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By Philanahembree Part of the Forces of Nature continuity.
Physical information

Between the Southern Air Temple and the Southern Water Tribe.


Alliance between the Air Nation and the Water Tribes


Tirriu and Yoronaq

Hiqao is a town located somewhere between the Southern Air Temple and the Southern Water Tribe. While a free settlement in its own rite, it also serves as a social settlement between the Air Nation and both the Southern and the Northern Water Tribes, despite its location.


Hiqao was founded in 224 AG by Tirriu, a year after he left the Southern Air Temple. He was able to convince master Jinora to make an alliance with the Southern Water Tribe leaders. With both Air Nomads and Waterbenders with him they set out to sea, building the town from scratch. It took months to create an island of ice and snow there. With that out of the way, Tirriu founded Hiqao on the island, becoming its main leader. The population of Hiqao grew significantly over the next decade, becoming home to Airbenders, Air Acolytes and waterbenders.


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