By Dragonfire333 Part of the Avatar: War of Nations continuity.
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Haysumi is a seventeen year old Waterbender from the Northern Water Tribe. She grew up a relatively normal child in the Northern Water Tribe. Haysumi is one of the many Waterbenders in the tribe showing her skills against the other kids during childish fights. She was then enrolled into a training academy for all the bending arts in the town of Sinae by her parents to further her skills. There she met a young Firebender named Kaoru and they took a liking to each other.


Haysumi has a calm, cool personality rarely getting angry or upset (unless provoked by Kaoru or Jared's antics). She is somewhat level headed and enjoys spending time with her friends but can be seen as the mature one out of her friends besides Lee.


Haysumi is a very skilled Waterbender able to use powerful Waterbending techniques from a young age. She is acknowledged as nearly a master Waterbender by her instructors shown where she performed the octopus technique and a powerful water whip. She is also capable of using Waterbending to heal though she has trouble healing anything larger than burn mark or scratches.

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