By Philanahembree Part of the Forces of Nature continuity.
Biographical information

Si Wong Desert, Earth Kingdom



Physical description


Hair color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

earth, sand, glass

Fighting style(s)

Earthbending, Sandbending, Glassbending

Love interest(s)

Yungyen (wife)


Anjanun (formerly), Yungyen, Ayugu, Tum Guon

Chronological and political information

Commander of Anjanun's army (formerly)
Earthbending master
Glassbending master


Anjanun's army (formerly)

Hingan was an earthbending master and a former commander of Anjanun's army in the Si Wong Desert. After they were defeated by the city of Laobao, he accepted their offer of peace and became a citizen if Laobao, later marrying it's new leader, Yungyen.


Hingan was born in the Si Wong Desert to a small Sandbender tribe that later joined into Anjanun's tribe on his slow progression into power and tyranny. As a young man, Hingan developed a strong loyalty Anjanun, who trained him to become a powerful sandbender.

Hingan's skills in Sandbending and leadership eventually made him one of Anjanun's generals. Anjanun's attacks on several towns in the Si Wong Desert caused Hingan to slowly turn away from his once idled mentor. Hingan however, chose to stay loyal to Anjanun in fear of his family coming to harm, and hoped that there would be an army or stronghold that could defeat Anjanun.

The day came when Anjanun decided to attack Laobao, still a growing town at the time, led by Tum Guon. Hingan had heard of a rare form of earthbending taught there, but Anjanun assured him it would not make a difference. Hingan was given a small force of men and sent to scout of the outposts. During their attack on one of the outposts, he found a young man named Ayugu, and allowed him to escape, giving him a message to give to Tum Guon.

Before he could return to armies base, Anjanun already decided to attack with full force. Anjanun saw first hand the ability they had heard of in play against his men, Glassbending. While trying to keep as many of his men from dying as possible, he did witness Anjanun losing to the captain of the guard, Yungyen. Creating a bridge between his men and the city guard, Hingan moved their attention to Anjanun, knowing he wasn't the only one is his army that wanted Anjanun dead. They witnessed Anjanun's death at the hands of Yungyen, who then ordered that his generals be arrested. Hingan and the others were taken in chains to see Tum Guon. While elderly, Tum Guon still had the same sense of justice he had used on Kuvira's men, and ordered that Hingan and the other commanders be taken deep into the desert, and left without water until they died of thirst and exhaustion. However, Ayugu entered and pleaded with Tum Guon to spare the captives, if only Hingan, telling him how Hingan had allowed him to escape and make it back to the town before Anjanun's attack. Yungyen believed Ayugu, causing Tum Guon to trust her. However, Tum Guon forbid the army from entering the town, and Hingan promised him they would set up camp outside the town.

Later Life

Hingan would eventually master glassbending and become a noble of Laobao. Their daughter would later marry and give Hingan and Yungyen grandchildren.



During his years as one of Anjanun's commanders, Hingan main prowess was his use of Sandbending, able to create huge dust clouds and bury entire towns in sand.


Some years after his marriage of Yungyen, Hingan began his glassbending training.

Other skills

As one of Anjanun's commanders, Hingan was a very capable commander, displaying fairness to his men, proving he was willing to do anything that he ordered his men to do.

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