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By King Bumis Heir Part of the Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan continuity.
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High Sister Vakta


Eastern Air Temple




751 BG


647 BG (Age: 104)

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Personal information
Weapon of choice

Airbending, Soundbending, Staff


Air Nomads, Monk Yong Ten, Rong Yan, Council of Elders, Aloi


Ex-General Senlin, Palartok, Water Tribe rebels

Chronological and political information

High Sister of the Eastern Council of Elders


High Sister of the Eastern Council of Elders


Air Nomads, Council of Elders, Eastern Air Temple

First appearance

Book 1: Air Chapter 17: Power of Sound

High Sister Vatka is a minor character in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan, and also makes an appearance in Avatar: The Legendary Ku Tei, she the head of the Eastern Council of Elders, and a master in soundbending.


Born in the Eastern Air Temple in 763 BG, Vakta was born to an unknown mother and raised by unknown guardian nun. Like all Air Nomad children she was gifted an apple to gift to a sky bison doing so started her friendship with one. She was also taught how to steer one.

At the age of six, Vakta was trained in the thirty six levels of airbending. She later mastered the element at the age of 23, and received her tattoos. Vakta, had been voted to be a high sister within the Eastern Air Temple's Council of Elders. Along with her friend High Sister Halmeoni, they both become part of the government there. Growing old they grew apart by a little, Vakta was never trusted by the other sisters either.

Many thought her as the one who gossips and knows about every secret about the sisters within the Eastern Air Temple.



Like all Air Nomads, Vakta, was born an airbender. She began to train in the 36 levels of airbending at the age of six. At the age of 19, she mastered airbending and received her tattoos.


When Aloi, had been brought back by Air Nomad to the Eastern Air Temple, the Council of Elders, along with Vakta were upset and worried that the little girl had left to the great city of Ba Sing Se.

Later they had summoned her because they heard strange loud noises, of course Aloi was gifted her tattoos for this great discovery. She was a unique bender of sorts, she was a soundbender. She taught Vakta and the other high sisters how to soundbend.

It is known only to the Eastern Air Temple sisters that the Council of Elders can soundbend. No one outside the Eastern Air Temple, knows that they possess this ability.

Yet there's other Air Nomads in the world, who might've been banished from the temples, who have mastered this ability.


Avatar: The Legendary Ku Tei

Book Two: Air

Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan

Book One: Air


  • Vakta is "talker" in Hindi.
  • Vakta, was going to be the female equivalent to Shang Xi, but I decided to give her the gossipy personality.

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