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Hetsuki is a minor character in Avatar: Legend Of Fire and one the strongest and most respected students in the Fire Sage's Temple located in the capital city. He's very popular among the other apprentices and constantly harasses Takeo just for the heck of it. He is always seen with one of the other strong and respected students- Tetsuri. The two are inseparable and spend their days harassing other apprentices and managing to get away from trouble, only due to the influence of their family and their status. Hetsuki arrived at the temple first attempting to prove his worth to his father, but later after spending several years in the temple, his father apologized to him and began to respect him more for showing such bravery in joining a temple just to prove a point.


Hetsuki was born into a noble family from the capital city. His father is one of the highest ranked navy admirals in the Fire Nation and their family is one of the wealthiest ones. Growing up in nobility and wealth, Hetsuki quickly became spoiled by his fathers finances and riches that he began to disregard schoolwork, training and everything that interrupted his days of partying, slacking and wasting his fathers gold. Hetsuki however didn't pay any attention to how much money he wasted, until he had squandered more than half of his father's monthly pay in a day. His father became furious with him and disowned him from the will and from his money, stating that he was both incapable of dealing with money or ever becoming smart and powerful. Soon, after seeing how hard it was to life without any kind of assets and support, Hetsuki set out to prove himself to his father to restore his honor, pride and of course his name in his fathers will. He soon heard that the Fire Sage temple was looking for new apprentices to join the temple and learn bending.

In an attempt to prove to his father that he was smart, powerful and talented he joined the Fire Sage temple. His father, who at first found this idea to be ridiculous agreed to let him go there as long as he doesn't come back without proving himself. Upon arriving here, Hetsuki found a friend by the name of Tetsuri and the two quickly bonded over their mutual hatred for the "teachers pet" Takeo and their similar situation regarding their rich and noble families. Happy to have found someone from the same level of nobility, the two instantly became friends, trained together and even harassed Takeo together. The two got into trouble so often that they would be punished with brutal training sessions and detention in the library. Because of this, they both got smart and powerful over a short amount of time and became very skilled at their element as well as very well read and knowledgeable. After returning home and proving his worth to his father, who was surprised and happy to see that his son was growing up to become a smart and powerful man, he returned to the temple to continue his apprenticeship. He claims that when his apprenticeship is officially over at 18 he'll leave the temple and return to his rich boy life style.



Hetsuki is one of the strongest apprentices who reside in the Fire Sages temple. He's very feared and respected by both other students and teachers. He is somewhat of an adept at his element, but still quite highly strong. Unlike his bulky companion Tetsuri, Hetsuki is built for speed and agility. Unlike his friend, Hetsuki isn't capable of producing powerful charged attacks, but his fast jabs and fireballs are incredibly fast and strong. When the two of them fight together they can easily defeat a master of the element or at least give him a run for his money. Pure ability wise, Tetsuri is superior to Hetsuki, but the admiral's son is still capable of holding his own against a master level bender for a brief amount of time. He can create long fire whips that surround the opponent and leave him no room for escape.


  • Hetsuki will have a very minor role in the future.

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