By Gingalover Part of the Fauna continuity.
"I shall work harder"
— His personal motto.
Buffalo yak
Biographical information

Water Tribe (formerly), Earth Kingdom

Birth place

North Pole


Limber farm


Chapter 8 (put to rest)

Physical description


Personal information



Mr. Limber

Chronological and political information
First appearance

Fauna Ch.1

Last appearance

Fauna Ch.8

Henry is a strong working animal on Limber farm. He hadn't been on the farm as long as the farm was built but he been considered the best inspiration among many of the animals for his determination. He, unlike the other animals, was bought off a travelling Water Tribe merchant, as his old owner was heading back to the Northern Water Tribe. Mr. Limber himself saw the working use from Henry and thus bought him for his growing limber farm. His commitment for work had kept him going for a long time, including during the evil days.

Fauna Involvement

Henry himself didn't do very much when the story began. He first looks out to the drunken Mr. Limber just before he had his head slammed in his pen door. After that, he remained quiet and followed the pigs after they passed by. At the meeting, he was brought up by Mel himself, when he tells him that when he has given his final strength, he will get killed for lack of use, which began his small grudge right away.

Henry was inside the barn with the other animals from where Mel once was before he was slaughtered. When they all saw Mr. Limber leave without feeding them, he simply says that they all have to just wait for him to return to get their food. He didn't have enough of a grudge to go against the humans yet but that had grown enough when Mr. Limber came back and started the battle. Henry himself rammed Mr. Limber after he whipped Crow's leg, potentially saving his life during the battle.

During the exploration of the houses, Henry managed to find all the whiskey that made Mr. Limber so violent, and he immediately destroys them.

He wasn't seen nor mentioned.

When the work on the mill was started, all the inspiration came from Henry. He started work earlier and ended later than all the other animals. He often worked hardest of them all, and he reclined any word telling him to slow down or relax a bit. Whenever that was asked of him, he'll always say that he will work harder, and soon it became his personal motto.

He wasn't seen nor mentioned.

He wasn't seen nor mentioned.

The work on the mill was still unfinished, thus Henry still kept to his special schedule. One day during his late shift, due to the slippery snow and exhaustion, he fell victim to a freak accident, a giant bolder he was lifting falling on his head. Ever since this, he was unable to work and he blamed himself. He felt he had let everyone down. He was kept in the stall for 2 weeks before he was told he will be sent to the hospital, although he personally didn't think it will work. When it came time to leave, he told the animals to not give up, and to keep up their hope for when he will be gone. He knew that he won't make it as he laid down inside the truck to take him away to his death.

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