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Warning! This page contains spoilers for the some of the released chapters of Avatar: The Legend of Mel.

Heatbending is a sub-technique of firebending first mastered (in the world of Avatar) by Princess Azula. She then passed down the knowledge two a different generation.


Heatbending gives a bender multiple abilities that may not be fully shown/used in Avatar: The Legend of Mel. Here is a list and an explanation of all the abilities.

Four Element Bending — Heatbending lets you control the other elements through the heat all around. Different amounts of heat may be needed to control a different type of element. This may require a higher mastery of heatbending, but is possible since, technically, there is always some amount of heat, since temperature can always go lower and lower. If a heatbender is to melt a piece of iron or make water evaporate, they can control it through the heat. They can also take away as much as heat as they want to, thus making the element change property, the example being steam to water or ice. The heat can also be taken away in the shape of a pattern, thus shaping how the element will look when it changes state of matter.

Atombending (Sub-form) — Once the Four Element Bending ability of heatbending is mastered, heatbenders can move on to moving, taking away, adding and even customizing atoms. This allows them to create substances. Nonetheless, the technique is exhausting and might require days to turn a rock into sand. The only human master of this sub-technique is Azula.

Lightning Control — There are multiple ways to generate lightning through heatbending. You can turn fire into lightning, lightning into fire, lightning to energy, and collecting energy to make extremely powerful bolts of lighting. The technique requires that you look around and imagine every single way you could possibly get hurt or killed and turn the energy of this power thought into lightning. Once this is done, you can keep the lightning in your heart, thus overpowering it. It is usually done until the very second before you die. The lightning, though, is kept as energy in the body, and the only reason from which you may die is over-exhaustion or too much energy collected in the body. It does not harm you like regular lightning.

Fire Temperature — Heatbenders can control the fire's temperature, thus its color and abilities.

Mind Controlling — Heatbending allows (like Bloodbending) the control of another person's body and brain through the heat that their body processes.

Concentration of Heat — Heatbenders can control the concentration of heat around them.

Levitating (flying) — Heatbenders can use the heat around them to make themselves levitate (fly), just like firebenders can use fire. The difference is that a Master Heatbender can use the technique anytime, unlike firebenders which are strong enough to continuously fly only on the day of Sozin's Comet.

Heatbending can also be used in other ways not mention up there.

Real World

The technique was invented (in the real world) by MateyY. Please ask permission before using.

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