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Hikar Spiritual Force By MetalbenderParker Part of the Hikar Spiritual Force continuity.

Biographical information

Hik, Kari, Hikari (birthname)


United Earth Republics


Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation (hybrid)

Birth place

Mining village


5-15 in New Cycle
18 in Book 1: Metal
19 in Book 2: Energy
20 in Book 3: Aliens
21 in Book 4: Humans


279 AG


Korra (as the Avatar)

Physical description





1,78 m


74 kg

Hair color

Dark Brown

Skin color

Light Tan

Eye color

Green Hazel

Personal information
Weapon of choice

The Elements, Spiritual Light

Fighting style(s)

Earthbending, Firebending, Airbending, Waterbending, Metalbending, Spiritbending, Energybending

Love interest(s)

Kosen (dated)
Kensi (lover, formerly)
Bultina (girlfriend, eventual wife)


Kensi, Bultina, Shaila, Nikumi, Tao Tenba, Denryoku, Kimyona, Takeyon, Sterkur, Vona, Rohan, Asami Sato, Amala Sato, Iruka Sato, Opal Beifong, Toph Beifong II, Desiel Beifong, Takoya Beifong, Reyna Beifong, Chan Beifong, Aria, Zeick, Deyek, Teokan Tenba, Natsuki Tenba, Order of the White Lotus, Jinora, Iroh, Team Avatar, New Airbenders, Palmex, Avatar Korra, Raava, Aye-Aye, Wengar, Kosen (formerly)...


Martian Spirits, Spirit Lord Roshmark, Heindex, Vaatu, Dai Li, Red Lotus, Freedom Fighters (formerly), Yurei, Zhasha, Zeraax (formerly)

Chronological and political information

Defender of Humanity
Spirit Pacifist


Fully Realised Avatar
Metalbending Instructor
Son of the United Republic of Nations President
Member of the Earth Royal Family


Team Avatar
Spirit Pacifists

First appearance

"New Cycle Part 1"

Hikar Tenshi Firestone, (pronounced HEE-ker) born as Hikari is the current incarnation of the Avatar and immediate successor of Avatar Korra. Born and raised in the Mining village in the west of the new United Earth Republics from the old Earth Kingdom, where he mastered earthbending, firebending with his father Sterkur and his Royal friend from the Fire Nation the Fire Princess Shaila, and later metalbending thanks to his friend and later first date Kosen. He later relocated to Republic City to learn airbending under the tutelage and guidance of Yurei, as well to learn waterbending, spiritbending, and energybending under the tutelage of his friend Iruka, and a little help of Jinora and Iroh from the Spirit World, and guidance from Korra and Raava.


Early Life

He was born in 279 from lavabender Sterkur and Vona from the Earth Royalty, in the Mining village. He grew up with his family, his adopted big brother and best friend Kensi, his also best friend and armadillo lion Nikumi, and Bultina's. In 284 AG Asami Sato came to his house to do the test of the Avatar's generation, giving positive, being the new Avatar. Somewhere between 285 and 292 AG he, all his family and Bultina's moved to Republic City because of Sterkur and Takeyon's work reasons.


After 300 AG, being part of the New Avatar Tradition, they, following the line that was aligning Aang Memorial Island and Avatar Korra Park, in the same line and distance, they built in north eastern Republic City a new statue of the same dimensions in the middle of the eastern bridge connecting central Republic City with the Dragon Flats District, commemorating his great heroic acts, renaming the bridge as "Avatar Hikar Bridge".


Hikar is usually a shy person who is pretty scared sometimes of what he feels towards some of his friends, specially Kensi and Bultina, and by the fact that he's the Avatar, he feels that their lives are his responsibility in risky situations. Ever since he knows he's the Avatar, he lost his fear of heights, which helped him a lot in the future, but every time his bending is chi-blocked, he panics, like Korra. He's usually pretty good tempered but impatient in almost every issue, like when he wants to learn metalbending during Book 1: Metal, or energybending in Book 2: Energy. Even though he's a person for partying as Kensi describes him, by the time he has to do something to save the world and maintain balance, he does all he can do to make it and not lose any of his friends, which is also one of his top priorities, save lives.



