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Kingdom of Hellas
Physical information

Southeast on Balkan Continent



Form of Government
  • Constitutional Monarchy
  • Meritocratic Republic formerly
Head of State


Religious authority

None - atheistic




Prime Academic

The Kingdom of Hellas, formerly known as the Republic of Hellas, is a small nation in the Evropian Plain. It is the Greece of the Avatar World, with its architecture bearing resemblance to Classical Greek buildings, but with modern purposes.


Main article: Wars

Around 5000 years before the Avatar, a small tribe on the Balkan continent learned to bend. People learned different types of bending, despite being the same race. The population settled down and built large cities. They were often engaged in long and harsh wars with their neighbours, and to this day, military service is compulsory for all young men aged 20 to 100.

The Hellenes, under Prime Academic Panagiotis, intervened in the Air Nomad Genocide and were able to save the Air Nomads from extinction. For their safety, they severed the portals linking the two worlds. After the genocide, Panagiotis was kicked out of the Senate and a dictator, Malus Ignus, took control. He reopened the portals and invaded the Earth Kingdom. When he was defeated by Philip Hellene, Hellas declared war on the Fire Nation, only for the war to end the following week. The Hellenes participated in the Fire Nation Civil War, tipping the scales in favour of Zuko's government.

In 175 AG, the Hellenes intervened in the Great War and provided great assistance to the United Republic. The United Republic became the United Kingdom, with the two nations sharing a common monarch.


Government system: Constitutional Monarchy (Westminster)

Head of state: King of Hellas

Head of parliament: Prime Academic

The government of Hellas is very similar to the Westminster system, with a constitutional monarch and two houses of parliament. The monarch of Hellas is primarily a ceremonial figurehead. However, he has powers to conduct diplomacy with other nations and has veto rights on bills.

The upper house, occupied by Lords, is called the House of Lords. It has the power to pass bills after they have been passed in the lower house. The lower house, occupied by professors and named the House of Academics, is responsible for proposing and passing bills related to the general running of the country. The Academics are meritocratically appointed.

Old system

Government system: Meritocratic Senate

Head of state: Prime Academic

For a long period of time after the First Hellenic Civil War, the government was a meritocratic republic, ruled by the senate that had the powers of both houses.

Government system: Absolute Monarchy

The original system was an absolute monarchy ruled by the Hellene family. They were overthrown 7000 years after the Avatar's origin. The Hellene family formed a party in the senate.


The Kingdom of Hellas is a small, coastal state on the Balkan Continent. It is very mountainous with narrow passes that make it very difficult to invade.


Hellenic culture is based on the Greek culture of the Classical Era. 


Clothing in Hellas is very similar to clothing in Britannia, as a result of trade. People often wear smart-casual clothing, being a jumper (with or without sleeves), a coat and trousers. An essential part of the outfit is the tie. In formal situations, they wear a three-piece suit, often black, grey or brown and their high school tie.


As with all Evropian nations, one's ethnicity does not determine their element. Although it is genetic, it is similar to height and eye colour. This is because people all over the Evropian Plain developed different elements in different places at the same time.


Education has always been central in the Hellenic culture. The graduation of University and acceptance of a degree is seen as a rite of passage - when children become adults. Those who lack education are looked down upon. University professors are the highest ranked people, with the obvious exception of royalty (who also teach at the University).

The University of Logopolis is said by many to be the best in the world.


Many modern day technologies are present in Hellas; command line interface computers running DOS, telephones, wireless radios and a primitive form of the internet that uses IRC chat. 

Hellenes make use of the printing press and photocopier to send information and documents to each other.

Through genetic modification, some Hellenes gained the ability to control multiple elements.


Main article: Military of Hellas

As Hellas is surrounded by enemies, military service is compulsory. The majority of the waterbenders are involved in the navy and no earthbenders set foot on ships (except for transportation). The military has a combination of all benders.

Notable figures




With both nations being revered as cultural super powers and constitutional monarchies, they developed a mutual respect. The respect culminated in trade agreements and a mutual defence treaty. The two also agreed on how to carve up the other worlds - Oceania to the Britannics and Asia for the Hellenes.

United Kingdom of Nations

For two years, Philip Hellene was the President of the URN. In that time, he brought about closer links to Hellas. During the Great War, Philip called upon the Hellenes to come to their rescue, forming a military alliance. After the war, the URN was transformed into the UKN, with Republic City becoming Coronation City. For some time, the UKN was a vassal state of the Kingdom of Hellas, until parliament was established in Coronation City.

The two share close bilateral relations and defensive agreements. Despite sharing a common monarch, the UKN is sovereign.

The relationships were strengthened when Hellenic royal Alexander Hellene married Jinora, with Jinora becoming a royal.

Fire Nation

The two nations have been close allies since the Civil War. Philip Hellene is a personal friend of the Royal Family.


Gaul Republic

As an enemy of Britannia, Gaul is also a major enemy of Hellas. While they never directly engaged in combat, they have participated in trade embargoes against each other.

Earth Empire

Being a close ally with the URN (and UKN), Hellas dislikes the Earth Empire and has gone to war over it on one occasion. The rivalry ended after the dissolution of the Earth Empire.


Reich Land

Reich Land and Hellas are neutral to each other, with both Kings being on good terms. Neither of them are allies.

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