By Death Star II Part of the Death Star Universe continuity.
"Prepare to meet your death"
— Unidentified Hidden Fear assassin
Hidden Terror or Hidden Fear
General information
  • Fire Lord Zuko

Hidden Terror, sometimes called Hidden Fear (it is unknown which is the correct name), was a squadron of highly trained elite assassins in the Fire Lord's Red Guards. They were used in many operations and were made up of the best Red Guards in the whole corp. They were mostly used in missions outside of Fire Nation borders.


Assassination of Chin II

The Hidden Terror squadron was first used in the assassination of the evil Earth Kingdom warlord named Chin II, who was bent on conquering the Earth Kingdom and later the rest of the world.

The squad was dropped off via Airship and led by their commander, Colonel Shinu to the Chin II's Palace where they easily laid waste to the Royal Guards, and assassinated Chin II. Afterwards, they returned to the Fire Nation.


Sometime after the coup at Caldera City when former Phoenix King Ozai planned to overthrow Zuko with the help of two traitors, Admiral Liang and General Shu, the group was disbanded, much dismay to the military officers, and it's members were transferred into the regular guard.

It was rumored that this was only one of the many assassin squadrons in the Red Guard.

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