  • Bultina: In the beginning, when they were both 15 years old, Hikar started developing romantic feeling towards his longtime childhood friend Bultina. But after an incident together, right before he knew he was the Avatar, when he told her he loved her, she was shocked about that, and she, in a kind way, told him that she and Tao were a couple. After that their relationship was never the same until Hikar started dating her sister Kosen, which made Bultina question herself if she really liked Tao. After Book 2, she broke up with Tao and started to create a love relationship towards Hikar, and she eventually becomes his girlfriend.
  • Kensi: They were two in one since the beginning, two inseparable best friends. Kensi was in a relationship with Shaila, but afterwards, he enters in a deep state of depression that makes him realise he loves Hikar in a romantic way. The next time they met, Kensi kissed Hikar in the lips, in front of Kosen, making her drive crazy. Hikar and Kensi have a lover relationship during the aftermath of Book 2, slowly turning their romantic relationship into a friendship again.
  • Kosen: Kosen really liked Hikar since they were kids, even though he never noticed her until she expressed her feelings towards him right after she knew her older sister Bultina had rejected him, trying to comfort him. They started dating for three months, being each other's first kiss.


  • Nikumi: He is Hikar's animal companion and best friend, tied with Kensi in rank. He's a domesticated armadillo lion found by Hikar's father right before Hikar was born as he was a little newborn cub abandoned by his mother nearby the village. Hikar always travels with him, unwilling to leave Nikumi behind or substitute him with an automobile. Hikar usually made him play with him, Kensi, Shaila, Bultina, and Kosen when they were little. He currently talks with him to express his inner thoughts and worries, like when he knew Bultina had a boyfriend and her younger sister liked him. Nikumi often goes to help Hikar whenever he can or he's in a hurry.
  • Shaila: As firebending sub-instructor, they had a pretty tough relationship, and as the girlfriend of his best friend, it was a relationship in which they shared jokes about Kensi's defects behind his back. They were good friends after all.
  • Tao Tenba: It was pretty much of a rivalry given the fact that he was Bultina's first boyfriend, they always annoyed each other. But in tough moments, they don't doubt to help each other.
  • Aria: In the beginning they were enemies, alongside her brothers Zeick and Deyek.


  • Asami: She discovered, five years after Korra died at the age of 126, that Hikar was the reincarnation of her past love. While Hikar was 15, she asked him to please turn to Korra for once, not knowing what he was talking about. Suddenly he transformed into Korra, and they kissed. When Hikar came back, completely shocked, Asami told him thanks. From then on, she has been a mentor for Hikar in political and White Lotus stuff until she died.
  • Iruka: He's a forty-year-old man good friend and a cool waterbending teacher. He helps him also to master spiritbending.
  • Avatar Korra: She helps him and gives him advice towards his new enemies. Also helps him master energybending.
  • Yurei: As his airbending instructor, he always said he was fierce and capable, but since he knew Yurei was from the Red Lotus, everything changed. He knows all his abilities thanks to being his master.



As the Avatar, Hikar is the only one who can bend the four elements. In the Avatar State, he's capable of making huge earth pillars to jump at incredible heights and propel himself to even outer space. As a bender, he can easily get used to the art once he gets it.


Since he was little, he always showed great Earthbending talent, which made him develop it until to have great potential to manipulate the field around him. His favorite moves are the earth pillar, which can archive 5 floors with the Avatar State, and the boulder ring, in which he earthbends some rocks in a ring around him.


The first time he firebent was in a state of anger that made him blast a huge fireball towards some bushes, burning them. Since then he uses that technique to shoot at his enemies and propel himself with fire streams from his feet.

Lightning Redirection

Thanks to his friend Shaila, even though he didn't managed to learn how to generate lightning, he managed to learn how to redirect it. He even made it his own style, making it also redirect from the leg instead of his arm.


Airbending is the element he mostly uses to attack in order to not harm too much people. He can easily elevate himself in an air tornado and throw large air jet streams to his rivals. One of his most used techniques is the air blade.


Hikar uses waterbending every time he can near environments he has water next to him. The water tendrils and the water spout are his favourites.


He doesn't know how to properly heal, but he knows how to control the positive or negative energy in a Spirit, always trying not to harm them.


He can take or give someones bending like Aang or Korra could do, and he can also control the spiritual energy from a portal, making spirit energy shots in the shape of laser beams coming from the portal.


51st Earth King


  • The name Hikar comes from Hikari, which means light 光 in Japanese.
  • It's the second Avatar after Korra to learn metalbending.
  • It's the Avatar with most love interests as of today, being 3: Kosen, Kensi, and Bultina. The second is Korra with two (Mako and Asami) and then it's a tie between Roku (Ta Min) and Aang (Katara) with one.
    • The Hikensi ship is a tribute to Korrasami.
  • Alongside Korra, Asami, Kya, and Aiwei, he is another LGTBQ character. In this fanon other characters like this are Kensi, Iruka, Janji, Danila, Palmex, and Deyek.
  • He's the second known Avatar to be member of a royal family, being the first one Roku given his relative ties with Fire Lord Zuko.
  • He's the earthbender from the opening credits.

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