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Water Tribe




106 AG

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Sword, Spear

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Sword fighting


Sokka , Suki, Sakema , Kaddo, Team Avatar



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Southern Water Tribe

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Three Children, Three Journeys

Hinko is a character in the fanon Avatar: Energy Saga. He is a non-bender and the first-born son of Sokka and Suki. Hinko had a typical Water Tribe upbringing at the South Pole and hopes to succeed his father as Chief some day. He is an experienced and confident warrior, much like his father and grandfather.


Hinko was born in 106 AG in the Southern Water Tribe to Chief Sokka and his wife Suki, the leader of the Kyoshi Warriors. He was not a bender, but both of his parents were capable non-bending fighters who taught Hinko everything they knew since he was at a young age. As he grew older, Hinko used the sword as his primary weapon, but continued to pick up new skills. He also learned to use a spear and a Kyoshi fan effectively.

When he was eleven in 117 AG Hinko experimented with learning archery despite having little natural talent with a bow and arrow. He insisted on learning the basics "just in case he ever needed them."

Beginning in 119 AG when Hinko was thirteen and his younger sister Sakema was eleven, Hinko began to notice some of the boys of the Southern Water Tribe taking an interest in her. He grew protective and started chasing them off, much to the annoyance of Sakema.

In 120 AG Hinko reached the age to go ice-dodging and was taken in the icy waters of the South Pole by his father. Hinko passed the test and earned the Mark of the Wise.

Fire Nation Civil War

When the Fire Nation Civil War broke out, Sokka and Suki left the village to help Fire Lord Zuko deal with the new Phoenix Army rebels and took a band of warriors with them. To Hinko's disappointment, he was not considered old enough to go and was forced to remain behind with his grandfather, the retired Chief Hakoda.


Although Hinko acts modest on the surface, he does have a strong ego and this shows when he gets in his fighting spirit. When he was younger, Hinko was jealous of those around him who could bend, but this lessened as he grew up and defined himself as a warrior. He takes family ties seriously and feels a great bond with the other inhabitants of his villagers. He spends most of his spare time refining his fighting skills, but he is willing to drop whatever he's doing in a moment's notice to assist a friend or family member. He has a lot of cultural patriotism and feels proud to be a member of the Southern Water Tribe.


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