Hei Bai is the third chapter of Sokka. It marks the final appearance of Hei Bai.


Out in the darkness, Hei Bai was prowling. The sounds of celebration had reached his ears out in the dark fens that he called home. Hate filled his heart as he crept to the hall, and hunger rumbled in his gut. Inside, the warriors slept and dreamed uneasy dreams. All but their leader.

Once more, the door to Sozin was crushed by the creature. In a blink of an eye, he grabbed up Oyaji before the man could even raise his sword. Without a thought, Hei Bai pulled the man apart. Not satisfied with his slaughter, Hei Bai reached out once more. But this time, he found no easy prey.

Hei Bai did not fear the blades of Sokka's men. He was enchanted to that no weapon could pierce his hide. But Sokka's fierce determination and strength soon filled Hei Bai with fear. The timbers of the hall shook with the fury of their fight.

With all his might, Hei Bai fought to free himself from the hero's hold. With one last desperate wrench, Hei Bai pulled away. But Sokka kept his grip. Hei Bai knew he could not live much longer. Still, he stumbled from the hall, hoping to reach home, with only three arms.

When daylight came, news of Sokka's victory brought men from near and far to see the truth for themselves. They followed Hei Bai's tracks from the hall, wondering where he had to run. Before long, they traced him to the end of his trail. A great lake, bubbling and steaming! "Surely it is Hei Bai's foul blood that makes the waters bubble and steam," said a warrior. "It must be. And losind so much, the monster must have died by now," said another. They took back the news, cheering for Sokka and singing songs of his courage. Still, Sokka was not quite content.

In the hall, Sokka stood before Aang. "I had hoped to have the whole creature to show, so you could be sure it was slain. But the monster had fled to his lair," stated Sokka. Aang stood up and pointed to a large white arm, that was chained to the ceiling. "There is proof enough that Hei Bai has died. No living thing could survive such a wound," replied Aang. "So I thank Roku, who sent you to free us from the grief Hei Bai brought on us." That night, the king gave Sokka great gifts, ostrich horses and armor and a shining iron-bound helm. The celebration lasted long into the night. When it did end, all the warriors, except Sokka, were sleeping in the hall. Aang lead Sokka out of the hall. "Come, I will show you a chamber where you may rest more easily. With Hei Bai gone, there is no need for you here," said Aang This was not the end. There was still one more in this land.

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