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Fight in the Night

Six thugs decide to raid some shop stands at center city. Two guards notice the group.

"You there! Halt!" One guard says.

"What are all of you guys doing by these stands so late at night?" He says.

"What should we do?" One thug whispers to another.

"I'll show you what we need to do!" He shouts as he charges at the guards.

All of them get into a big clash disturbing the peace in the night. A wanderer in the background dressed in a full Fire Nation Ninja Operative costume hears the noise. The thugs and guards stop to look at a soft flickering of light coming from the darkness. Their eyes widen as it seems to be coming closer from a distance. All of a sudden, it vanishes.

"What was that?" One of the thugs ask.

All at once, the thugs and guards turn around to the noise of footsteps behind them. As they do so, a bright, blinding blast of fire is shot at them. It catches one guy in the eyes, and hits the rest by their chest. As one of them runs in fear, the rest stand still and try to hold in their cries from being burned. But, before they would be able to say one word, the figure came out and hit every single person in a pressure point knocking everyone out. The figure takes all their goods and quickly leaves.


Early the next day, Azula asks questions about these robberies. She finds a guard to talk to.

"What is this I hear of multiple robberies occurring in center city?" She asks to a guard.

"I wasn't told much, but I do know that he has been striking many times on the main street," he replies.

"Is it just one person?" She asks.

"From what we have heard, we think so," he says.

"Is it not the job of a guard to not let these things happen?" She asks.

"Yes. I will make sure to take care of this problem," he replies.

"No, I will take care of it. When this man is caught, I want him thrown into a jail cell where he may rot in for the rest of his life!" She says.

"As you wish," the guard says.

"I'll be in center town browsing through shops. I will be back later." She says.

"Yes." He says.

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