liked Zuko and Azula's mom, she was really pretty and she was always really nice to me whenever I was around. I always wanted a mom like her. Zuko and Azula never realized just how lucky they were..."

When Prince Ozai decided to bring Hiro back to Caldera, his wife Ursa was the one that insisted that the child be treated as a guest instead of as a prisoner, and nursed the injured boy back to helth herself. Taking pity on the orphan, Ursa repeatedly offered to adopt him, but for more altruistic reasons than her husband. Although she never did get a second son, she nevertheless was very supportive of Hiro, and encouraged her own children to make friends with him. Hiro saw Princess Ursa as the mother that he never had, and was always secretly envious of Zuko and Azula. When Yuan Fengxian died, Ursa and her husband tried again unsuccessfully to adopt Hiro, but nevertheless encouraged Hiro to face whatever lay ahead of him without fear before he was shipped off the colonies. That would be the last time Hiro ever saw Ursa.


Hiro and Iroh are on somewhat friendly terms, but know each other primarily through Iroh's relatives. Like nearly everyone in the Fire Nation, Hiro saw General Iroh as a hero back when he was young. During their few brief interactions, Iroh was just as polite and friendly to Hiroakira as he was with all children, and it is known that the two once played a game of Pai Sho, to which Iroh recalls Hiro's performance as "dysmal". While Hiro is genuinely sympathetic to Iroh over Lu Ten's death, he feels that Iroh should have finished the Ba Sing Se campaign out of respect for Lu Ten's memory.


When Hiro was little, he often struggled to control his firebending. Eventually, his stepfather Yuan decided to attempt to get an old friend of his to instruct him in a different are to teach his young heir discipline and control. At first, Master Piandao was reluctant to take on another student, but after much pestering the swordmaster eventually agreed to teach Hiroakira the way of the sword. Some time afterward, Prince Zuko became another of Piandao's students, and often sparred with Hiro. Hiro was a very quick learner, not only mastering the basics of the sword in record time, but also calligraphy, landscaping, and art. Hiro advanced so quickly in fact, that Piandao himself soon had to personally spar with the boy, as his fellow pupil Zuko and his butler Fat had soon proved to be no longer a challenge after the first summer. Hiroakira came to revere his tutor, as no matter how many times they sparred Piandao would always easily win (the same can't be said for Fat or Zuko however). After several summers training Hiro, Piandao admitted that both Hiro and Zuko were among the most skilled disciples that he had ever trained. However, to the young noble it appeared that no matter how well he fought, it seemed that his master was always somehow disappointed in him. Hiro was unsure, but believed that it was due to his pitifully poor skills in Pai Sho, which Piandao had attempted to teach him.

In truth, Piandao found fault in both of his students despite their promising skills. Zuko was far too arrogant and easily angered, and Hiro was far too given to blood frenzy, easily getting caught up in the heat of the moment to pay attention to his surroundings.

Hiro was forced to stop learning from his master after the death of Yuan Fengxian, whereupon Hiro was shipped off to live in the colonies.
The sword techniques that Piandao had imparted to him proved to be a vital lifesaver, as the young Fengxian soon found himself many, many life-or-death struggles either on the battlefield of the Rangyi Uprising, or under frequent attack by a seemingly endless supply of hitmen, assassins, and mercinaries. To this day, Hiro firmly believes Piandao to be the greatest swordsman in the world, with himself "somewhere in the top five", and Zuko "in the top ten".

Colonel Shinu

Hiroakira Fengxian and Colonel Shinu are trusted allies, and friends forged in the heat of battle. When Shinu had fallen into General Targutai's trap during the Rangyi Uprising, which left him and his men on the run, cut off, and severely undersupplied, it was Captain Fengxian leading a relief force that saved Shinu and his Yu Yan Archers at the First Battle of Senlin Forest. Although he considers the Captain young, brash, reckless, and highly unorthadox, the Colonel is still owes an immense debt of grattitude to Fengxian, and has decided to keep the existence of the Earthbenders in Squad 9 a secret from his superiors as a favor. When Zhao took creit for Targutai's death from Hiro, Shinu was very displeased and would've stood up for Fengxian had the boy actually bothered to challenge Zhao's claim. This is what initially painted Shinu's view of Zhao as an arrogant glory-hound.

