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Another night has come and gone, and now it is almost the afternoon in the Southern Water Tribe. Katara is waiting outside her house for the arrival of Korra and her parents, and spend yet another day of training with the young Avatar. Today, Katara has a very special lesson planned out for Korra, but it's all a matter of if she's capable of performing the move, since not every waterbender is blessed with the ability.

Korra and her parents finally arrive at Katara's home, cheerfully greeted by the master. When Tonraq and Senna leave, Katara invited Korra inside. "Today's lesson is going to be a little different," Katara explained. "This lesson will be held indoors."

Korra raised her eyebrow and tilted her head at Katara. "What kind of move is taught indoors?" she asked skeptically.

"It's not required to be taught indoors," Katara said. "But the move itself isn't a fighting move, it's a helpful move because it can make people feel better."

Katara lead Korra down the hall into the guest room, where her older brother, Sokka was laying down on the guest bed shining his trusty boomerang. "I thought since you were so upset about injuring Sokka yesterday, why not teach you a way to help make him feel better physically."

"I'm still not catching on to this move," Korra said short-tempered.

"Oh, but you probably will. This might even be a move you'll complete by nightfall," Katara said.

This made Korra feel confident in herself again after yesterday's accident. She knew that Katara wouldn't scare her wrong about anything, so she figured that today's lesson wouldn't be so bad, even if it's not meant to be used for fighting.

"Some waterbenders are gifted with the ability to heal others using the water to get people back up to strength or just to simply heal a wound," Katara explained. "Aang never used healing, but I think you on the other hand are capable of performing this technique."

This made Korra even happier. Completing moves is one thing to her, but completing an important technique that even her past life never did made her feel even more excited about trying it out. "Let's do this!" Korra yelled happily.

Katara and Korra walked over to Sokka, who put his boomerang down and faced the two waterbenders with a smirk on his face. "What's today's lesson about, ladies?" Sokka asked smugly.

"Don't mean to use you as a subject again," Katara began, "but Korra needs to practice healing today, and since you were accidentally injured by her, I figured maybe it would make her feel better if she helped heal your wounds.

Sokka smiled at Korra. "Well, normally I'd be mad at you for using me as a subject again, but since it's for making me feel better, I don't see any harm in doing anything."

That made Korra smile back at him. "Well what are we waiting for?" Korra asked. "Let's heal Sokka!"

"Patience, Korra," Katara demanded. Patience. The one word Korra hated more than any other. She knows she not good at being patient. She always wants things to get done as fast as they can get done. Then she looked at Sokka, remembering that she injured him yesterday. It happened. It wasn't just a bad dream. It was a real event. Then she thought that being patient was worth it if it can make her better at her role in the world and making people like Sokka feel better.

"I'm going to give you a demonstration first," Katara explained. Katara already had a bucket of water waiting for usage beside the bed. "Healing is used mainly for wounds to redirect energy paths known as chi's. Chi's are located throughout the body, and us waterbenders that can heal use water as an antidote or spiritual-like water pack to heal the wounds on others, or even ourselves. Some waterbenders, like myself, are able to access this ability without any form of training on it."

"When did you discover these abilities?" Korra asked.

"Well one day, Aang was being trained to firebend on our way to the North Pole by a man named Jeong Jeong. Aang got carried away with a firebending move and as a result, my hands became terribly burned. I ran off to be alone afterwards, and thought maybe the water in the river I was next to would make my hands feel better, but in the process, my hands healed themselves. I was stunned at first, but then Jeong Jeong explained to me that I had healing abilities, and I've been using them to help people ever since."

"Wow," Korra said in awe. "I hope I have these abilities."

Katara smiled at Korra's hopeful attitude. "Me too," she said.

Katara started to bend some of the water from the bucket onto her hands, and the water started glowing before she knew it. Korra, not knowing what was going on, asked, "What's the water doing?"

"When the water starts to glow, it means that it can be used to heal with," Katara explained. She then proceeded to put the water on Sokka's shoulder, where a big slash was. Sokka groaned in pain from the cold water on his arm, but sighed in relief once the healing stopped and the slash was no longer there." Korra looked at Sokka's shoulder, wondering where the slash went. "Wow, that's good water," she stated.

"Why don't you give it a try," Katara asked. "Just bend some water from the bucket, and place it on one of Sokka's wounds.

"Yeah, but just be careful," Sokka explained. "That healing water can give a person the chills."

Korra couldn't help, but giggle to herself at Sokka's comment. She always caught herself in the middle of a good laugh because of him. Korra began the move bending some water out of the bucket like she was told, bending the water onto Sokka's lower arm where another good sized slash was. At first nothing happened. The water wouldn't glow at all. Korra continued to focus on the water, breathing in and out dramatically, feeling her short amount of patience slipping away. Then, the water just started to glow out of nowhere. Korra gasped in amazement. She watched as the water spun around and glowed so bright. She watched as the water stopped glowing and the remaining drops fell on the ground. Then she looked at Sokka's arm. Perfectly healed.

Korra was happy. She was more than happy, she was ecstatic. She jumped around the room cheering about her accomplishment. She did something that even Avatar Aang never did. She did something that helped someone she hurt.

Katara and Korra spent the rest of the day healing up the rest of Sokka's wounds. While healing, Katara told Korra stories about how when they were teenagers, she healed Aang after Princess Azula shot him with lightning, saving his life and the Avatar Cycle. She talked about some of the disadvantages of healing, like how it can't heal internal wounds, like when she tried to heal Jet. She recalled another time when she healed Toph's feet because they were burned by Zuko, and then remembered the time she healed Zuko after he got hit by Azula's lightning bolt. Korra couldn't believe all these times Katara had helped someone with wounds.

"Yep, I've done quite the first aid over the years," Katara boasted.

"Too bad you didn't learn you could heal sooner," Sokka said. "I could've used a healing session after that time I got two fish hooks in my thumb!"

Korra looked at Sokka funny. "Two?" she asked.

"He tried to get the first fish hook out with another fish hook," Katara explained.

The three of them just laughed after that, because even Sokka knew that was a dumb mistake. By the time Korra left Katara's house, she had never felt more proud of herself than she did right then a there. Because now she doesn't just know how to fight people with waterbending, she knows how to help people with it too. She couldn't help, but think of all the wonderful things she could do the help people.

That's when Korra started to realize that being the Avatar meant that you don't just fight people to help others. You help people to help others too.

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