By Maritova Part of the Gaang Junior Adventures continuity.
Biographical information

Southern Water Tribe / Kyoshi Island


About 17

Physical description



Tall, around 6'

Hair color

Reddish brown

Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Space Sword!

Fighting style(s)

Lots of flashy showoff stuff


Yue, Yi Lin, Tseng, Irah



Chronological and political information



Unofficial leader, "Iron Sea Wolf Captain"


The Gaang Jr.

Hayoda is a main character in Gaang Junior Adventures.


Hayoda is a strapping, outgoing young man with a flair for the dramatic. He grew up hearing many stories of his parents' heroic exploits during the war; this, together with his thrill-seeking nature, fostered an insatiable thirst for adventure. Although he's accompanied his mother and father on many visits to their old friends, traveling to all four corners of the earth in the process, he still feels that his life has been dull and unremarkable compared to the amazing experiences they'd already had before they were his age. Determined to make his mark on the world before it's too late, Hayoda gathered his friends and set off in search of fame and adventure.


Born and raised on Kyoshi Island by Suki and Sokka, Hayoda had a very active childhood. Even at a young age, he was constantly becoming involved in his father's wild schemes; that these exploits frequently ended in disaster did little to curb his irrepressible enthusiasm for novelty and excitement. His mother (always the more practical of his parents) quickly realized that it would be fruitless to try and keep him away from his father's risky plans and inventions; she settled for making sure that he knew how to take care of himself in sticky situations. She taught him the martial arts used by the Kyoshi Warriors, and prevailed upon Ty Lee to instruct him in acrobatics. As a result, Hayoda is an extremely fit and athletic teenager, more than capable of handling himself in a fight. This is a good thing for him, since his ability to get in trouble has only become more powerful as he grows older.

Hayoda feels overshadowed by his parents' fame, and that of their friends. He is also bothered by the fact that he's the only one of their children who isn't a bender. His craving for adventure and excitement are by no means purely motivated by overcompensation, but it is an undeniable influence on his personality.


Hayoda's best friends have always been his cousin Tseng, and the Fire Princess, Irah. He considers it his personal mission to get Tseng to loosen up and enjoy life more; though he would never admit it, and probably doesn't even consciously realize it, the pragmatic Water Tribe boy also makes a good counterbalance to his own freewheeling recklessness. Hayoda considers Tseng his trusty sidekick, and routinely enlists him to help get his harebrained schemes off the ground.

When they were small children, Hayoda and Irah often played make-believe together; he was usually the dashing hero, saving her from all manner of peril. Hayoda still loves showing off in front of Irah, and often acts protective towards her, even though he knows she is quite able to take care of herself. Recently, romance seems to have bloomed between them, albeit hampered by the subconscious influence of their old hero/damsel roles, which do not reflect their actual relationship very well.

Hayoda is also very attached to his younger sister, Yue. He is very protective of the quiet Earthbender girl, although her retiring nature sometimes causes him to forget about her as he storms off in pursuit of his latest adventure.

Hayoda does not get along well with his cousin Yi Lin. He thinks that the carefree young Airbender is an empty-headed idiot who never treats adventure with the seriousness it deserves. Her tendency of popping up in the middle of potentially romantic moments between him and Irah also aggravates him, as does her steadfast insistence that he and the princess should not, will not, and in fact cannot be romantically interested in each other.

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