Firelord Ozai

Ozai always saw Hiro as a pawn to increase his own power, and has constantly tried to gain influence over the boy. Ozai was the first besides Azula to witness Hiro's fight with the dragon on Ember Island, and initially believed that the heavens had delivered the Avatar to him. Ozai didn't share this theory with anyone, and took the boy under his protective custody until he could have the Fire Sages test him. The water and rock tests failed, proving that the boy was not the Avatar, but during the fire test the candle burst into flames and melted in seconds, which the sages interpreted as a sign that the child had a very strong connection to the Spirit World. Although not what he's initially hoped, Ozai still saw Hiro as a very powerful pawn, and when he presented the boy to Firelord Azulon the Prince offered to adopt him. Azulon was rightly suspicious of Ozai's motives however, and refused the request, but did bestow Hiro with the title of Dragon. Wanting to keep the powerful young firebender within reach, Ozai convinced the childless Duke Yuan Fengxian to adopt Hiro as his heir, hoping to eventually gain the backing of the powerful Fengxian Heavy Industries. Ozai encouraged his own children to make friends with Hiro, in order to strengthen Hiro's loyalty to Ozai's side of the Royal Family. The Prince also monitored Hiro's growth and progress, and was impressed at the sheer amount of damage the young noble could cause. Ozai even considered arranging an engagement between his own daughter Azula and Hiro (a marriage between the two would've given Ozai power over Fengxian Heavy Industries, and thus the Nation's war production), until Yuan Fengxian passed away. Upon learning that Hiroakira would be shipped off the colonies to live out the next seven years with Governor Tao Shui Wang, one of Ozai's most bitter rivals, the Prince again requested that the young Duke be adopted into his family, and again Azulon refused. Ozai reluctantly watched as his weapon-in-the-making slipped through his fingers. Even after becoming Firelord, Ozai's attempts to bring the young Fengxian under his control were thwarted by political bureaucracy and red tape, and the Rangyi Rebellion soon forced him to focus on more pressing matters. It was not until after the Winter of 100 A.S.C. that Ozai would find an opportunity to regain his powerful asset, and instructed his daughter, Princess Azula, to personally investigate Hiroakira's imprisonment by Governor Tao for so-called "alleged treasonous acts" while she was in Fubai Dushi...

Lo and Li

Hiro: "Can we get going? Kooky and Spooky over there are starting to get on my nerves."
Lo & Li: (in unison) "We can hear you, you know"
Hiro: "Yeah, and...?"

While the elderly twins aknowlage that Hiroakira Fengxian is incrediably powerful and would make a strong addition to Azula's team, the two find Hiro to be far too boorish and wild for somebody of his noble rank. Hiro doesn't much like them either, considering the twins to be creepy and condescending. Still, the twins are shown to be quite perceptive of Hiro and Azula's mutual feelings for one another, and have stated that a marriage of the princess and the young duke would be very beneficial.



Hiro has a bizarre friend/enemy with Aang and the rest of Team Avatar in general.  The two met on rather friendly terms (a fact helped by neither side knew which faction the other belonged to), and became good acquainteces.  Then things took a turn when Hiro discovered that Aang was the Avatar, possibly the greatest challenge he'd ever get to face.  After capturing and detaining Sokka and Katara, Hiro promised Aang that he'd release the two if the airbender would fight him one-on-one.  Although it seemed that Aang had the advantage at first, he was soon running for his life once Hiro decided to "cut loose", and started using his inhumanly powerful firebending.  Aang eventually managed to give Hiro and his Squad the slip, and managed to escape with his friends. Hiro still considers Aang a friend, and looks forward to the day when he can fight him again. Aang however is scared of Hiro now, but their encounter has made the young monk wonder if not everyone in the Fire Nation is truly evil.
Hiro and Aang share a number of similar personality traits, including a friendly and open nature, a craving to see new places and things and make new friends, and a tendency to shirk responsibility in favor of having fun. However, Hiro differs from Aang in that he is far more nhilistic about the "sanctity of life", he preferrs meat, and uses violence as a form of entertainment. Although he has no personal qualms against Aang and doesn't really care about turning him in to the Fire Nation, Aang is an Airbender, a type of foe that Hiro has never had the opportunity to fight before, and he is also the Avatar, supposedly the most powerful being in the world. To Hiro, this makes Aang seem like the ultimate opponent, and that is a challenge that the fight-happy firebender does not want to pass up.


