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" Welcome almighty bender of four!"
— High Monk Shang Xi welcomes Avatar Rong Yan in Chapter 15: The Council
Shang xi
High Monk Shang Xi
Biographical information

Air Nomads




784 BG


??? BG

Physical description


Hair color

White, Black (formerly)

Skin color


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Personal information
Weapon of choice

Airbending, Staff


Air Nomads, Monk Yong Ten, High Monk Geetsan, Rong Yan, Ku Tei, High Monk Ji, High Monk Li Shen, High Monk Shaohao, Aloi


Ex-General Senlin, Palartok, Water Tribe rebels

Chronological and political information

High Monk, Literature Teacher


High Monk, Literature Teacher


Southern Council of Elders

First appearance

Book 1: Air Chapter 15: The Council

High Monk Shang Xi is a minor character in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan, and is one of the high monks of the Council of Elders.


Born in the Western Air Temple, Shang Xi was raised by the same unknown nun who was his the guardian nun of High Monk Geetsan and High Monk Ji. She taught him the culture and history of the Air Nomads, and eventually gave him and apple so he can find himself his lifetime companion.

When Shang Xi, was two years old, the nuns shaved his head, and would regularly do when he grew hair again. At the age of five Shang Xi along with other Air Nomad children found a sky bison to his liking and gave it the apple that his guardian nun had given him. They immediately became friends and life time companions.

The Southern Air Temple

The next week Shang Xi's guardian nun spent time with him teaching him how to ride and steer a sky bison. The next week after that he was transferred to the Southern Air Temple, with other boys where he grew up in.

Shang Xi, was assigned another guardian now seeing that every monk here was male, he knew he was somewhere else and had to stay there. Growing up at the temple he learned about history of his people including their society, and their cuisine.

Their morals and such. Eventually when he was eight years old like other young monks, he was trained in the 37 levels of airbending. At the age of 15, his class had learned how glide, and mastered it like everyone else did.

He became an airbending master and received his airbender tattoos at the age of 25. He immediately became a literature teacher and guardian monk for a child. Teaching the child what his guardian monk taught him and teaching him other things.

Shang Xi eventually taught a class of geography for young boys, and would teach them about geography of their territories and geography of the rest of the world. At the age of 68, in the year of 716 BG he was elected by his peers to lead his temple along with four other chosen wise monks. Shang Xi and the other four monks became the high monks and the Council of Elders for the Southern Air Temple.

Meeting Avatar Ku Tei

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Meeting Avatar Rong Yan

When Shang Xi and the other high monks of the Council of Elders meet Avatar Rong Yan, they have a chat with him. The Council of Elders, tell the Avatar that Ex-General Senlin formerly part of the Council of Five and the Earth Kingdom Military had escaped prison.

General Senlin, is on a personal vendetta to assassinate the Avatar. The general is aware that you're a different person but you're the same person spiritually, that Rong Yan is technically Ku Tei, and wants to end his life.

They mention the thirty seven levels of airbending, and that he must master the element of airbending and the other elements to defeat the traitor general. Whenever he needs wisdom and the Council of Elders nor his guardian monk cannot help him, he may enter the Air Temple sanctuary and speak to any past lives for wisdom.

Invasion of the Southern Air Temple

Yong Ten read the scroll, it had come from General Senlin, former general of the Council of Five and Earth Kingdom Military, and escaped convict of the Ba Sing Se Prison. He wants to fight Rong Yan, and knows that he is currently at the Southern Air Temple, and his plan is going well, since the Avatar is still "weak", Rong Yan has only mastered fire and air.

General Senlin, is only a day away from the temple. The Council of Elders have an audience with the courier. He tells them that Senlin, and a Water Tribe man along with other Water Tribesmen have razed a village. Killing various numbers of innocents. Only sparing him, to deliver the message to the temple.

Knowing of Air Nomad life style, he sent the Air Nomad to make a scroll for reinforcements to Taku. As he returned, he had given the scroll to the courier, and Yong Ten escorted the courier to Xi Tong village. From there the courier had ridden on the back of his ostrich horse to the city of Taku. Where Captain Wei, is still stationed at for another week.

Captain Wei, and his small army were the resistance against General Senlin and his forces. Though as the courier had past by the general on his ostrich horse, the general and his forces stopped for a brief moment. Then the general whispered into the ear of one his archers, who had grinned wickedly, aimed, and shot the courier in the head, killing him.


High Monk Shang Xi, was born an airbender at the Western Air Temple. His people are very high in spirituality therefore each Air Nomad child either male or female are born airbenders.

He did not train in his people's respective bending art until he was eight. His guardian monk is unknown though. This man had taught him well and trained him in the bending art.

At the age of 25 he passed the last levels of airbending training and passed the tests that followed. The next day he was awarded with his airbending tattoos marking him and along with other Air Nomad men, airbending masters.

Every Air Nomad, carries a staff for gliding or empowering their airbending abilities. Like every other monk or nun Shang Xi uses his to improve his airbending abilities such as air domes, air swipes, air blasts, etc. Also he uses it to glide in the air, and block offensive moves.


Preceded by
Literal High Monk of the Southern Air Temple's Council of Elders
716 BG - ??? BG (57 Years Running Currently)
Succeeded by


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