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Heading Out
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After leaving the Fire Nation Temple Erica ventures to the Seedy Merchants Port where she gets some new cloths and meets General Hazma.

Heading Out

Fire. Air. Earth. Water. Long ago, the Phoenix was created to help keep balance among the four nations by making sure the Avatar would not neglect his duties. However, almost a hundred years ago, the Fire Nation started the war and the Avatar disappeared along with the Phoenix. Now, as the Fire Nation comes ever closer to victory the Phoenix has reappeared and I truly believe that she can help restore the world to its formal self.

Erica woke up the next day and for a moment was unsure where she was. Then she remembered the events from yesterday and jumped up.

"Natsu. Natsu. Natsu, wake up," said Erica, shaking the Eelhound, trying to wake it up.

Natsu opened its eyes and turned its head toward Erica.

"Come on big guy we gotta go," said Erica.

She walked up to the wall where she knew the entrance was concealed, and felt for a lever of some kind. Eventually she found a rock shaped like a flame, similar to the one on the other side of the wall. Erica took two steps back and took a deep breath, causing her inner flame to burn. She sent a flame toward the symbol, which burned bright red and caused the door to reopen.

Natsu ran outside and rolled in the sand excited. Erica deduced that it was still early in the morning, from the position of the sun.

"Natsu." Erica called and the Eelhound ran over to her "Okay pal you ready to go?"

Natsu howled loudly in response.

"SHHHH!!!" cried Erica alarmed "Natsu not so loud, do want us to get..."

A bell rang inside the temple and Erica heard a voice call out

"The Phoenix is here! Sound the alarm the Phoenix is here!"

"Caught" finished Erica "Let's go," she said urgently.

She jumped onto Natsu's back and the eelhound ran into the water and began swimming as fast as he could.

"Natsu head toward the sun, that's the direction to the closest harbor," said Erica.

Natsu growled in acknowledgement and continued swimming.


Natsu lay down on the beach and Erica slid off his back and looked out at the ocean.

"Well it looks like no one is following us," said Erica happily as she open the map Shyu had given her.

"Alright it looks like our first stop is the Seedy Harbor Port," said Erica pointing. "We should stop there and get supplies. My gauntlets should be worth some money," she said as she observed the gold and ruby gauntlet on her wrist.


"It's a good thing you're an eelhound Natsu," said Erica quietly. "You won't attract so much attention in the Earth Kingdom."

They were walking down the streets of the Seedy Harbor Port. There were stands set up all over with people yelling to see what they were selling. Erica was feeling nervous; the area seemed to give off an aura of shadiness and inhospitably.

Seedy merchants pier pan

The Seedy Merchants Pier

"I don't like this place," said Erica, stepping closer to Natsu. "Let's get what we need and get out."

Eventually they found a pawnshop and Erica was able to sell her gauntlets for a large amount of gold and used it to get supplies. The last thing she got was a new outfit, after deciding that her Fire Nation cloths might make her stand out.

"So how do I look?" Erica asked Natsu

The cloths she had bought were the style worn by the Water Tribe and she was wearing blue pants with a blue tunic. Erica walked over to the edge of the pier and looked into the water.

"Well I look like a Waterbender now," she said. "I wonder if..."

Erica looked all around and she saw no one looking at her. Then she focused on the water and threw a quick punch over the water. Nothing happened. She then tried a few more punches but again the water continued its regular push and pull motion.

"Oh well, maybe when we get to the North Pole I will magically gain the skills of a Waterbender," she said. " What do you think, Natsu?"

Natsu didn't respond, instead it raised its head and began sniffing the air.

"What is it boy?" Erica asked as Natsu began growling.

Just then a ball of fire went passed her and crashed into a nearby cart causing people around the cart to run away screaming and Erica to turn around. There were five Fire Nation men standing there. Four were in the usual soldier uniform with their grey facemasks on, but the fifth man was in a general outfit and had dark brown hair and a handlebar mustache.

"Well, well, well," said the general. "Finding you was easier than I thought."

"Who are you?" Erica asked getting into a fighting stance.

"I am General Hazma and I have direct orders from Fire Lord Ozai to bring you home," said the man.

"Not going to happen," said Erica, rousing her inner flame.

"You don't have much of a choice. However since I am a kind man I will give you one chance, come with us now and you won't get hurt, or we will attack with all our might," said Hazma.

"Not gonna happen," said Erica and she raised her arms above her head causing a giant wall of flame to form between her and the soldiers.

Erica ran and jumped on Natsu's back.

"Let's go!" Erica said unsure of how long her wall would last.

Natsu barked and then took off running through the town. People screamed and jumped out of the way, as Natsu charged through. As they reached the other side of the town, they found their path blocked by Komono Rhinos with fire Nation soldiers on them.


General Hazma

Natsu growled angrily his teeth bore.

"Tut tut tut," said a voice.

Erica turned around to see General Hazma, riding Komono Rhino, approaching her.

"Did you really think you could get away from me? Me one of the greatest generals in Fire Nation History?" said Hazma

Erica was scared; she didn't see any way to escape.

"If...If you're so great why haven't I heard of you before," said Erica, trying to buy time.

"Excuse me," said Hazma as an eyebrow rose.

"Yea, I have heard of most of the main and important officials in the Fire Nation Military, but I have never heard of you," said Erica, slowly gaining confidence in her words.

"The Fire Lord favors me, I was given the important task of finding and capturing you," said Hazma, an angry vein began appearing on his forehead and smoke from his fists.

"Pshh," said Erica, knowing what she had to do. "Your important 'mission' is capturing a thirteen-year-old girl. Face it, the Fire Lord doesn't trust you, he probably thinks you're a fool."

"Shut up!" said Hazma anger written in every inch of his face.

Hazma accidentally released a flame while he said this. The flame was released from his left hand as he swung the hand across his body. The fire struck the Komono Rhino of the soldier next to him, the Rhino reared up angrily causing the soldier to fall off his back screaming. The Rhino began thrashing around colliding with the other Rhinos sending them all into a frenzy. Using this as a distraction Erica urged Natsu through the Rhinos as she knocked the soldiers away with a stream of fire.

As they ran out of the Seedy Harbor General Hazma picked himself off the ground his face filled with rage.

"You got lucky this time, girly, but you better watch your back, because I am coming for you," he said.


"That was so close," said Erica, sliding off Natsu's back and onto the ground. "We got lucky."

Natsu growled in agreement, as he lay down onto the ground. They had gone into the mountains and found a forest with a river and waterfall next to it.

"Well, they shouldn't be able to find us up here," said Erica, looking around the area.

After staring at the river for a few moments, she got up and walked over to it.

"Let's try this again," she said and she took a deep breath and began using some of the moves she used when learning Firebending to try and move the water.

But no matter what she tried the water refused to change its motion. Frustrated Erica began shooting fireballs at the water.

"Arggg, why won't this stupid water move," she said.

A strange noise began coming from Natsu and Erica's face turned red as she realized the eelhound was laughing.

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