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Aang after battling Ozai You should have seen yourself! It was amazing!

This fanon series is completed, meaning all expected chapters have been released.
If you are interested by the information in this article, feel free to read the chapters.

Southern Water Tribe members
Hikoda: Firebender of the Water Tribe
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This is the tale of Hikoda, a firebender born to the Southern Water Tribe and his experiences growing up near the end of the war, alongside other characters like Katara and Sokka.

Main Characters

Hikoda - A boy born to a Fire Nation soldier and a woman from the Southern Water Tribe.

Aama - Hikoda's mother, raises him by herself.

Katara - A girl from the Southern Water Tribe who grows up with Hikoda. Loses her mother to the Fire Nation.

Sokka - Katara's brother, whose desire to protect his sister and tribe leaves him at times paranoid.

Aang - An Air Nomad, the only survivor of a genocide, frozen in ice for a hundred years. Also the Avatar.

Kanna - Katara and Sokka's grandmother, and a leading figure in the Southern Water Tribe. Responsible for delivering a number of births in the tribe.

Aiyu - A dream spirit.  Concerned about the amount of hate and prejudice that the war has created.


Chapter 1: Born in the Water Tribe

Chapter 2: The Ice Sculpture

Chapter 3: The Boy in the Iceberg

Chapter 4: The Fire Navy Vessel

Chapter 5: I am of the Water Tribe

Epilogue: Judgement

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For the collective works of the author, go here.

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