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High Sage
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Fire Nation

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85 AG

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  • Spirit Sage
  • Spirit Guru

Spirit Sages

Hiresh History

Hiresh is the leader of the Spirit Sages, a group that is not very well known; only high ranking people know of this organization and many don't know how to deal with it. Hiresh joined the sages at the age of 14, around the time Aang was discovered in the ice berg. He is currently helping the Sisters of the Sunflower find the Spirit Leader, a being that the Spirit Sages have helped protect for thousands of years.

Hiresh Spiritual Journey

When Aang was discovered in the ice berg, Hiresh began his life to spiritual enlightenment. He followed the Air Nomads' way of meditation and freedom and eventually made his way to becoming a Spirit Sage. During his life, he came across the works of old in the Valley of the Relics and began to look for the Spirit Leader. He eventually came across Avatar Aang and told him of the secrets of the Spirit leader and of the past. He promised to find the Spirit Leader before he died. During his many years, Hiresh has had the fortune of meeting and seeing spirits of old and received their blessings.

Hiresh in Republic City

Hiresh left the Valley of the Relics to help Avatar Korra in her training and search for the Spirit Leader. The Spirit Sages are now based in Republic City and many other places around the world.

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