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Helping One Another/Chapter 2: Lost and Found
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Helping One Another


Chapter 2

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Humble Imaginations

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This Oneshot takes place during The Revelation


Pabu crawled underneath a trash can, his little black nose twitching, searching for Bolin. He lost him when he was taken to Triple Triad Headquarters, and had been thrown out on the streets after noticing the ferret inside Bolin’s shirt.

He could only keep his mind on how the Triad members decided to take him away from Bolin.

“Please!” Bolin pleaded, trying to convince Shady Shin to not take him away.

“He’s a rodent,” The gangster replied, holding Pabu by his neck. The fire ferret tried to squirm out of his meaty hand, going back to his best bud. But he was thrown in an old take-out box, still filled with noodles from Narook’s.

He knew he was getting a bath once Bolin found him.

The Fire Ferret’s amber eyes took in the scene from across the street. The buildings, bronze, grey, and brown, seemed to blend with the people’s clothing, which were always so dull and old-fashioned. If he were walking on that sidewalk, he would stand out from them with his bright red fur.

Flashing back into reality, the ferret noticed a red Sato-Mobile drive across the grey road, with a man wearing gold chains and a blue suit driving the car. Pabu frowned. Ever since the day Mako and Bolin ever became associated with the Triple Threat Triad, he never once liked Shady Shin. He's a baaaad man. He kept telling himself. Bad, bad, man.

Heading towards Republic City Park, he realized how thristy he was. The ferret sauntered over to the lake, and started to drink the water. Even after a few licks, he was still parched. Jumping into the lake, he started to drink as much of the water as he can.

After feeling hydrated again, he soon jumped out of the pond, shaking the droplets of water off his red fur.

Even after his drink, he didn't feel okay.

Maybe it was because he wasn't on Bolin shoulder, or the fact that he wasn't even near him. He was all alone for now.

He'll find you, don't worry. He thought, starting to make his way towards the exit of the park. He never had any doubt in his best friend before. Why now?

"You're the only one to change your fate,"

He turned around to the direction of the voice. The ferret spotted an old man, with brown clothes covered in stains sitting on a park bench, his hands at his sides.

"You seem lost, little fella! Trying to find your owner?"

Pabu's amber eyes began to widen.

"Go ahead! Change your fate!"

He began to understand what the hobo had meant. You have to do things yourself sometimes, too. And he did have a good sense of smell. The corners of his mouth went up and he started to crawl throughout the city, searching for Bolin's scent.

After reaching where he had started, the ferret whimpered. But he had to remain positive.

But sadly, all that hope diminished when a Polar Bear Dog started to chase after him. The ferret screeched and his heart started to thump. He didn't need to become a snack just now!

"Whoa Naga!" He heard somebody say. Pabu tried to run as fast as his little legs could carry him.

Crawling up a lampost, he tried to stay out of the polar bear's way. But suddenly, he spotted two people riding on the bear. A girl with a light blue tube top on and baggy pants, and a teenage boy with a red sc---


"No, Naga! Pabu's a friend, not a snack,"

He crawled down the lamppost a bit to meet up with Bolin's brother. The polar bear must not hate me now. The ferret though. Like handshakes. the two animals touched noses in order to establish their trust.

Climbing onto Mako's shoulder, he looked out at the skyscrapers at Republic City and smiled.

I'll never lose hope again.

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