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Hideki Tokugawa
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Takeshi Sagara, Setsuna, Kaon, Okiku, Jinno, Aang, Zuko

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The Scorpions

Hideki is the antagonist of the fanon story Avatar: The Legacy of Fire. He is a heartless person who does not have any concern for peace or prosperity. Hideki has been causing trouble ever since he broke out of juvenile hall. His role in the story is mainly being Takeshi Sagara's arch-rival.

Early Life


Hyaku as a child

When Hideki was young, his mother died of heart failure and his father did not want to have anything to do with him, so he submitted Hideki to an orphanage. His stay in the orphanage was nasty and unpleasant, he was bullied and teased at by older boys because he was small and was forced to do everything he is told. Apparently, he slowly became angry to those who neglected and teased him. Later, Hideki was teased by two boys and was laughed at by everyone. Suddenly, Hideki snapped and burned one of the big boys in the eye, then he proceeds to attack the other boy. After this act, he was placed to a juvenile hall for a month. After his first week, Hideki broke out and assaulted a watchman without being noticed. Soon after, he became a member of a brutal street gang known as The Scorpions.

Phoenix Saga

Character Description

Hideki is a sociopath and shows no signs of respect. He has no compassion or dignity and does whatever makes him feel satisfied. He has the tendency to keep yelling at guards even when they tell him to be quiet. He also threatens to kill someone who puts him in prison.

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