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Henryk Piotrowski
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Wielun, Poland





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Blyskawica submachine gun

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Resistance Fighter


Sergeant, Protector of the Avatar


Home Army, Avatar Tanya

Henryk Piotrowski was a Polish resistance fighter and earthbender during the Second World War and the main character of Semper Invicta.


Henryk was born and raised in the Polish city of Wielun by his parents. Learning at an early age of his ability to earthbend, his parents forced him to hide his ability do to fear that he would be taken away or killed. Aside from this, Henryk had a normal childhood and often helped his parents at the local hospital.

Everything changed in the early hours of September 1st, 1939 when German dive bombers attacked the city as part of the beginning of the Invasion of Poland. The hospital suffered severe damage, but Henryk and his parents escaped unharmed. With German forces bearing down on the city, the family piled into a car and fled east, attempting to get ahead of the advancing enemy.

However, the car was stopped at a roadblock set up by a German mechanized unit, and Henryk's parents were shot and killed before they could leave the car. Henryk himself, barely fifteen years old, was taken prisoner by the German troops. After almost a year of being shifted from one prison to another, the young earthbender was sent to the Auschwitz Concentration Camp. It was here that he first encountered members of the Home Army, a Polish Resistance movement against the occupying Germans. It was during this time that the numbers 911939 were tattooed onto his left forearm.

Joining the resistance fighters, Henryk partook in an escape attempt in late April, 1943. However, a nearby guard tower was alerted, and only two others aside from Henryk himself escaped. Together, the trio made their way to the city of Kraków, where they met up with units from the Home Army before following the Vistula River Warsaw, the Capital of Poland. Over the next year, Henryk proved himself to be a natural born killer, using his hatred of the Germans and his quest for vengeance as a driving force. He participated in Operation Kutschera, a successful assassination of the German Chief of Police and head of the Warsaw SS Garrison. However, wounds he sustained during the operation prevented him from leaving Warsaw again for some time.

On July 29th, 1944, Henryk was summoned to the AK's headquarters in Warsaw and briefed on a new mission. While the rest of the Home Army would partake in an Uprising three days from then, it would be his job to escort a young woman named Tanya Rosenberg out of Warsaw and out of Poland.

At W-Hour on August 1st, Henryk and Tanya bore witness to the start of the Warsaw Uprising.


With the death of his parents at the hands of German soldiers in the opening hours of the war and his imprisonment soon afterward, very little kindness remains in Henryk by the start of the Warsaw Uprising. Despite harboring an immense amount of hate, the young earthbender managed to keep these feelings in check when it came to carrying out a mission for the Home Army.

In fact, it is this cool under fire attitude and a keen sense of duty that leads the Resistance commanders to choose him for the job of protecting the Avatar. After first meeting Tanya and leaning of his mission, Henryk is quick to realize the danger posed not only to Poland, but the entire world if the Avatar is captured either by the Germans or the Red Army.

However his cold demeanor keeps Tanya at a distance at first, causing both the Avatar and her Protector to be distrustful of each other. As time goes on, however, Henryk and Tanya begin to warm up to each other. Henryk's trust in Tanya grows to point that he revels what happened to his parents to her.

Tanya's trust in Henryk is briefly shattered however following the start of the Uprising in which Henryk kills several German soldiers in an effort to defend her. This leads to Tanya running away from Henryk and getting captured by a German patrol just beyond the Polish lines.

Despite knowing that it is a suicide mission, Henryk's sense of duty forces him to infiltrate the place where Tanya is being held and singlehandedly break her out. He is wounded in the process, but succeeds and escapes back to the Polish held Wola District.

Trivia & Notes

Henryk is the Polish version of Henry. His full name in English literally means "Henry from the place of Peter".

Henryk's identification tattoo, 911939, is a reference to the first day of the Second World War.

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