By Rockjaw Grang Part of the The Phoenix Estates continuity.
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Fire Nation



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Kumaro, Aditi, Atenar, Altair, Fire Nation


Et Dah, The Phoenix Estates

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Chapter XXV:Battle for the Fire Nation, Part 2 (first named)


Hideki was a Fire Nation glider pilot who fought against the Phoenix Estates. He fought in the Battle for the Fire Nation by being part of the mission to destroy the Sun Generator and was one of the few people who survived. He later fought in the Battle for Ember Island, the defense of Obas, and the Landing in the south. He was also part of the glider force that was needed to capture the rough rhinos of the Phoenix Estates. He also helped chase Bharato out of the city of Nov Sol, along with Kumaro, Aditi, Atenar, and Altair. They would have caught up to Bhrato, but Bharato was protected by Et Dah and her glider pilts. Later, during the Battle for Aggni, Et Dah killed Hideki while they were both on their gliders.


Hideki was a skilled pilot, and was known for his ability to fly without being seen. This is because the glider he used was blue, and not red. He was also a capable Firebender.


Hideki cared deeply about those who followed him, as seen in The Valley, when he gave an injured soldier his glider and said he would run back to camp.

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