By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe continuity.
Hetch Al'dim
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Great Desert

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Arib Trader

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Pitstop (Only)

Hetch is a lightning-bending storm mander from Altonian's great desert as an Arib trader. He's very good at merchandise and has traveled around the land selling his goods to many fellow Travelers and sailors.

Hetch Al'dim first appears when Luffy makes a stop at his traveling Arib trade market, and met with Starfire and Aang. He starts off with a usual marketing approach, asking them what they liked but instead Aang asked what he himself is. Intrigued, he goes into Abit of a biology lesson with Aang on his kind, and even adds in on what he can do, making a harmless lightning ball in front of him. Starfire at a point asks him about an amulet. He starts going off about it's properties. But Aang and Starfire just left it, thinking they don't have enough money. So the mander let them go as other traders came by.

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