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By King Bumis Heir Part of the Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan continuity.
Ostrich horse
The Hei Shichang gang
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Notable members

"Shady" Ying Xiao


Ba Sing Se Heart of the Southern Lower Ring


Hei Shichang gang

  • Become one of the richest gangs in Ba Sing Se.
  • Have a large number drug trafficking.
  • Sell canteens and drugs to those who want them.

The Hei Shichang Gang are a group of Ba Sing Se criminals, who control the southern section of the lower ring. They're minor characters in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan.


Established around Avatar Ku Tei's time, by an unknown leader. The Hei Shichang gang's main purpose was to become one of the richest gangs in Ba Sing Se from profiting from hot property (or canteens), and drug trafficking.

War broke out between the Hei Shichang, and Mousha Quan, with drugs. The members of Hei Shichang, had hired a skilled archer to assassinate the leader of the Mousha Quan.

The archer was intervened and killed by a skilled assassin within the Mousha Quan, the drug war ran for five years, where the Hei Shichang gang was losing the war. The Dixia gang, sent gang troops to aid the Hei Shichang gang. Where one Baotu's father, had murdered the Mousha Quan's leader.

Stealing the Sheng Chang recipe the Dixia burned records of the Mousha Quan creating the drug. The Hei Shichang gang, killed off the herbalists and alchemists of the Mousha Quan.

Never knowing how to recreate the drug the Mousha Quan were left powerless without a leader, and a new product to have them grow in riches. The Hei Shichang gang, that day had made a new ally.

Seeing as both the fanzui de laoban of Hei Shichang, and Baotu's father of the Dixia shared hatred for the Mousha Quan gang. Controlling the southern lower ring, the Hei Shichang gang decided to pay taxes of all the people within the southern and southeastern lower ring.

Meeting a man named Dufan, who gravely owed them money, he decided that he would rather join the gang, than be killed. With his skills in theft, and salesmanship Dufan decided to become a fencer, and running the canteen operations at night from his very own restaurant.

Dufan, profited the money for the Hei Shichang, and becoming the main drug producer of the gang, he created the drugs called Feng Cao, and Fen.

Feng Cao, and the Fen drug becoming a top seller, the Hei Shichang gang received large amounts of gold every month.

Mousha Quan raids

After the news of the Hei Shichang being rich, the Mousha Quan had returned, after laying low for an year, the Mousha Quan's new leader, was the heir of the founder of the Mousha Quan. When he was old enough he took the throne, and swore revenge on the Hei Shichang, and the Dixia.

Killing off gang members of both gangs, the Mousha Quan marked the corpses of the enemies, with the feather of a crow. Puzzled at first, both gangs began to realize that the crow was the symbol of Mousha Quan.

Indeed, the Mousha Quan, was sending out a message to them showing them that they came back! A few nights later, the raids on the southern lower ring began, causing the Mousha Quan under the rule of their new fanzui de laoban, to steal gold from Hei Shichang gang. Which later failed as the Dixia gang ran to the aid their allies the Hei Shichang.


Ostrich horse

The Ostrich Horse, is the Hei Shichang gang's mascot.

The mascot of the Hei Shichang is the ostrich horse. Any members within the gang will have either a tattoo or a decoration of an ostrich horse somewhere.

Oftentimes during the drug wars, guards would stop people with ostrich horse tattoos, in the streets of the lower ring. The guards would stop these Hei Shichang gang members for questioning.

Many male members of the Hei Shichang gang, grew their hair out to cover the ostrich horse tattoos on their heads or necks.


Preceded by
Unknown leader
Hei Shichang gang
623 BG - Current Leader (659 BG)
Succeeded by


  • Hei Shichang is Chinese for "The Black Market".
  • Mousha Quan is Chinese for "Murder Circle".

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