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"Aw... That baby is so cute," said four sets of parents around the world. They were all living at different times, but had one thing in common. They were the parents of the Avatar. Their kids would grow up to be the most powerful kids in the world. Let me introduce to them. The first set was Gongue and Lin, parents of Avatar Kyoshi. The next were Lee and Ursa, parents of Avatar Roku. The next were Gyatso and Lio, parents of Avatar Aang, and the last were Tonraq and Senna, parents of Avatar Korra. Roku and Kyoshi were far from perfect, in fact in an attempt to stop Sozin and Chin, they cause problems galore for Aang and Korra. This is the story of the Avatar. Now, let us watch as the story unfolds with Avatar Kyoshi.

"Hiyah," said Kyoshi as she earthbent the boulder with extreme difficulty. Kyoshi had no idea that she was the Avatar, and had a lot of trouble bending. Later today was her birthday party, and she was supposed show some awesome earthbending tricks. It would soon be time for Kyoshi to find out who she really was.

"Kyoshi!" called her best friend Phoa, "It's time to go."

"All right, all right. I'm coming, I'm coming," responded Kyoshi.

A few minutes later they arrived. Banners were kept all over her house saying "HAPPY BIRTHDAY KYOSHI!" She had no idea why there was such a fuss on her birthday. She then went inside and found everyone waiting for her in the party room. Before the gifts were to be opened Kyoshi was asked to perform. She then picked up a few small marbles and then made them dance in the air. Next she made a stick figure and made it earthbend. Small rocks were easy, but she had trouble when it came to big rocks. The suddenly a man walked in. Everyone asked who he was and he responded simply that he was a messenger. Then he said, "Hello, Avatar Kyoshi."

Everyone gasped, they had no idea. Kyoshi then realized that the banners and the big fuss were all about her becoming the Avatar. She had no idea what to think all she could was now to learn firebending...

"Avatar Kyoshi, you must now get ready to leave. The next boat to the Fire Nation departs tomorrow and we must leave as soon as we can. Please read this letter," said the old man.

Hello there Avatar Kyoshi. You must be surprised to find this out. In order for you to learn firebending you must go to the Fire Nation. Your masters will be the twins Lee & Jee. They are the best firebenders in the Fire Nation. A list of stuff you must bring is below.

  • Clothes.
  • Swords or Katana if you choose to.
  • A photo of your family if you choose to.

Stretched out fan

Kyoshi's grandmother using the fans in battle

The next day, when she was about to leave, her mother came in. She held two fans in her hand and said, "Kyoshi, I want you to have these fans. They were your Grandmother's and she used them for earthbending. They can help amplify your bending. Your grandmother also struggled with big boulders, but found that these helped make it simpler."

"Thank you so much mom. I really will miss you guys," Kyoshi tearfully whispered.

"Me too honey, me too."

Later that day Kyoshi said good bye to all of her friends. She was a bit sad but tried to stay cheerful by saying that she would be back soon. And with that the saga of Kyoshi continues...

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