Foggy Swamp Tribe
Hidden Clues (TMOBMS)
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The Mystery of Black Mud Swamp





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June 28th, 2013

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That's how I like. Lots of days until the next chapter. Enjoy and SCROLL DOWN!

The Boobie Trap

"What are we going to do?!" Sokka asked. He stumbled.
"This is all your fault!" The voice shouted.
"Oh, so it's my fault now!?" Sokka shouted as he walk backwards towards Aang.
"Why are you walking to me?" Aang asked.
"Your the Avatar, so, do your thing!" Sokka said.
"But I'm afraid," Aang replied.
"Aang, nothing in the world makes you afraid. You're the Avatar, right?" Katara said. She reminded Aang of how he concurred the Fire Nation.
"You are right, Katara." Aang said and he airbended the boobie trap.
"You did it!" Katara exclaimed happily and she hugged the Avatar.
"I might not want to be the spoiler, but, what is that?" Zuko asked as he pointed to a painting of a brown haired girl.

The Painting

"It's a lady," Katara said.
"We all know it's a lady," Sokka replied.
"There's a writing below the painting! Read it!" The two voices shouted.
"Okay, okay, I will read it," Aang said.
"What does it say?" Katara asked.
"Whoever goes to this place and get haunted, you have permission to ask the lady how to survive," Aang read.
"Twinkle Toes! Read the next paragraph!" A voice shouted.
"If you have visions of this lady, please find her through the clues she left to find out more about this passage. Signed, Erïn." Aang read the second passage.
"Erïn? Who's Erïn?" Sokka asked.
"Someone who's involved in this mystery," Zuko answered.
"Then we better find the lady, quickly!" Katara exclaimed.
"There's riddles in this place. Look over at the walls, say the secret word to discover the riddles. Quick, before the wrong hands!" The voice said.
"You are the wrong hands!" Sokka shouted.
"Shut up, Hairdoe!" The voice replied.

The Wall

"So, how do we know the secret word?" Katara asked.
"Let's just say any word we want!" Aang smiled.
"Now that's a selfish attitude!" Katara said.
"Dumb!" The word accidentally came out of Aang's mouth, and the walls crack and the place started to shake.
"Oh no! If we don't find the lady quick, Toph and Azula will be trapped as nymphs forever!" Sokka shouted, worried.
"Hide!" Zuko shouted. They all split up, but Katara stood there.
"Katara, quick!" Aang shouted.
"But the wall, I still need to find out!" Katara replied. She did not notice that something was about to fall on her head.
"Katara! Look out!" Aang shouted.
"What?" Katara looked at the ceiling. "Aah!"
"Katara!" Zuko shouted as he quickly escape from the place with Katara.
"Katara?" Aang asked. "Sokka?"

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