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Toph befriends a badgermole
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No one believes in me, no one cares.

I will never amount to anything, I heard my earthbending teacher say to my parents. I will never become an earthbender. But I want to be. In spite of myself, I felt tears steaking my face. Hey, said a voice in my head. You're Toph. You have to stay tough, remember?

But the truth is, I don't think it really mattered anymore. After all, all I have to do is be my parents' sweet, perfect little daughter. I let my tears run out. My hands touched the cold, hard ground of the cave. I felt the texture.

I am blind.

But I can see just fine if I put my hands to the rock. I kicked off my shoes, and then, I could see everything. You know, I think they're the ones that are blind. They just don't understand. Spreading myself flat on the stone, I could sense something big behind the walls. A crackling noise and rocks tumbling announced its arrival.

I reached out and touched soft fur.

I had met a badger mole.

My hands felt its wet nose. "Hello," I thought. "You're blind too." The badger mole muzzled me, then slid his big foot across the floor. I felt the earth shift under my feet. He nudged me, like I should try too.

I stood and kept one foot firmly planted on the ground while sliding the other across the smooth rock. My hands followed the movement instinctively.

I breathed deeply, and thrust my hands forward. A large chunk of rock broke away from the ground. I kept it hovering for a moment, then sent it hurtling into the wall. It felt good, and I did it again. The badger mole grumbled, as if to signal his approval.

I felt wonderful with the solid earth under my feet. I felt complete control over my movements and body. It took my a moment to realize I was laughing.

With a flick of my wrists, I guided a rock around me to form a perfect circle. Lifting my arms, I raised the stone I stood upon. If I swung my hands, the stone moved across the floor. It was like ice skating.

The badger mole lifted his paws and held them above the ground, moving them in a circular way. I copied, and the ground in front of me turned to swirly mush. With a small grunt, my feet spaced apart, I thrust my hands down, palms facing the ground. A created a deep hole in the cave. Breathing slowly, I covered it again.

"Sweet," I thought. My tears had dried and I was earthbending. I thought of my parents. I wouldn't tell them about today; they'd ruin everything. A smile was still on my face. I was good.

The badger mole was retreating. I ran to him and hugged him again. "Thank you," I whispered to the badger mole. "We will meet again." I then left the cave.

I can be something. And I am. I am now Toph, the Avatar's earthbending teacher.

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