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July 2016






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The Legend of Korra

Hikar Spiritual Force is an ongoing fanon by MetalbenderParker that will deal about the next Avatar after Korra. I'll be as much canon as possible and based a century right after "The Last Stand", considering that in this universe some of the characters have lived more than a hundred years, like Korra, who lived 126, and some have died like Tenzin, Bumi, Kya, Lin, Jinora. Asami Sato, Rohan and Opal Beifong are still alive, although they're old now. The author had the idea after reading other fanfictions about the next Avatar right after finishing watching THE ENTIRE SERIES of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, and also reading the graphic novel trilogies of The Promise, The Search, The Rift, Smoke and Shadow, North and South and the upcoming Turf Wars trilogy, and of course having read The Lost Adventures and Friends for Life.


Hikar is the new Avatar, and it's his duty to keep the world in peace and balance. But will he be able to stop such strong enemies. They also say that your biggest enemy it's YOURSELF, and for that he'll need the help of his friends.

Author's Note

It would be more entertaining if you read this right after (re-)watching the entire series like this was the next series, or in other words, if you consider it canon.

BUT WARNING: This story is Fanon, not officially canon, this is just some advice to make it more entertaining.


Main article: List of Hikar Spiritual Force characters


  • Avatar Hikar Firestone, the New Earth Avatar, the main protagonist of this story.
  • Kensi, Hikar's best friend, adoptive brother and master waterbender.
  • Bultina Silverfox, Hikar's non-bending girl friend. He likes her but she prefers to be friends.
  • Shaila, Bultina's best friend and Kensi's girlfriend. Princess of the Fire Nation and Heir to the throne.
  • Aria Sato, airbender allied to the Red Lotus who appears to be a really powerful master.
  • Kosen Silverfox, Bultina's metalbending sister. She likes Hikar.
  • Tao Tenba, Bultina's dumb rich-boy boyfriend.


  • Yurei, Hikar's former airbending teacher, who appears to be the leader of the Red Lotus.
  • Zhasha, Yurei's Spirit Master twin sister.
  • Hakai, TBA
  • Roshmark, TBA
  • Wengar, TBA
  • Kagey, TBA
  • Dark Hikar, TBA


Main article: List of Hikar Spiritual Force chapters

Book 1: Metal

  1. New Cycle Part 1
  2. New Cycle Part 2
  3. The Red Triangle
  4. Dark Secrets
  5. Spiritual Advice
  6. Denryoku
  7. Family Ties
  8. The Blue Delta
  9. Desert Rift
  10. Curse Mode Activated
  11. All Hail The Leader
  12. Cold Air

Opening sequence

First it appears the very known elemental sequence, but this time representing the main sub-styles in each element, narrated by Iruka:

Intro in New Cycle Part 1, narrated by Iruka:

A hundred and ten years have passed since Avatar Korra defeated Kuvira and crushed the Earth Empire. Since then, the Earth Kingdom monarchy was abolished by Earth King Wu, the Last Earth King. The territory was separated in Earth Republics, but some sublimates didn't like the idea and a Civil War was started but ended quickly in three months. After that, Avatar Korra and Asami Sato got married, saving the world as the years went on by, until their time in this world came to an end, but the Avatar Cycle keeps going on its course.
Intro in New Cycle Part 2, narrated by Iruka:
A hundred and twenty years have passed since Avatar Korra defeated Kuvira and crushed the Earth Empire, and the Avatar Cycle keeps going its course. The new Avatar has just been found.
Intro from The Red Triangle to onwards.
The new Avatar is the only one capable of bringing peace and balance to the world.


In this story there will be soundtrack music, with modern music in some bits, mostly Pop, Rock and EDM, and great classics, here I leave you the tracklist:

  1. Hans Zimmer – Peach Tree of Wisdom (Kung Fu Panda Soundtrack) (1:53)
  2. Ahrix – New Era (3:37)
  3. Fifth Harmony ft. Kid Ink – Worth It (3:45)
  4. Merk & Kremont – 41 Days (4:01)
  5. Oasis – Wonderwall (4:15)
  6. Green Day – Nuclear Family (3:03)
  7. Alesso – Payday (3:17)
  8. Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit (4:38)
  9. Murtagh – Night Terrors (4:29)
  10. Scott Joplin – The Entertainer (3:34)
  11. Linkin Park – Faint (2:47)
  12. Crime Investigation – Christer (1:00)
  13. Zedd – Papercut (7:45)
  14. Virtual Riot & Dubloadz – Juices (Pegboard Nerds Remix) (3:45)
  15. Devil's Lullaby – Boogaloo (3:10)
  16. New York Voices – Top Secret (6:22)
  17. Julian Jordan – Rebound (3:22)
  18. Hans Zimmer – Time (Inception Soundtrack) (4:35)
  19. John Murphy – Sunshine (Adagio in D Minor) (4:30)
  20. Massive Attack – Teardrop (Dr. House Theme) (5:30)
  21. Robin Schulz ft. Akon – Heatwave (3:10)
  22. Jewelz & Sparks – Who's Your Daddy (4:09)
  23. Professor Layton – Mysterious Tale (2:22)
  24. Naruto – Naruto's Daily Life (2:21)
  25. Naruto – Tension (1:44)
  26. Code Lyoko – XANA Attacks (14:27)
  27. Linkin Park – Breaking The Habit (3:16)
  28. Don Diablo – Black Mask (4:16)



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