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Herasami Makato
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Fire Nation

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Fire, air

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Firebending, airbending

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Ran and Shaw


Usually, he is easygoing, open-minded, warm, caring, generous, friendly, advising, kind, and humorous. However, beneath the easygoing exterior lay a wise man experienced in the ways of the world, a seasoned and wily strategist, and an incredibly strong and powerful Elementbending master. He was a firm believer that everyone had the power to create one's own destiny. He appeared laid-back because he understood that there were things in life he could not control, but he also believed that a person is fully responsible for the parts they can. Herasami was particularly fond of tea, the strategy game Pai Sho, and music. He founded a music night for the ship's crew, among whom he was popular, involving singing and the playing of instruments. He later displayed skill at playing the liuqin, singing lullabies to pacify a crying child. He had shown himself to be an amateur botanist with knowledge of a wide variety of plants and their effects on the human body. Ginseng, then jasmine, are pronounced to be his favorite teas. Probably as definitive of Herasami's character as his love for tea was his sage advice and wisdom.

Powers and Abilities

Herasami was a firebending master, and arguably the most powerful firebender of his time. It was mentioned that if Aang were to fail at defeating the Fire Lord, then Herasami and Iroh would be the only other person who could possibly defeat Ozai. Alpha like Jeong Jeong, knew its destructive and alluring power which could cause an amateur firebender to lose control. Instead of anger, Herasami based his bending style on the original firebending wisdom of the dragons and teachings of the Sun Warriors from whom he learned and whose secrets he kept. This philosophy emphasized the beauty and life-giving qualities of fire; thus, Herasami firebent without resorting to anger, hate, or lust, unlike his brother, niece and most other firebenders of his time. At the same time, he was able to show truly destructive power when provoked, able to blast through the inner wall of Ba Sing Se with a large and highly charged fire blast.

Herasami was highly knowledgeable and well-versed in all of Firebending's styles and skills as well as their respective techniques. He also stood as one of the select few Firebenders of his time who possessed the ability to [Lightning generation|generate lightning]], along with his brother and niece. This technique required perfect calmness of mind; Herasami derived this from inner peace, not from amorality as did the remainder of his family.

Air-Bending Techniques

Air Ball/Bomb: Herasami can create a compressed ball of air by moving their hands together in a circular motion. This technique has many applications such as levitating small objects or tripping opponents. It can be used in an Offensive manner by firing Air Balls at the enemy and increasing it's size and making it explode. He can also use a more powerful technique which creates a powerful, outward-moving air current in all directions around Herasami. Usually performed after landing on the ground from above, this Airbending form has great concussive force, and the capacity to completely blow away anything within its radius.

Air Blast/Beam: A more offensive move involving a direct pulse or jet of almost solid wind from the Hands and Feet. The force of the attack is generated more from the bender's own power, rather than assisted by momentum. This direct blast can reach further with greater accuracy, and is used to inflict greater damage. Herasami was also able to use two air blasts at once to defend against Combustion Man's unique firebending, showing the power of this technique.

Air Bullets: A technique used by Herasami. He causes two or more marbles to spin in a circle between his hands. It could be used to shoot small objects, like marbles, at very high speeds, similar to bullets. The Bullets have a High-speed able to pierce through Flesh, Metal and Rock. It was even able to carve 5 Inch holes in the Ba Sing Wall of the Earth Nation. This is one of his Favorite and most powerful moves.

Air Shield: The most common defensive tactic, though less powerful than the air barrier, involves circling enemies, suddenly changing direction when attacked and evading by physical movement rather than bending. However, Herasami can still deflect as needed by throwing up gusts of air close to their bodies as a shield. This is rarely to stop attacks directly, and more often pushes the attack aside and away, conserving energy and allowing them to turn the movement into an attack at the same moment. Since air can affect almost all physical objects, it can also be used to enforce the momentum of thrown objects or manipulate other objects (though requiring a higher degree of precision).

Air Suction: A technique used to bring people or things toward the Airbender. It is used by Herasami many times, such as when he pulled Professor Zei out of harm's way in Wan Shi Tong's Library, and when he takes up the fans dropped on the ground to fight Uzai in Kyoshi Village. Also, he uses this to pull multiple Foes to him and take them out in a few simple moves.

Air Swipe: The air swipe is a dual defensive and offensive technique in which an Herasami conjures a crescent-shaped construct of solidified air capable of deflecting colossal projectiles, such as the catapulted flaming rocks often used by the Fire Navy ships, and sending them off-course. He also uses this move to cut through opponents and end battles.

Air Breath: Very similar to the standard air jet, but created from the mouth and lungs. It requires extremely good breath control to employ effectively. Size and focus is more easily controlled, from narrow jets that can strike targets as small as insects, to large gale force gusts capable of cooling magma into solidified rock.

Enhanced Agility: Air movements can also be used as a levitation aid. Herasami jump high and far by riding on strong gusts of wind, and can slow or deflect falls by creating cushions of air. The constant movement required by this art makes Herasami naturally flexible and agile. Even without bending they can easily maneuver around an opponent by ducking, jumping, and side stepping, appearing to flow around their opponents without expending any energy at all, letting the opponent tire themselves out and thus creating exploitable openings. This conservation of energy combined with high stamina gives them an advantage in prolonged combat. Herasami enhance their movement in battle they can run swiftly by decreasing air resistance around them and even sprint across or run up vertical surfaces by generating a wind current behind themselves to propel them forward. Herasami has been shown using this to run many times faster than an average human and maintain this for very long periods, allowing him to travel long distances without gliding or jumping. When used by Herasami, this technique can enable Herasami using it to travel at a speed almost too swift for the naked eye to be able to see properly. He can use this technique to briefly run across water.

Multiple Target Attacks: Herasami can send large, wide-spanning waves of air toward multiple enemies with one long, sweeping motion from an Airbending staff or from the bender's limbs. Herasami uses the move extensively, often completely blowing opponents away.

Master Air-Bending Techniques

Air Blades: A more offensive move than its typical of airbending principle, this involves a focus; slicing air current that can cut through stone or timber with relative ease. This is frequently conjured with a staff rather than the body, using the narrow profile of the object to create a more focused and precise air movement. This move could prove fatal if used on an individual.

Air Sprout: Similar to the waterspout, Master Airbender Herasami are able to rotate and control the direction of the air spout enough to levitate themselves off the ground and remain in the air for as long as they wish to or can maintain it.

Air Tunnel: A spinning funnel of air of various sizes. This can be used to trap and disorient opponents or as a potent defense, since it will deflect and repel any objects and can even throw them back at an opponent, as demonstrated by Herasami in his duel with Bumi; the air column easily throwing aside a boulder the size of a bus. In Avatar State, an air vortex can reach winds up to 500 miles per hour.

Flight: By controlling the Air Currents around his body he was able to fly at supersonic speeds. Also, he can fly faster if the Wind if blowing harder.

Mini-Tornado: This is a smaller scaled version of the air vortex which Airbending Master Herasami can use as a means of both combat and transport. By encircling himself in a spiraling air current, masters can travel at high speeds and even ascend near-vertical drops as shown by Herasami during the battle of Wulong Forest, where he narrowly avoids a lightning blast from Fire Lord Ozai by creating a mini-tornado and moving to the top of a rock column. Herasami was also seen wielding this maneuver on the offensive against the Combustion Man at the Western Air Temple where he summoned the tornado with a kick in mid-air to conjure a powerful ranged attack.

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