By Gingalover Part of the Ginga Densetsu Avatar continuity.
Hiro GDA
Biographical information

The Ballsnatcher


Fire Nation

Birth place

Kurohabaki Island

Physical description


Hair color


Personal information

Deceased father


Kurohabaki clan, Toph

Chronological and political information



Kurohabaki Clan


Marsamune, Usanda

First appearance

Book 3: Fire ~ Kurohabaki -

Hiro is a large yellow canine that lives on Kurohabaki island. He is an expert on castration as described by Kyoushiro. During one of his hunting trips, he got his eye gorged by Sharptooth.

Book 3: Fire

He appears with Teru after he decided to check on Toph and Kyoushiro. He was asked by Toph on why he was called the ballsnatcher, saying that he can 'change a man to a woman', which kind of freaked her out. He helped Toph out and let her ride him to the The tree of life. Hiro drops her off at the entrance and had her crawl the rest of the way.

He helped out alittle but didn't go with the group when they went to save Usanda.

Hiro comes in later with Tyson and Kyoushiro to check up on Toph two days later after her incident. After Toph got her bandages off, he notices her special behavior, looking around the room, glancing at her hands. He asks her to find the window in the room, to check to see if she can see. Hiro brought her to Usanda and it was after a conversation there is that he brings up his incident he had with Sharptooth. No one beloved him until Toph said he was telling the truth.

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