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Helping One Another: Chap. 1: Protect She Will
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Helping One Another


Chapter 1

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This chapter takes place in Turning the Tides


Lin Beifong's thoughts after she lost her bending.


It felt like death.

She never really understood why others fell onto their faces when they had lost their bending, but now she does. It's almost like losing a limb, a part of yourself you swear you'll never let go. It's so easy to take away but so difficult to get back. All he had to do was place his cold, unyielding hand on her forehead.

She felt as if a part of her had died.

Lin will never forget her final act as a bender.

Ripping apart those ships was one thing. Keeping Tenzin's family safe was another, but they had been related to that. It was all she could do to keep them safe. To keep those small children safe. They've only recently discovered their bending powers. And from their last performance, Lin was quite impressed with their air-bending.

But she would never know if that little baby survived.

She'll never know if he got past one hour. She'll never if he's as good an air-bender as the others had been. Lin had helped Pema, her childhood rival. But it was all for them, including Pema, so they could be safe.

Her uniform felt so heavy and so uncomfortable on her now. She wondered if along with her bending, he also took away the security of her uniform and made it to some metal death-trap.

She doesn't regret it at all. She knew her mother would've done the same.

Lin stayed there for a few hours, her head on the cold, concrete ground. The woman finally looked up to see somebody she knew her whole life, who she knew would've done the same thing if it meant for saving the Avatar.

But the image of her mother dissipated. She couldn't hide or fear any longer.

Bender or not, she was still a protector of this city.

And protect she will.

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