Like with Aang, Katara didn't think that Hiro or Haruka were Fire Nation, and was initially on much friendlier terms with the two than her brother. Hiro was unconcerned to learn that Katara was a waterbender (he was on vacation, so he felt no obligation to arrest any of them), but felt that the girl had a great deal of potential, and noted that he'd never fought a waterbender before. The friendliness changed when Hiro met the group again, this time armed and ready to fight Aang. Hiros officers apprehended Katara and Sokka in order to force Aang to stay and fight. Katara felt betrayed about Hiro's identity (Hiro claims that he never said he wasen't a firebender), although Hiro said it was justified since Team Avatar hid their identities as well. Katara and Sokka later escaped custody and managed to flash-freeze Hiro, allowing Aang time to escape. Hiro has no resentment towards Katara for this, and still thinks of her as a friend. Katara on the other hand no longer trusts Hiro for his attempt on Aang's life, and considers him a dangerous threat.


During Team Avatar's first encounter with Captain Fengxian, Sokka was (as always) immediately suspicious of the new guy, an impression that was probably reinfoced by Sokka immediate adversarial relationship with Hiro's little sister Haruka. Hiro quickly dismissed Sokka as a credible threat, believing that the Water Tribe warrior had more hot air than muscle. Hiro's assumption seemed justified later when he came to fight Aang. Sokka attempted to knock Hiro out with his boomerang, but was dismayed when it just bounced harmlessly off the Firebender's head, prompting Hiro to ask if that was all Sokka had and deemed him pathetic. Hiro's earthbending officers then captured both Sokka and Katara and threw them into a holding cell, forcing Aang to accept Hiro's challenge in order to free them. Sokka would later escape and get his revenge when he knocked a barrel of water on top of Hiro, allowing his sister to freeze him long enough for Aang and the group to escape.


Hiro met little Toph Bei Fong during the Rangyi Rebellion, when an ambush in the mountains forced Hiro and Haruka to take the long way home through enemy territory. Hiro was initially planning to avoid Gaoling until he was robbed by a felmale earthbending bandit, forcing him to go after her. Hiro and Haruka ran into a blind 9-year-old earthbender one night, and wound up getting into a fight with her. Hiro didn't hold back even after learning that the "Blind Bandit" was actually blind. They were forced to flee when their tussle attracted the attention of the authorities. Toph later decided to help Hiro in tracking down the thief, and after talking awhile the two became friends. After retrieving Hiro's stolen items, Toph helped Hiro and Haruka escape, but not before making the firebender promise to come back and fight her one day.
Hiro and Toph have a great deal of respect for one another, and both share a mutual love of fighting. Hiro likes Toph's punkish attitude and spunk, and is greatly impressed that the most gifted earthbender he'd fought so far was a little blind girl. Hiro has great confidence in her potential, and feels that she could one day be the toughest challenge the Earth Kingdom has to offer. Toph appreciated that Hiro was the first person she met that didn't treat her like a baby due to her age and her blindness. The young earthbender looked up to Hiro in a sense, and respected him enough to not rat him out for being a firebender.


