Asami angrily rejecting her father
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Helping One Another


Chapter 5

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This chapter takes place during Endgame


They fell right in to the Equalist's trap.

Not once in her life had she felt so... so... full of revenge. She was taught to love her enemy, no matter how many things the enemy has done wrong. Or at least, that was when her mother was still alive.

She never really knew her father very well back then. She always spent time with her mother. She was innocent and was given everything she wanted, all those pink tutu skirts and glittery lipgloss. She was free of any worries, and just wanted to have fun. But there was one day, where she wore a simple black dress with lace gloves of the same color. And that was during her mother's funeral.

Clenching her fists, tears welled in her eyes, soon falling and making trails down her dirty cheeks. Although her mother's death had been saddening, the impact that it made on her father was even more despairing.

She remembered him in his study, making new blueprints for plans. Sometimes, he'd take almost an eternity in there just to finish one. However, being the little girl she was, she hadn't garnered any suspicions about her father's new-found obsession.

However, in the following years, his actions became stranger. He read the news of more and more nonbenders being mugged, and she swore she heard her father mutter under his breath "It's those benders..."

Other times she heard speaking over the phone about ridding the world of bending. At first, she was terrified. What kind of terrible person would do that! Her father was always a nice and amicable person, who treated all his customers---even benders---with respect. But in the next few years, the behavior stopped. Maybe he had gotten over Mom's death, she thought.

But as her head hit against the hard and cold concrete floor, black hair covering her eyes, she felt furious with her father, for keeping the truth from her, for hating benders, for hating Mom.

"Asami," she heard her father from outside the bars of the prison cell, wearing his usual suit. "Asami, I know I have hurt you...and I am sorry. But I believe that one day, you will come to your senses and we can be a family again."

Asami gritted her teeth, trying to wiggle her hands out from the rope binding her limbs together. "Are you insane?! How can we be a family after all that you've done? Mom would hate you for what you've become."

Even though her mother was always a kind and friendly women, she would not tolerate any depravity or any soullessness. And that's exactly what her father had become; a hollow shell of the man he used to be.

Placing his big, meaty hands on the metal bars of the cell, he continued to say that he had been avenging her death, that these benders were the one who had killed her mother. There were only a couple of them who did.

"The airplanes are ready to take off, sir."

His face twisted in an evil smile. "Good. Annihilate the fleet."

Iroh frantically tried to escape from the rope, but stopped for a moment after hearing Hiroshi's words. His smile only got wider. "That's right, General. I intercepted your message to Commander Bumi. I know exactly where they're hiding."

Hiroshi and the Equalist left the room, leaving Asami feeling cold and empty. Her father's actions revealed the truth. He's a heartless man she thought. He's a heartless man.

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