By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe continuity.
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Henki is a friendly and mysterious traveling spirit of the universes whom aids those that need her. No one truly is sure on what she exactly is or what her true face looks like but many people believe she's an Avatar Franchise animal: a griffin without wings and a fanned tail.

She is only one of a few spirits who are educated and experienced enough to travel freely among other universes, or Centuries as she calls it, including the ones Team Avatar and Teen Titans reside.

She first appears when she meets Kyoushiro Shirogane in Elfen. She first apologizes to him, calling him Shirogane since it's easier for her to remember people that way. She's a very wise spirit as it was found out as she answered Kyoushiro's questions easily and efficiently. When Kyoushiro asked of where he and his friends all were, she uses her mist bending to show Kyoushiro the land of Altonia, and also says that it's made up of many "Franchises". As they were talking, she introduces her friend, Althea, whom Kyoushiro thought of as a mummy. She only starts getting worried when Kyoushiro tells her of the little girl, who she says is a Diclonius, a new human she says is from the Elfen Lied franchise. As Kyoushiro starts going after Raven, She rushes over and tries to talk him out of it. However she sees that he's very determined and let's him pass so he can rescue his friend.

She later appears and manages to get the Kishu back to Althea and Mel after he came face to face with Lucy.

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