Governor Tao Shui Wang

Governor Tao is one of the very few people that Hiroakira holds a perpetual grudge against, and Tao feels roughly the same about Hiro. It is very hard to like a person after all when instead of caring for you they send armed men to kill you and generally try to make your life miserable. Tao was always greedy and seeking power, and jumped at the opportunity presented by Yuan Fengxian's death. The only fly in the ointment was Hiroakira, Yuan's 9-year-old heir, but that was a minor detail that Tao thought could be dealt with easily so long as it was dealt with carefully. Taking custody of the young Duke, Tao forced the boy to do exhausting and humiliting chores around the Governor's Palatial island estate until the right preparations could be made. Tao then placed Hiro in the Colonial Force in the 9th District, the most dangerous part of Fubai Dushi, and gave Captain Bao Tai permission to work the boy until he died of exhaustion. Bao Tai's abuse continued until Hiro challenged him to an Agni Kai, which presented Tao with a golden opportunity to dispose of the little obstacle cleanly and legally. Tao was genuinly shocked and terrified when Hiro proceeded to tear Bao Tai apart and burn him alive, becoming captain of the 9th Division as per the conditions of the duel. To keep Hiro from repeating the slaughter on him, Tao passed several ordinances forbidding Agni Kai's between military officers and government officials in the city, and began to send assassins to try to murder Hiro quietly, although they all failed. Tao soon began to cut funding for Squad 9, hoping to starve out the motley group, until Hiro began arranging graft agreements with the local underworld. Growing increasingly frustrated, Governor Tao began sending Squad 9 out to combat the growing Rangyi Movement, often under-supplied, under-informed and under-manned, hoping that the little nuiscience would be taken care of by the earthbenders. His hatred of Fengxian grew every time the Captain and his men returned home alive. When Hiro went missing during a mountain crossing, Tao pushed to have the boy declared legally dead only for the plucky young captain to return to Fubai Dushi mere days before the paperwork could be finalized. The portly Governor became obsessed with destroying Fengxian, even risking the safety of Fubai Dushi to send Hiro off to die in what would become known as the Battle of Blood Road. Tao resorted to suppressing or tarnishing Captain Fengxian's growing clout however he could, mostly out of spite, and always made sure to confiscate any correspondence between the young Duke and the Fire Nation Capital. As Hiro drew closer to reaching 16, Governor Tao, out of ideas, assassins and suicide missions, immediately jumped on the opportunity presented when word reached his ears that the Captain of the 9th Division was illegally harboring earthbenders...

Captain Bao Tai

General Targutai

The leader of the Rangyi Movement, Targutai's brilliance on the battlefield and his ability to gan support for his cause rivaled his xenophobic hatred of the Fire Nation, his utter ruthlessness in his attempt to destroy the "inhuman invaders", and his supremely inflated ego. Although Hiro fought many of Targutai's troops during the rebellion, it wasen't until the Battle of Blood Road that the two finally met face-to-face. Targutai had led his own personal army in a pincer move to annihilate what remained of the forces under Lt. Colonel Shinu, and Captain Fengxian had led a detachment to resupply and reinforce Shinu, unintentionally finding himself trapped along with Shinu near an old farm in Senlin Forrest. Rather than surrender, Hiro decided that their best chance would be to stand and fight, and to this end he led a night raid on the Rangyi camp in order to draw them onto the battlefield. Having his personal standard stolen and his tent set on fire by a mere boy was too much for Targutai's vanity, and threw caution to the wind in an attempt to take revenge for this insult. The two would meet for a second time that day during the pre-battle parley, where Targutai demanded that the youg Fire Nation Duke surrender and bow down to the General personally. Captain Fengxian apparently made a number of rude comments which sent his adversary into a blind rage, because Targutai immediately ordered his troops to charge after the Captain, only for his men to become bogged down in the mud. The two warriors would meet later that day when Fengxian had inadvertently gotten far ahead of his own men, having carved his way straight to General Targutai's position by accident. The young firebender immediately took Targutai by surprise whan he lobbed his sasumata at the general, knocking him off of his mount. Targutai quickly recovered, and decided to take the little upstart down himself. Ordering his troops not to interfere, the earthbending general dueled with the much younger firebender, only to find that Fengxian was far more powerful than he had anticipated, and was soon forced on a desperate defensive. Realizing that his opponent had seemingly endless stamina, Targutai decided to retreat to his camp, with Fengxian in close pursuit. The firebender caught up to his quarry on the opposite bank of the river, and cut off the head of the General with a sword shortly before Fire Navy reinforcements arrived. Although Captain Hiroakira Fengxian was responsible for decapitating the head of the Rangyi Movement (both figuratively and literally), Captain Zhao secretly confiscated the General's head for himself and took the credit for Targutai's defeat. By that point, Fengxian was far too exhausted to argue and let Zhao have his glory.

General Fong

Hiroakira and General Fong are naturally enemies, being on different sides of the War. They met face-to-face only briefly during the First Battle of Senlin Forest, but it was Fong who, seeing the horrific aftermath of Hiro's rampage, called the boy the "Devil of the West". Fong considers the boy an almost unholy abomination. Captain Fengxian for his part doesn't even remember who Fong is. Ironically, Hiro is the main reason that Fong was promoted General, after Hiro's slaying of General Targutai and many of Fong's superior officers left virtually no obstacle for Fong's for advancement.

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