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The Legend of Korra

Before you read this, I just want to say I completely based the fan fiction off of the stuff we were shown of Jinora in the Spirit World and in Wan Shi Tong's Library. I just thought it would be interesting to brainstorm something for Book 2. Enjoy :)

Feet taking step after step. Wings flying up and down rapidly. Water drops dripping on the ground. Leaves on the trees being blown by a light breeze. All of these sounds and actions could be heard and seen in the Spirit World. Jinora has just entered the Spirit World with Avatar Korra. Somewhere along the journey, Jinora and Korra lost each other and Jinora has been spending her time trying to ask the spirits for help to find Korra. None seem to understand, or want to help, so they simply igonre her. Jinora sighs at her many failed attempts to speak to a spirit. Her hope is to someday meet her grandfather, Avatar Aang in the Spirit World. Perhaps if she found him, he could help her find Korra. As Jinora continues looking for a spirit to help her find Korra, she notices a one nearby. A light green animal, a fluffy tail, hooves, and wings on the sides of its temples. Jinora exhales intensely and walks over the spirit.

"Excuse me, I'm trying to find my friend, can you help me?" she asks.

The spirit looks at her. No words are said. No movements are made. They both just stand their and stare into each other's eyes. Finally, the spirit walks over to Jinora and turns sideways. He grunts at her, causing her to raise her right eyebrow. Without a word, she climbs onto the spirits back and they begin to take off. Jinora looks down watching all the spirits walk around.  She feels completely in her element; air. The Spirit World is very peaceful, unlike the physical world. The wind blowing opposite of her and spirit makes her feel as if she's bending it herself. She starts to bend a little air-ball in her hands, feeling as tranquil as ever. She closes her eyes for a few minutes, just enjoying the calming nature that surrounds herself. She feels the spirit that's flying her starting to go down and opens her eyes to see where she is. She's in an old building, full of books. Just when she thought the Spirit World couldn't get any better. The spirit lands on the premises of the place and Jinora thanks it when it flies
away. She starts walking around, looking at the architecture of the building. Many openings, leading to many books to read. The places she's walking on is in an X formation. There are branches within the building and above is just the bright blue sky.

"This place seems familiar," Jinora says to herself. "like I've read about before."

Out of nowhere, a giant bird flies from above and slams into the ground in front of Jinora. His claws, tearing apart the X formation floor. His wings, longer than any other bird Jinora's ever seen. This is no ordinary bird. It's a giant owl spirit. The great Wan Shi Tong. Right in front of Jinora. Wait until she tells everyone about meeting him. The stories she's read about him; about how he met her family.

Wan Shi Tong stares at Jinora in anger. "What are you doing here in MY library," Wan Shi Tong says.

Jinora looks fearful to the owl spirit, but tries to maintain a calm facial expression. "A spirit brought me here," she explains. "You must be Wan Shi Tong. I've read stories about you."

Wan Shi Tong looks a little more sincere towards Jinora. "You know about me?" he asks.

"Oh yes. You are he who knows ten thousand things."

Wan Shi Tong looks at Jinora with curiosity. "You look oddly familiar," he says puzzled.

"Well a long time ago, my grandfather, Avatar Aang came here with his friends and a professor from Ba Sing Se looking for your library in the desert. You got mad at them because they used the knowledge in your library for the war going on at the time. It must have devastated you having to bring your library back to the Spirit World."

"Indeed it was, young one, " says Wan Shi Tong. "I was furious at them for lying about using knowledge for just the sake of it. So, who are you trying to destroy," he says leaning into Jinora.

Jinora's eyes widen at Wan Shi Tong, now so up close in front of her. Her reflection in his eyes, and in turn, his reflection in hers. "What?" she asks startled. "I'm not here to find any weaknesses about anything! I'm just looking for my friend, Avatar Korra. A green spirit brought me here for some reason! Even if I did come here, I would use the knowledge here for fun, not for war. I'm an airbender, my culture is nothing, but wanting peace and no war at all. I'm fascinated with every book I read, and I hope to someday become an author, aside from teaching people
about the airbending culture and everything."

Wan Shi Tong closes his eyes and nods. "You seem like a trustworthy person, but I just don't think I can let you be here any longer. I trusted your family with my library and what did they do? Lie! Who's to say you won't do the same?"

Without hesitation, Jinora pulls out small book from her side that was tucked into her airbending outfit. She hands it to Wan Shi Tong and says, "Take this as a donation to your library. It's old tales about Airbenders. My father gave it to me a while back, but I've already read it a countless times. It deserves to be in your library."

The owl spirit looks at Jinora with frustration as he takes the book from her with his long, black wing. "Your donation pleases me more than you know, and I would let you look around and read, but I just can't trust you. After what your family did to me, its been hard for me to trust anyone."

Jinora looks away from the owl spirit sadly. She closes her eyes and lets out a long sigh. "I understand. Besides, I
should be looking for my friend anyway. It was nice meeting you, though."

As Jinora tries to airbend her way out of the library, Wan Shi Tong looks at the book Jinora gave him and flies after her. "Wait! Why don't I give you a lift out of here? Least I could do for the book you gave me."

Jinora smiles at Wan Shi Tong and starts walking towards him. "Thanks!" she shouts as she climbs aboard his long neck. The flight isn't long, only takes a few seconds for Wan Shi Tong to fly out and land on the solid ground. Jinora gets off of Wan Shi Tong and thanks him again for the ride. He nods in return and flies away, leaving behind the book Jinora gave him for his library.

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