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Fire Nation


(Funeral scene: 9) 16

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Chi-blocking, hand-to-hand combat


Rosutoko, Ilya


Fire Nation Royalty

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Former noblewoman


Fire Nation Traitor, Chi expert


Fire Nation (against the Royal Family, though)

First appearance

Death is Just the Start

Hifito is the eldest daughter of Ty Lee and the nobleman Liho. Her siblings are currently nine (Neji, female) and seven (Hiro, male), however both are currently at Kyoshi Island being taught the arts of fighting by her mother's old friends, the Kyoshi Warriors.


As her mother's firstborn child, and daughter, Ty Lee took it upon herself to bestow upon Hifito her entire arsenal of fighting and acrobatic techniques, including her Chi-blocking art. After her mother's death, she continued her training as a gymnast, athlete, combatant and acrobat, becoming a formidable hand-to-hand fighter. Hifito then grew as a young woman with the guidance and wisdom of the now disable Suki, who has resided in the Fire Nation since her husband, Sokka's death. She is currently travelling and uniting the world to fight the Fire Nation along with Rosutoko, her love interest.


Thanks to her training by her mother Ty Lee, and her inherited agility and flexibility, she is a legendary acrobat, with the ability to do almost anything that her mother could, however because her lack of superior, adult training from her mother, Hifito cannot perform certain skills, and possibly never will. Therefore, she has developed her own style of fighting, similar, yet distinctly different from her mother's.


Although having her mother's rose-tinted glasses outlook on life, Hifito is a more realistic person, accepting the darker facets of humanity. She is also a fighter by nature, taking after her foster mother, Suki, as shown in the chapter By My Dagger, where she asks only once for her wrist to freed before attacking the opposition.


Hifito's name literally means 'light' or 'sunshine', reflecting her inherited, positive point of view, and 'feet', (literally 'light-feet') reflects her acrobatic and athletic abilities.

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