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By Dcasawang1 Part of the Avatar: Past Masters continuity.

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Hira is a main character of the fanon series Avatar: Past Masters. He is an experienced and powerful firebender and son of Jeong Jeong. He and his friend Lear, son of King Bumi, are members of the Order of the White Lotus and have the objective of help Team Avatar to fight against Azula and stop the revolution. He is a member and one of the founders of Team Lotus.



Hira Child

Hira as a child.

Hira was born in the Fire Nation Capital, thirteen months after his father, Jeong Jeong, met Midori, his mother, who died when he was 13, it was the sadest moment in his life, but he could overcome the loss with the help of his friend Lear. He joined the Order of the White Lotus when he was 16 years old.


When he was 16, the order gave a mission to him and Lear, their first mission. They had to stop a revolution of many anarchist groups in the Capital City, led by Stiyl. When Lear and Hira arrived to the Fire Nation, they saw that many parts of the city were on fire and the royal palace was destroyed.

Lear created a plan to defeat Stiyl, and avoid all the guards in the palace to overthrow him. Lear had to create a giant seismic wave, trying to emulate an earthquake; so, the guards would try to protect themselves and they had to use that time to make a hole in the earth and pass under them and over the entrance of the palace, they would get out right the passage in fornt of Stiyl's room. Then, Hira would fight with the guards of the passage and the entrance to the room, while Lear would be talking with the revolutionary leader. That was exactly what happened. Finally, Lear defeated all the guards in the throne room and then he handcuffed Stiyl, while Hira defeated all the guards inside the palace. Where they were leaving the palace, a guard saw them and shouted, "Stiyl have been captured and kidnapped!" All the guards payed attention to the three men and stayed there, paralysed, they didn't know what to do. So, Lear said aloud, "Give up, stop the revolution or your leader dies." He took off the handkerchief and Stiyl said, "He is talking seriously, don't do anything!" But a guard didn't obey the order and started to run towards them with a spear. Lear took an arrow and throw it to him, the guard fell dead. Any other guard dared to do something again. Lear and Hira, acting as if nothing had happened, they turned and continued their ramble and they recovered Capital City. Finally, they gave Stiyl to Iroh in the harbor and they started traveling to Hing Wa Island, according to the instructions of the Grand Lotus.

Battle at Hing Wa Island


Hira in the base of Azula.

The battle had started between Team Avatar and the revolutionary groups. An hour after the start of the battle, Lear and Hira arrived to the island in their submarine. They entered to the base of Azula, who was not there in that moment, when they saw a lotus-shaped detonator, Azula had planned to make explode the battlefield. Lear replaced the detonator for a normal tile and then they heard something, so they hid in different parts of the base. Azula arrived followed by Team Avatar and she took the lotus tile. "Look what I have here, Zuko. If I press this button, the entire battlefield explodes," Azula said. "That's not true, that's only an invention you have made to try to escape," Zuko answered. "Do you want to take the risk?" Azula continued. Long Feng and Nenshou arrived to the base. "Take the risk," Lear said coming out from his hiding place. Hira kept hidden behind Azula's allies. "Who are you?" Azula shouted. "I'm Lear". When he said this, Hira got out of his stash and shot a blue fire whip to Azula, but she blocked it and shoot a lightning to him, but he redirected it towards one of the walls of the base. Everybody started a fight. Katara saw the lotus tile and tried to take it, but Azula did it two seconds before and she pressed it but nothing exploded, "Why...?" she thought. "That's just a lotus tile, Azula, you may be looking for this one," Lear said, holding the detonator in his right hand. Azula got enraged and attacked Lear, but he blocked all her shoots. Mao, who was fighting in the battlefield, arrived to the base and seeing all the attacks in that little room and that anybody had noticed his presence, he created a haze of steam. Team Avatar, Lear and Hira tried to dissipate the haze, what Aang achieved airbending, but Azula, Long Feng, Nenshou and Mao had disappeared.

Team Lotus


Hira with his weapons.

When they arrived to the battlefield, the enemy troops had lost. Captain Kuzu and his soldiers had won the battle and many revolutionaries had escaped, so, they prepared a celebration. Lear and Hira were in the palace too, "I think we should comunicate Team Avatar our mission, they have to know, what do you think, Lear?" Hira said. Lear agreed and he said to Team Avatar: "Team Avatar. Let us introduce ourselves. I am Lear, a member of the Order of the White Lotus, son of King Bumi. He is Hira, he's also a lotus member and son of Jeong Jeong. I know you already know them. We have brought you here to inform you about our mission. Iroh and the order have decided that we have to help you to stop Azula separately, as another team, and obviously supporting you when you need it". Sokka said: "I have an idea. Look, we are seven and you are two. I think we could balance the teams, what do you think?". "We have no problems with that," Lear agreed. Finally Sokka and Toph decided to go to the new team. And the new team said good-bye and leaved the island in their submarine. Inside, Sokka said: "I had never thought that I would leave Team Avatar and I would be part of another one, by the way, what's the name of this team?". "We don't have a name. Put the name you want, it doesn't matter," Lear said. "Ew, I get it!" Sokka began with heavy enthusiasm, "What do you think about 'Team Lotus'? We are members of the order, except Toph. And Team Lotus went to Patmos.


Hira is a calm and peaceful guy, with many opposite characteristics to Lear. Hira is gentle, honest, serious, silent, wise and especially, loyal. He is very like his father, but more friendly.

Behind the scenes

Creation and conception

Hira's personality is inspired by several fictional characters. Some examples are: John H. Watson (Sherlock Holmes), Volken Macmani (The Book of Bantorra), Near (Death Note), Suzaku Kururugi (Code Geass), Holden Caulfield (The Catcher in the Rye), Toru Watanabe (Norwegian Wood), T.S. Garp (The World According to Garp), etc.

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