By Stellaskia Part of the Avatar: The Destinybender continuity.
Hikari Yumehara
Biographical information

Earth Kingdom (real), Air Nomads (when adopted)


114 (biologically 14)

Physical description


Hair color

Dark black

Eye color

Dark blue

Personal information
Weapon of choice

The Elements


Team Avatar, Kajiki, Dominions


Fire Nation

Chronological and political information



Realized destinybender


Team Avatar, Air Nomads, Earth Kingdom, Water Tribes, Fire Nation

First appearance

The Prison Dimension (only mentioned), A Girl named Hikari (actual)

Hikari is Aang's stepsister and Koki's sister. She was frozen by Aang in a cave in the Southern Air Temple.


Being adopted and life in the Air Temple:

Hikari and her brother Koki were found by Monk Gyatso during a mission in the Earth Kingdom. Their parents were unknown, so he decided to adopt them and he brought the two kids with him.
When the two became seven years-old, Hikari was sent to the Eastern Air Temple under the protection of Grandma Lavender, while Koki remained with Gyatso and became Aang's stepbrother.

The truth about herself and being frozen:

At the age of ten, Hikari proved to have the Destinybender's powers: she had predicted Aang's future as an Avatar.
The other monks decided to banish her, because in the past the Destinybenders were the main enemies of the Avatars.

First Sphere: Air

Hikari appears for the first time in the chapter: "A Girl named Hikari", when Sokka and Kajiki arrived at the Eastern Air Temple with the help of Appa and Iroh.
She's found by Kajiki, while he's exploring the outside of the temple. She immediately joins the team because she wants to find her brothers and stop Azula's plans.


Hikari seems a trustful girl, but she's a pacifist and she chooses to employ frustration rather than violence, exactly like her stepbrother Aang.
She enters the Avatar State when her family or her friends are in danger, or when she's angry towards someone.
Hikari doesn't want her powers, because she knows that her family and her friends will be in danger if she will use it, but her powers backfire against her.
She's very attached to her friends because they're the only family that she has, especially to Kajiki, who's her best friend.


As a Destinybender, Hikari can control all the elements, meaning not only the four original elements.
Her main ability is that she can predict the future: she can have random visions about the future of a person.


  • Her name means "light" in Japanese.

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