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By Gerardthemighty Part of the Avatar: The Highlanders continuity.
Physical information

Highland of northern islands.


Inver Garvin

Form of Government


Head of State

Tribal chief




Tribal chief

First appearance

Avatar: The Highlanders

The Highlanders are a tribe of Waterbenders native to the glens of the northern island chains. They are split into different tribes or clans. They are a proud and noble people and have recently become part of the war against the Fire Nation. They hold no political power and are treated as savage tribes, which in reality is true for the majority of highlanders.


Unlike a majority of other nations the highlanders have a more mixed gene pool and the physical appearance can range from pale skin, to dark skin and from red hair to black. Men grow long beards and hair and braid them for decorative purposes. They also paint them self's for warfare in there separate clan colors. Women usually wear there hair long and braided and have been seen to wear there hair short. The largest majority of the highlanders wear kilts, in there separate clan tartans. The average highlander will usually wear a kilt throughout the year and wears animal furs as a coat. Tattoos are also common and males can often be seen with an entire body covered in tribal tattoos. Tattoos are only given to a warrior who has earned them though.


The highlanders have a much different culture from the other nations in the world and have many different traditions. The highlanders's believe in honor very highly and the majority of there culture is based on honor and warfare. Before the beginning of the great war the separate clans would battle one another just for the sake of fighting. They show little mercy on the battle field and are a scary sight for any force when they are charged at.


The highlanders dissolved officially many years ago into clans and the traditions are varied. In most clans a man is free to chose his wife when he turns sixteen and may have as many children as he pleases. In some clans though marriages are planned from birth.

Music is a massive part of the highland culture as well as feasts. These two often mix and clans that are allied gather and party often for many days.

War parties are the most exciting of customs for young men as they are brought up to believe a man should only ever hunt, fight and look after his family. Children often come on these parties to watch there fathers fight and this inspires them to also take up arms. A war party is a sight which any nation will avoid.

Smoking is a massive part of the highland culture. The highlanders craft their own pipes and smoke a herb they call Auld Tobby. This herb has healing properties and also gives a relaxed mood to the smoker. Smoking in the highlands is very common and even teenagers can be seen smoking to relax.


The military of the highlanders is varied from clan to clan, but when fighting together against a common foe numbers can swell to over 10,000 warriors which easily outnumbers there foe's. The highlanders are far behind technology wise but do make up for this in tactic and strength. The water benders of the tribe are used as healers or as a reserve force while the spear men and swordsmen will always lead the way of a battle. There have been many battles where small amounts of highlander clans have defeated entire battalions of Fire Nation troops by simply outsmarting them. A common tactic used by highlanders is to lure the enemy into a glen where they can be flooded to death and shot down on by arrows from the hills.

Charges with swords and spears are common and if the enemy does not flee they usually are defeated with ease.


  • The Highlanders are highly based on the old highlanders of Scotland and Pict and Celtic warriors.

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