By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe continuity.
Hidden Lands
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The Hidden Lands is the universal landscape that Yveltal created. The great world is mostly landscape and his large collection of Colossi. These giants guard these lands for Yveltal's design and are even powerful enough to keep Raviente away.


Though it is known that the creator is Yveltal, it wasn't really as clear of the history of these lands, much of it shrouded in mystery. But seeing that most of the land has ruins in it in some way, from just small pillars to ancient cities, indicates that there was civilization here until an event a long time ago wiped whatever lived here off the face of the hidden lands.


one of the theories behind the extinction

No ones sure how or why this civilization was wiped out but since then, the only activity on the gigantic plains, undisturbed forests, and quiet oceans, are the movements of small animals. The largest natural predators here now are the hawks that fly in the skies, now free to roam the sky as they please.


As far as the involvement of the lands go, its only prime focus is the 3rd arc when the teams all go after the Chakra orbs. The creatures while they were here didn't fear humans, since most of these creatures never saw humans before.

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