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Henri is the older brother of Tora, clashing swords with him after achieving Rank 0 in the The Sediao.

(Rank Wèizhī (Unknown)-The shadowed swordsman)


Tora's older brother, who abandoned him long ago to become the strongest fighter and the best swordsman. For a time, he joined The Sediao only to leave after a few years service as rank 1, for reasons only know to him. He has returned after killing Jiàn Shèng before Tora could, issuing a challenge, then later returning when Tora became Rank 0 to test his skills against his younger brother.


At certain times Henri enjoys fighting, and according to himself he and his brother aren't very different. Henri also seems very laid back and content with his role as the "cool, handsome foil who happens to be Tora's twin brother" but when it comes to missions he can be very calm, cool, and collected. He is quiet and prefers swords over bending, since he considers using any kind of bending unworthy of a "true warrior". However, his quietness is not due to a lack of self-confidence; it is because he never shows fear for anything.


He has slicked back white hair (He was born with his hair that color but no one knows why that is), blue eyes, wears a blue long coat with three tails and a snake like pattern on the right side of the jacket, small fingerless leather gloves, a blue coat vest, a black sleeveless top, black pants, and long brown boots.

Abilities & Equipment

He utilizes a real-life sword style, known as Iaido, which involves attacking with both the sword and scabbard and can use the sword at superhuman speed, the Uramasa is an O-katana which has a black scabbard with a golden ribbon tied around it with the blade's handle itself was wrapped in white silk cloth with an intricate design of black silk covering the sides of the handle make a straight line to the guard while sheathed, Henri shown to be a very skilled fighter, striking so fast that the opponent does not realize they have been slain until he sheathes his weapon. His swordsmanship is noted to exceed that of Tora's and could therefore be considered the most skilled swordsman in the entire world.


Henri is based off both Henry from No More Heroes and Vergil from Devil May Cry.

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